Bluetooth 2.0 Vs Bluetooth 2.1-Missing tale on X10!

There has been a lot of discussion around on what are improvements on Bluetooth 2.1 over Bluetooth 2.0. X10 spec sheet says, it has Bluetooth 2.0 but mostly around the Review sites you would find them to quote it as Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. So whats the big deal? What is the difference?
First of all there are Bluetooth file transfer support in Android 1.6 framework. But X10 HAS it. The Custom UXP ( User Experience Platform ) made it possible on Android 1.6 but if it’s only Bluetooth 2.0 what are the features we are gonna miss? As Android 2.0 and above supports Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR ( Enhanced Data Rate ).

I complied a list of differences that you would miss if it’s only Android 2.0 in X10 at the launch.
Paring is easier with other Bluetooth devices -akes the initial connection of Bluetooth devices easier for all users by reducing the number of steps in the pairing process. This enhancement will appeal to Bluetooth technology’s broad range of users, from the technically savvy to the technically adverse.
Reduces power/battery consumption – I can’t compromise that!
Better security – Security holes as found in previous version which allowed Blue-jacking and other loopholes to be exploited has been fixed.
Extended inquiry response – provides more information during the inquiry procedure to allow better filtering of devices before connection. This information includes the name of the device, a list of services the device supports, as well as other information like the time of day, and pairing information
Near Field Communication (NFC) cooperation – automatic creation of secure Bluetooth connections when NFC radio interface is also available. For example, a headset could be paired with a Bluetooth 2.1 phone including NFC just by bringing the two devices close to each other (a few centimeters). Another example is automatic uploading of photos from a mobile phone or camera to a digital picture frame just by bringing the phone or camera close to the frame.

If you wish to read more bout it, you can do that here.

Basically, the Bluetooth Profiles does make a little more sense while talking bout the differences. Here’s a list of various Bluetooth Profiles and their meaning.
Bluetooth Profiles

Well, Overall you won’t be noticeably miss out on a feature of Bluetooth on your X10 except the battery consumption if you ever do!
Your X10 will seamlessly transfer files over Bluetooth and even stream Music on your Bluetooth Enabled Handsets.
Of course the future is Bluetooth 3.0 but thats a whole new concept and you’ll have to wait for another year to see them on your handsets, i guess! That would provide better and much faster speeds that can be achieved over Bluetooth now.
Fire up your comments in the comments section for any doubts related to Bluetooth or it’s integration in X10.

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13 thoughts on “Bluetooth 2.0 Vs Bluetooth 2.1-Missing tale on X10!

  1. I recently purchased a Bluetooth device at Singapore airport and trying to connect it to my XPeria X10. The device pairs properly with the Phone and i can use it to make and receive phone calls. However i am not able to use it to listen to songs/music. The phone uses its own speakers while songs are being played.

    I have used the bluetooth device on my Nokia music express phone and there i can use it both for making calls and for listening to music. but that is not possible on Xperia X10.

    I am not having much details of the bluetooth device as i have thrown away the packing covers for the same.However the details on the device say that its a V2.0 device.

    Any help to pair the bluetooth device so that i can listen to music also

      1. Hi Manish,
        I have tried the bluetooth device with my nokia expressmusic and i can use it both for listening to music as well for phone calls…but on Xperia i can use it only for phone calls…Not for music or even for navigation instructions while i use wisepilot or google maps. Since i am now aware of how to attach photos i am pasting a link below where i have raised the same query in another forum and have attached photos of the bluetooth device..maybe it will be of some more help.

    1. I couldn’t get on to this in detail, but for now, Xperia X10 Family supports A2DP compatible with only Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Devices. I can’t provide you with exact details, but it works for a few standard Bluetooth Profiles. So, won’t work with all the Bluetooth Devices. That is because, Sony Ericsson developed their own drivers for Bluetooth on Android 1.6. So, its’ not compatible with all the Hardwares.
      However, this problem would be sorted out with Android 2.1, Eclair Release to Xperia X10 Family. 🙂

  2. Unable to stream music on bluetooth headset sony ericsson Vh310 when connected with xperia x10.can make and receive calls but no music streaming..any tips or suggestions?

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