Increase sound on Samsung Galaxy I7500 by tweaking-Guide

I noticed recently that one of our fellow commentators “Sitar” posted an interesting guide to update and modify the Audio Drivers in your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500. I thought, it’s worth mentioning in a new post for every user to get access to the trick. 🙂
Enjoy! But then again, do it at your own risk!

1. Samsung New PC Studio – This is just to setup Samsung galaxy drivers
2. Android SDK

3. Samsung ADB Fast Boot Drivers
4. Recovery Image

5. Custom Audio Files – Read this thread to know each custom audio file features and download the file which you like.

6. Root Explorer – This is application For your Android phone

Setup :-
1. Extract Android SDK zip file to your local directory
2. Extract Samsung ADB Fast Boot Drivers zip file to your local directory
3. Extract Recovery Image zip file to your local directory

Steps :-
I’ve devided them into three parts

Install Recovery Image :-
1. Plug in your Galaxy with USB and install required drivers for your samsung galaxy
2. On your Galaxy, go to Parameters, Applications, Development. Activate USB Debug mode.
3. If it prompts for drivers then manually select the location of Samsung ADB Fast Boot Drivers – Select androidusb.sys file
4. It should install SAMSUNG GALAXY Composite ADB Interface and SAMSUNG ADB FAST BOOT Drivers
(If it doesn’t install SAMSUNG ADB FAST BOOT Drivers then don’t worry it will prompt you for it again)
5. Copy “recovery.img ” file to your tools folder of Android SDK files location.
6. Mount your internal SD card and Put RECTOOLS.tar.gz (from in to your SD Card.
7. Open a DOS command prompt on your PC: Start, Execute, cmd and OK.
8. Go to tools/ directory of the SDK using command line for example ‘cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools’ on my PC.
9. Switchoff your phone.
10. Install the recovery:
11. In the DOS command prompt, type: “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and hit enter.
12. Immediately Boot phone in Fast Boot mode until it says OKAY (keep prsseing until it says OKAY).
Note :- If not done correctly then redo the steps 11 and 12.
Another Note :- It may ask for Fast Boot Drivers here if it was not properly configured as mentioned in step 4. If this is the case then You should

install these drivers manually and redo these steps.
13. Shut down the phone.
14. Boot the Galaxy in recovery mode: Volume down+Call+Power
15. You should see Android System Recovery Menu. (You can take Nandroid backup if you want to restore it at any time)

Root Galaxy :-
16. Now type “adb shell” in you PC command prompt. It should enter into shell mode. If you get an error some thing like “Device Offline” or “Device not

connected” then unplug USB cable and reconnect and type “adb shell”. It should work now.
17. Now type the following commands in your command prompt

mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system

Note :- If any error in above cmd then type below command

mount -o rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system

Note :- If any error in above cmd then type below command

mount -o rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1

Any one of these three commands should work.

18. Now type the following commands in your command prompt

cd /system/bin

cat sh > su

chmod 6755 su



19. Reboot your Phone
20. Now Your phone is rooted. You can type “su” command in “adb shell” to check or you can run OverclockWidget.

Copy Audio Files :-
21. Extract downloaded custom audio zip files. (Mine : G7 files –
22. Now Copy AudioFilter.csv and rename it to AudioFilter.txt
23. Mount SD card of phone and copy AudioFilter.txt to some folder location (Ex:- NewAudioFile)
23. Open Root Explorer application in your phone.
24. Browse to the location system/etc and copy AudioFilter.txt to sd card folder location (Ex:- OldSudioFile, This is your original file Backup)
25. Now copy your new AudioFilter.txt and go to “system/etc” and select “Mount R/W” button at the top.
26. Paste your new file here to override existing olf file.
27. Restart your phone and test the volume now.
28. I’ve downloaded Volumer++ app from Android Market to control all volume levels at one shot. (This is optional)

Tell us your experiences bout how well you succeeded in modifying the audio driver. And is it worth?

UPDATE : Recovery Image 4.6.2 for Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 has been updated in the post above. Feel free to ask any doubts you encounter while performing the above steps. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Increase sound on Samsung Galaxy I7500 by tweaking-Guide

  1. This trick won’t work Galaxo (Latest). You can access through Service Mode option in Galaxo+ app. In this case 4db=5fff is more than enough.
    But we can enjoy sound of each and every instrument at low volume(around 9).

  2. Hi…….I have Samsung Gt i7500…….when I connect any headphones to listen songs on my phone…………..The volume is very low……….I want to increase the volume………Is there any tip for that…………I increased the volume to maximum level………but its not like other phones……….its very low……….Please provide some tips for this………..Thank you…………

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