Top 10 Free Android Apps for Xperia X10-Download Now

Recently Android Market reached a Milestone of 50,000 apps in the Market Place. Although it’s from an Un-official source, but still Androlib can’t be way too wrong. Google decided to not to react to this news but it’s really nice for all the android owners. Still far behind it’s counter competitor, but the growth is mind blowing and it’s all too good for Android.

And with over 60% of Free apps on the Android Market, it’s much more pleasing. 😀
Now with such a huge no of Apps it’s hard to find the best among them for your needs. So, i decided to review most of the similar apps. Will keep you posted bout those. For now I’ve complied a list of Must have android apps for your Xperia X10. And all of them being Free makes it even more tempting. 😀
When browsing Android market here in India where i can view only Free Apps, I stumbled across few apps that took more than 50% of the time share i spend on my Xperia X10. In short i can’t live without those apps on my phone now.
Here is a must have Top Ten Android Applications for your Xperia X10.

1. Handscent SMS

Well, as i do a lot texts with my phone, so i wanted a better messaging app than the stock android sms app. Although the Stock android SMS app does the job pretty neatly but i wanted something more, like bubble style sms or the chat style sms.
And i searched the Android Market for it and found two apps that could well satisfy my needs, Handcent SMS and ChompSMS.
But digging deep into both of them made me stick to the handscent SMS. For more info bout the Handcent SMS you can watch my Somewhat immature review bout it here. 🙂

Latest Version : Handcent SMS 2.9.37

Author Website : Handcent SMS

OR Code :

2. Astro File Manager

The most basic and important feature missing in the Android system is a File Manager. There are a lots of apps in the market which offers you different ways to manage your files on your android device. But the most classic File Manager on Android is the Astro File Manager. It does almost all the jobs of a File Manager form cut,copy paste,move, rename, zip, image viewing, etc. The Big Plus to it is the ability to install and uninstall apps that are not from the market. ( Outsourced Apks ). 🙂

Latest Version : Astro File Manager 2.3

Author Website : Astro File Manager for Android

QR Code :


3. Swype

Well, does the name tell you all bout it? If it doesn’t then you’re seriously missing out something really cool on your Xperia X10. You must have heard a lot bout the Xperia X10 keyboard issues which was there in the Firmware R1FA014 and was significantly reduced in the Firmware upgrade for Xperia X10 with R1FA016.
So, eventually people tend to ditch the standard keyboard of Sony Ericsson on Xperia X10 and look out for alternatives in the Android Market. And trust me there are some fabulous alternatives in the Android Market ranging from Keyboard with skins to T9 keyboards. ( Will touch upon that in detail in some post later, let me know in comments if you want me to! 🙂 )For now, this alternative is the one you should try out. The first reaction of everyone i showed it to, was like “thats freaking amazing man!”
It does take keyboard input to another level by their patented technology of swyping across the alphabets to type the word. Like if you want to type, Gadgets, just touch the alphabet G and drag your path through the letters a,d,g,e,t and s. to get it registered. It works really quickly and does wonders to your typing speed even if you are new to touch screens. 😀

Latest Version : Swype 1.25.16

Author Website :

QR Code : Not Available as the program is in beta and you download it from the author’s website. 🙂

4. Free Advanced Task Manager

Although you’ve a wide variety of task managers, this one does the job perfectly and without any errors on the Xperia X10. With android having all the background apps always running might considerably eat your battery and hamper your experience with the device. Hence, it is highly recommended to use this app on your xperia x10. but please exclude the default apps from sony ericssion as some of them contain important plugins for the Timescape and Mediascape to work properly. In-fact Timescape widget will stop updating if you kill all the apps. So, be careful.

Latest Version : Free Advanced Task Manager V1.6.1

Author Website : Free Advanced Task Manager

QR Code :

5. Gesture Search

Well, Google recently launched their new app with gesture searching capabilities on the Android Market. It was first only for Android 2.0 and above but they later optimized it for Android 1.6 as well and Xperia X10 owners got lucky. 🙂
This one is a great app and lets you reach your contacts, songs, pictures, etc in style.
I use it daily and it works quite quickly on the xperia X10. Guess if it’s next version could recognize the Numbers as well and that would rule out any other smart dial app on the market. 🙂

Latest Version : Gesture Search V1.1

Author Website : Gesture Search V1.1

QR Code :

6. Google Maps

With Google Maps announcing the Turn By Turn navigation for Android 1.6, Xperia X10 Owners are once again in luck and it becomes the most hottest application for your Xperia X10 now. 🙂
Even if you don’t have Turn By Turn Navigation for your country, you can enjoy this app, and it won’t let you down.
Another highly recommended app for your Xperia X10. Although, this comes pre-installed on your Xperia X10, but still this would make it to the top ten list. And if you’ve updated it to the Latest Google Maps V4.1.1 version, do it now. 🙂

Latest Version : Google Maps v4.1.1

Author Website : Gesture Search V1.1

QR Code :

7. DroidLive Lite

So, Finally FM comes to Xperia X10 and that too in style. 😛 The most cool looking Streaming Fm Player on Android. I was blow up the interface of the app. And it does provide you with lots of FM Stations world wide. It is powered by SHOUTcastRadio.
The streaming is quite nice. So, the whiners who don’t like Xperia X10 just because X10 doesn’t have a Fm, give this app a try and you might fall in love with the Xperia X10. 😀

Latest Version : DroidLive Lite v2.0.6

Author Website : DroidLive Lite v2.0.6

QR Code :

8. Where’s My Droid

Ever thought what would happen if you somehow forget your Xperia X10 somewhere and it gets stolen. Well, this is not ultimate app for your stolen Xperia X10 like the Wave Secure app is. But this does a pretty good job if someone is trying to trick you up. Or if you tend to keep your phone somewhere in your house and forget where it is. This app makes your phone Xperia X10 ring loudly even if it is on silent on receiving a code word in the message. Quite cool, isn’t it? So, go download it now. 🙂

Latest Version : Where’s My Droid v2.6.0

Author Website : Where’s My Droid v2.6.0

QR Code :

9. Dolphin Browser

Although, i would never like to find an alternative for the default browser on my Xperia X10, but this one does some functions. It’s gesture thing is quite nice with the tabbed browsing makes the whole experience really enjoyable. Although Dolphin browser is famous for it’s Multi-touch capabilities and it’s default nature of supporting Pinch Zoom. but as i’ve said before, X10 doesn’t support Multi-touch, so we might never experience that feature of this app. 🙁

Latest Version : Dolphin Browser v1.2.99

Author Website : Dolphin Browser v1.2.99

QR Code :

10. Barcode Scanner

Some of you might be wondering of what to do with those weird looking doted symbols after each Android App i Listed? Well those are the QR codes of the apps, which is similar to Barcodes and you can use this app to scan these codes or any other bar codes to find relative information bout the product or whatever it is. This is pretty cool app and is really quick on the Xperia X10. There are a few contenders which offers nice additions to what this app offers. ShopSavy is a nice alternative to this app and you might like to try it out as well. 🙂

Latest Version : Barcode Scanner v3.22

Author Website : Barcode Scanner v3.22

QR Code :

I think i’ve done injustice to a lot of other apps that are as good as these are. So, don’t worry the list will continue in next part.
Please feel free to share your thoughts on which apps you like the most and use it on regular basis? But please keep in mind that i’ve listed only free apps. 🙂
And if you are looking for some tricks and Tips for Your Xperia X10, head over to Few Faqs And Tips For Your Xperia X10.
Stay tuned for more!

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