New Firmware update for Xperia X10 – R1FA016 just after worldwide launch with Bug Fix

It’s a strange feeling to know that the phone you bought at it’s launch has a firmware update. Although it brings joy to have new firmware update for my X10, but somehow it suggests that something has been changed at the last moment. As it’s not a big update, something that you’ll hardly notice. ( Not android 2.1 update either! )
Something that Sony Ericsson didn’t admit, that they fixed in the update. ( Theres no change log either. ) I think it was the keyboard issue missing some key press that has been addressed in this update, with minor performance increase. ( thats my guess, so don’t blame me if it’s not the case! )

Well, i bought my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 on April 2nd and used it extensively for a week without upgrading to the newer firmware that was available. 🙂 I thought that would make things simpler in identifying the differences, but to my despair i couldn’t notice any visible change except for minor improvement in Keyboard issue. 😐
As soon as i plugged my Xperia X10 to my computer, it suggested me to install the Media Go and PC companion services for my Xperia X10. And as soon as i installed the PC companion service, a message popped stating that theres a new firmware upgrade available for my Xperia x10. 🙂
Reading the various forum out there, people find it difficult to upgrade it to newer firmware. So i thought, i would pen down my experience and steps to help them out. 🙂 So, heres the step by step guide to upgrade your Xperia X10 to the newer firmware. ( from R1FA014 to R1FA016 )

You’ll need
– Sony Ericsson PC Companion
– A stable Internet connection ( without any kind of firewall )
– Xperia X10 with firmware R1FA014
Please backup your data using backup applications like ‘Backup’ form android market as the upgrading process requires wiping your data on the internal memory. So, please backup your data before you proceed any further.

Before you follow the steps given below and proceed any further, i would like to suggest you to read the whole procedure throughly and understand as upgrading and flashing your phone involves chances of bricking your phone. Although chances are rare, but still it’s there. So, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. 🙂

Steps :
– Check the firmware version on your Xperia X10 in Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number.
If it says R1FA014, you are ready to go! 🙂
– Connect your Xperia X10 to your computer with the USB cable.
– Drag the Notification Bar and select the notification of Exchange data from computer to mount the SD card. ( click Mount SD Card. )
– Install the PC companion service. Now you should see a Message at the top of PC Companion service bout your Upgrade availability. ( If it doesn’t show anything and says you’ve the latest firmware let me know in the comments. I’ll let you know bout a work around. )

– The PC companion will start to download the required files from the server and you need to keep the phone connected to it.
It gave me error downloading the Update few times until i figured that my firewall is blocking it. So, just keep it in mind that you might need to disable the firewall for the process to complete.

– After it completes downloading the firmware files, it will ask you to disconnect the phone and take out the battery for 5secs (also take out your SIM and memory card. ) and then restart your phone with keeping the back button pressed.

– Then press update to flash your Xperia X10 to new firmware. It will start flashing your phone with the newer Firmware. ( PLEASE DO NOT UNPLUG YOUR PHONE during this process or it might brick your phone completely. )
– After the Phone is successfully flashed, it will show you a conformation message and will ask you to take out the battery again for 5sec and then reinsert your battery ( SIM and memory card as well ) and then restart your phone as normally you do.

– Viola! You’re done! Upgraded to the newer firmware. 🙂

Hope the tutorial helped. If you have some questions regarding the tutorial do ask me in comments. I strongly advise to read the steps fully and understand it before you start upgrading your phone. If you find it too difficult to accomplish this on your own, i suggest you to take your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to a Sony Ericsson service center near you and they will do it for you! 🙂

It seems like Sony Ericsson is constantly improving their service and hence you might notice a upgrade available for your PC companion as well. I noticed it after few days of upgrading my Xperia X10 to the Firmware R1FA016. 🙂

Just wish to see the Upgrade to Android version and the stuff that it might add to this beautiful device. There are a few rumors bout the Multi-touch would be available to the X10 despite of clear statement from Sony Ericsson in their Product Launch blog. I think it’s just an attempt to make the device look timid even when the Update arrives. They just want to divert the focus on Multi-touch so that the other stuff that would be added to x10 with android update will not attract many. OR is it the biggest marketing strategy by Sony Ericsson. What do you think? Personally i think those are just the rumors and we already have the truth.( although i want it badly on my X10. 🙁 ) In-spite of all those things and lack of multi-touch, M loving my Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. How bout yours?
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Update : With Upgrading Firmware from R1FA014 to R1FA016, the Free Ram has increased form 165Mb to 185Mb in Xperia X10i. 😀

