3 New Phones announced by Sony Ericsson at MWC ’10-Xperia X10,Mini,Vivaz,Vivaz Pro

So, Sony Ericsson just anounced their three new phones at the press conference that kicked off the MWC ’10 at Barcelona.

Kanna – which is perhaps the slide out qwerty of Vivaz. This would be basically known as Vivaz pro.
Specs : Same as Vivaz with Slide out qwerty.

Robyn – The smaller version of X10. This is going to be X10 Mini. Details comming soon. πŸ™‚
– 2.5 Inches Screen QVGA
– Android 1.6 – conformed
– Qualcomm 600Mhz – conformed.
– Timescape and Mediascape – conformed
– Available in 6 colors
– Would ship by Q2 most probably, April 2nd week.
HD – Perhaps, yet to be conformed.
– 3.5 mm Jack
– FM Radio
– 2gb Card in box.
– Bluetooth
– 3G
– 5 Mp Camera with LED Flash
– Completely New Interface compared to X10. With iPhone Menu style of sideways scrolling, instead of infinite bottom scrolling on X10. πŸ™‚
The Xperia X10 mini will come in Black, Pearl White, Lime, Pink, Red, and Silver, while the XperiaT X10 mini pro in Black or Red.

Mimmi X10 mini PRo. Yeah, Slide out qwerty. Cheers. πŸ™‚
Specs : same as X10 mini with Slide out Qwerty. This is gonna be the game changer now. πŸ™‚

Vivaz Pro Live PIC :

Xperia X10 Mini Live PIC :

Xperia X10 Mini PROΒ  Live Pics:

Update: Xperia X10 Mini PRO is going to ship before summer this year. This is going to hit market around April first week. πŸ™‚

They are back with a bang, to set the fabulous start to the MWC ’10 at Barcelona this year. πŸ™‚
They presented their FAB 5.
Vivaz PRO
X10 Mini
X10 Mini PRO.

Update 2 :
They also announced Creations – A Cloud based service for developers. More would be said on Wednesday. πŸ™‚

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3 thoughts on “3 New Phones announced by Sony Ericsson at MWC ’10-Xperia X10,Mini,Vivaz,Vivaz Pro

  1. Wow! A review of my top 3 Sony Ericsson phones.

    I’ve been trying to compare the 3 ever since – the Vivaz, Xperia x10 and Xperia Mini.

    The only thing with the x10 mini is that it’s too small (well, it’s called mini so it must be small but I don’t think it should be THAT small). In terms of portability, it would be an advantage, but as a smartphone, it beats the purpose for which it was built. Being too small to adequately view pics and videos you have recorded/downloaded is not cool at all.

  2. Sony Ericsson phones really deserve more attention and credit than they usually get. The audiophiles and media-savvy smartphone users seem to be more their target market, and these usually gravitate towards more popular brands.

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