Why Doesn’t Samsung New PC Suite Work? Any Fix?

I’ve tried so many ways to get the Samsung’s New PC Suite Work but somehow it refuses. I don’t know how Samsung can do this, but it’s true they are providing us with bugged PC suite.
Only thing it does is connect the phone so, you can transfer files using it. Which anyone could ofcourse do using the USB Mass storage option. ❗

After installing all the drivers for Samsung GT-I7500 i can connect my Phone using the USB cable to Samsung New PC suite to just find this,

and all i can see is the two internal SD drives with 7Gb and 1Gb respectively and an Android Device Icon( Samsung GT-I7500 ) at the right, but i can only access the 7Gb drive as the mass storage drive after clicking on the Notification bar on the top of the phone screen to check the option of using it as a Mass storage device. ( Select Mount Drive in the Notification Bar. )
The other Drive gives an error after i click on it. Check the screenshot of it. 😐 And the same goes with the Android Device.
1Gb Internal Drive – Insert Disk into drive Error
Samsung GT-I7500- Not Compatible Device Error

With spica’s Android 2.1 update, Samsung is supposed to release a newer version of PC suite which would solve these problems.
Hope they do it, asap!
As of now m interested in getting those drivers work for some of you who just couldn’t install the Drivers for your Samsung GT-I7500. Generally installing the Samsung New PC suite would install all the drivers on your Pc, expect if you are on a 64-bit machine. And if you are on 64-bit windows Xp, Vista or 7, you should just try out this step by step guide to install the driver for yourself. 🙂

Step by Step guide to install Drivers for your Samsung GT-I7500
Samsung GT-I7500 USB drivers usually comes with the ‘New PC Suite’ and installs with the Installation of PC suite. But if you’re working on an x64 platform. ( 64-bit Vista or Windows 7 ), you might need other drivers to get your phone connected to your PC. Download it from here.
x64 bit Samsung GT-I7500 USB Drivers

Extract the Contents of it and just don’t run the setup. Follow these steps to Install the USB driver for Samsung GT-I7500.
– Connect the Phone to the computer through USB cable.
– Right Click on My Computer and Click on Manage.
– Go to Device Manager on Left hand side.
– On right hand side, you would see a USB Mass Storage ( Samsung USB Android ) Device in Universal Serial BUs Controller Node.
– Right click on it to update the driver and select Manually.
– Select the location of Extracted Drivers that you just downloaded. 🙂
– It would Update the drivers. ( If it doesn’t don’t go further, ask me in comments. )
– Similarly do it for few other unknown devices in the right side of the Device Manager window. And you would be done with Installation of all the Drivers except one which wouldn’t install, thats adb. ( And you won’t need it, until you want to Hack your phone to install custom ROM’s. )

Did you find any workaround to get it work for you. Will be delighted if could share it. Post your tips and comments in the comments section. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Why Doesn’t Samsung New PC Suite Work? Any Fix?

  1. Hi Manish,

    Appreciate the help that you have put here for Android related phones in India. Its really difficult to get the right approach in setting up the machine. So thanks indeed.

    My problem:-
    1) Installed New PC Studio (1.2.0 IF2_2) (came in the cd with the box ) , set the USB Debugging Mode ON, Errors are similar to ones you have listed in the screenshots.

    I(android) drive shows 6.55 GB and opens up. Cant paste any files
    H drive :– Please insert a disk and try
    GTi7500 shows Unsupported Device

    Tried installing the 64bit drivers that you have given , but to no avail.
    Can you please advise ?….


    1. Thanks for your Kind Words. 🙂
      If you want to use the Internal SD Card of the Phone, don’t bother using the crappy New PC Studio. Just Uninstall all the drivers and New PC Studio, and then Just connect the Phone without the USB Debugging Mode as “On”. ( I mean turn it off ) And your computer should install the USB drivers for the Phone and you can use the Internal SD Card as an External Drive. ( you’ll have to mount the drive from the Notification Bar at the Top of your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500! )
      Let me know, if you wanted to do something else with your phone! 🙂

      1. Hi Manish,
        Thanks for the next to immediate response that you gave…I was too slow to check your comment and toooo late reply back (no Internet connectivity fr few days;(). I tried the above solution but even then the drive would get Unmounted after 1 file is copied.(and the Mount notification comes up again and again..so u keep mounting till one file gets copied)…….next up went to the Samsung service station, and they went ahead and declared it DOA (Dead on Arrival) and this meant a new set to be given to me. But the dealer did not have any sets (only 4 open-packed sets in Karnataka, can’t believe!!!)….so next alternative……Xperia X10 Mini for an added 500Rs……….so thats my story….from Samsung Galaxy to Sony Xperia mini in 48 hours!!!………

        Looking forward to reading more articles on the Xperia X10 mini from you……


      2. Wow! Congrats! 🙂 Thats a lovely thing! Xperia X10 Mini is a much much better phone in comparison to Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500! I hope you agree with it! 🙂
        It would be really cool if you could upload some pics and comment on your first impressions of it! 🙂 And for now, you should check out the Best Free Apps for Android Phone on the blog. ( Search it, you’ll get them! )

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