BIG Update : It’s now almost clear that the PC companion refusing to show latest update for your Xperia X10 is due the Older Version of PC Companion itself.
If you want to Upgrade your Xperia X10 and get over the Problem of PC Companion error saying ” Your Phone has the Latest Firmware”, you just need to update your PC Companion first. Or Uninstall the Older PC Companion and Install the Latest PC Companion from here
Latest PC Companion for Upgrading your Xperia X10
And then follow the tutorial above or just the on-screen steps on the PC Companion. 😀

Update : The latest Firmware as of date May 10th 2010 is R1FB001. Check out on how to upgrade you Xperia X10 to the Latest Firmware R1FB001.

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49 thoughts on “New Firmware update for Xperia X10 – R1FA016 just after worldwide launch with Bug Fix

    1. I guess you’ll have to wait till the next update arrives.
      Firmware upgrade from R1FA014 to R1FA016 was issued in patches and then was most probably pulled out by sony ericsson! ( Thats the reason they never announced it officially! )
      Btw, you have which firmware on your Xperia X10 and is your xperia x10 operator branded?

  1. hi friend,

    seems like many of us faced the problem that sony just keeps saying we have the latest software. why is that so? my phone is not brand to any telcom. and my vers is rf0014… so how can i force an update to the R1FB001/ R1FA016. thks for your support!

    1. I don’t exactly know the reason why it’s not available to everyone, but I guess it was an experimental update released to a few groups and after that they probably pulled out the update! I say this because many users in, India couldn’t update to R1FA016 either when I updated mine earlier at the same place.
      You could probably debrand your xperia x10 to force update to R1FA016 or R1FB001, but I wouldn’t recommend that as it’s not worth it. Just wait for an update from sony ericsson which is due this month-R2FB013

  2. aku bermasalah pada pola buka kunci… pas sdh berapa kali di buka ttp salah… tiba2 muncul kotak yg di suruh memasukkan akun google… ttp akun itu gw lupa.. gmn solusinya ???… thx before…

  3. I am troubled at the pattern fitting unlock … how many times in the open still wrong … suddenly appeared on the box tell who enter google account … but that account I forgot .. how the solution? … thx before

  4. I tried to update my phone but it says that I already have the most updated firmware. I currently have firmware R1FA014. I have installed the PC companion.

  5. [ Mod Edit ] : rootedmyx10i,butwasforcecloseusingtethering?andhelp…
    i need help. First i have tried to update my rf014 , but its alway saying my software is up to date both on pc companion seus and on the phone setting. so, i am so envious that you guys could have the updates i did the rooting thingy – another because i need to have tethering functionalble on my phone. previously on x1, internet sharing is free. hate it when x10 just could do so.

    i decide to use seus and change back to the original setup now. and i need to know before i do so, how do we do tethering for my handset, as it is apsolut legal here in malaysia.

  6. I cannot go further after th pc companion has Completed downloading the firmware files, n it asks to restart the phone, keepin it off battery fo 5 secs. i restart it keepin the back key pressed bt i do nt get th update option anywhere 😐 HELP! Em Jus Half way Down 🙁

    1. You don’t need to unplug the phone after PC Companion has downloaded the Firmware! And the Update option would be on your computer in the PC Companion itself! Try again and do follow the steps as it is in the tutorial above!

  7. Mr. Manish,

    Well passion should be about finding things on your own. But not to copy the content from other websites.

    Creativity is something that not everyone has.

    Your website can be blocked if you keep on copying content from other websites.


  8. Hi. My laptop went into “sleep mode” during update process. I woke it up and it is still continuing, but the progress bar is not moving…
    is my phone bricked? How can i un-brick it if it is?

    1. No that means it is has been only intervened in the process of downloading. BTW, search the blog for the latest Firmware for Xperia X10. Xperia X10 now has Android 2.1, Eclair update and you can update it using the Tutorial above.

  9. im using Xperia X10i just buy yesterday… and i update using Sony Pc companion…and everting ok…and up to date…with android 2.1 and then…i made a wrong my foult..i install some application like to Debrand or dunno…how to say.. file name like ” step1.cmd step2.cmd bla bla..and my xperia also restart and appear sony eric logo..and few sec its just black screen and appear name call DOTOMO or DATAMO dunno what…and then it just black screen look like stuck..(my englis bad ) someone pls help me how to install back to original …..

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