Update Nokia 5800 XM to V50.0.005 Step by Step Guide

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music has received a new firmware update to v50.0.005 from V40 which was a big firmware update that it received a few months back this year. The last update already brought many goodies to the phone including the much appreciated Kinetic scrolling but it was not throughout the menu. Now this update makes Kinetic scrolling throughout the menu as well. The Music player has been completely revamped and seems more like the N97 Music player.
There are a lots of other additions which might not be available in all the markets such as Rihanna Service Launcher.
Check out the Change Log Below :

Nokia 5800 v50.0.005 Firmware Change-Log

  • Browser 7.2
  • Lifecasting (with Maps 3.0T SR3.0)
  • Flash Video Phase-3 – FlashliteFlashlite 3.1.7.x
  • GimletGimlet Touch 2.2
  • Kinetic scrolling in Appshell (Menu grid)
  • OVI Sync 2.0
  • Hurriganes Music Player
  • Enable Side lock Keylock Key functionality during Swipe UI (Calendar/Clock alarm)
  • Windows 7 Device Stage Support
  • OVI store 1.5.6
  • Quick Office v4.2
  • OVI Music
  • Cherry v2.1
  • Rihanna service launcher
  • OVI contacts 1.50.8
  • Workaround for Niagara (SMD) display module for DFS52.50 based products

Jump on to the video before you find it out yourself on the firmware would improve your Nokia 5800XM. 🙂

Step by Step Guide to Upgrade your Nokia 5800 to firmware Version v5.0.005
– Install PC suite and Nokia Software updater
– Connect your phone and take backup of all the things thats necessary to you.
– Disconnect the phone and take out the memory card.
-Connect again and close the Nokia PC suite ( Even from the Notification bar by right clicking on it and exiting. )
– Open the Nokia Software Updater, you should see a New Update Available Message.

– Click on Update and wait for the Updater to download the Firmware files.
– After it completes download just click on the update button. It will now Flash your Phone to the New Firmware. PLEASE DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR PHONE during this process or you might brick it.

– After it completes the Flashing of your phone, a message will be displayed that it has successfully flashed your phone.
– Unplug your phone ( Only after you see the success message. ) and insert your memory card.
– Plug again and restore your backup using the Nokia PC suite. 🙂
– Voila, you’re done! Enjoy the Revamped Nokia 5800 Xpress Music.

Let me know your thoughts bout the new firmware. I find it worth upgrading. Did you? Or did you find any bugs?
Let me know in the Comments section.

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8 thoughts on “Update Nokia 5800 XM to V50.0.005 Step by Step Guide

      1. Sir, I have the same problem here.. The phone is full bat. No problem regarding the battery.. When it starts to update for a while the phone will shuts down and it says that phone is disconnected. It just keep repeating after trying many attempts to update the firmware. My current firmware is v21.0.025

  1. Hi i am too from India, updated my Nokia 5800 to V50 latest software upgrade which was released few days back. As told that it also includes trial version ( as i have read in some sites of Nokia 5800) of Quickoffice, but after updating my phone i didn’t find the software quickoffice. The entire process of up gradation went smoothly and did not show any error message. Plz guide me!

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