Updated Samsung Galaxy I7500 to Android 1.6-final thoughts!

In last post, i mentioned a step by step tutorial on how you can update your Galaxy with I7500XEFJB2 Leaked firmware. ( With Android 1.6, supposedly partially official ).
There are a lot of enhancements that i promised to report. First thing that instantly got to me was the speed. It was definitely more stable now. 🙂 I strongly recommend this update to every Samsung I7500 user.

Few things i noticed after the Update :
– Visible Speed Improvements – While browsing and opening up of apps, setting wallpaper, etc. 🙂
– Lock key works as it is supposed to! – Lock key is really responsive now. With instant lock and appearance of Lock screen on the press of Lock key.
– Switchers app has been Replaced by Power Control Widget. – With power control widget, you have a bar with options to turn on and off services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Brightness, GPS and Auto-Sync. Just tap the icons to turn them on and off. Really nifty. 🙂
– Google search widget is now configurable. – you can now search your apps, bookmarks, history, files, music with the default Google search widget on the homescreen. 🙂
– Camera Interface is revamped. – It’s just the re-skinning of Camera interface where no options are yet added. But you get a smaller screen to look at while clicking and you can switch to video shooting with the swype of the tab in the interface. I personally didn’t like the skin, where i had less screen space to look at what i was shooting.
– Flash is stronger. – You would definitely notice a stronger flash with the new update. 🙂
– Images are sharper – Images are a bit sharper than before, you might or might not notice it.
– I can play, Speed Forge 3D without much lag now, so perhaps better 3D support. 🙂
– Google Maps can be upgraded to 4.0 through market.
– New Market – You can see screenshots of Apps, before you download.
– No other visible change. ( Let me know in comments, if m missing something. )

These are the changes which are included in New firmware, but if you ask me personally i think these changes don’t describe the user experience it has leveraged through this Update. You would definitely get a better user experience through this update. And you have a lot more apps to install with Android 1.6 which were not present for Android 1.5. But, still if you are speculative enough, and been waiting for Android 2.1, you would be really disappointed with this update. I mean you would really feel envy of Samsung Spica I5700, who already got the Android 2.1 update and it really looks cool. Hope Samsung doesn’t abandon the development of Update for the First Android Phone in their League. 😐

Few Things i didn’t like in this update (BUGS) :
– The Power control app sometimes doesn’t show the correct indication if the service is on or off. Like if you turn on you wi-fi through settings you won’t notice the effect on the power control widget at the homescreen and vice-versa. Although, this happened to me only once since i updated the Galaxy I7500 to I7500XEFJB2. But still thats an issue.
– Bluetooth still doesn’t work. 🙁
Nothing else is yet noticed by me. So it means, perhaps a much stable release. Will keep updating it, with the bugs i’l find. 🙂 Let us know, if you’ve found something. Comments are always appreciated. 🙂

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51 thoughts on “Updated Samsung Galaxy I7500 to Android 1.6-final thoughts!

  1. thnks for the quick reply ….if the fone doesnt boot as was the problem with few who flashed …..will the fone boot in original recovery or drakaz’s recovery ……if it happens i wont be able to use fault detection ….plz help

    1. There won’t be any booting problems! Please follow the guide carefully and read the comments section to what mistake others made in order to avoid them and also to find my solution to them!
      Anyways, if it stuck in after the Odin successfully Flashes it, then it would boot into the firmware you used for flashing not the Draka’z Recovery! 🙂

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