BackUp Apps and SMS on Xperia X10 before Upgrading

It is very important to backup your critical data before you update your Xperia X10 to the latest firmware R1FB001 as the update process requires flashing your device and if something goes wrong, you might loose all your critical and important data on your Xperia X10. Although the update from Firmware version R1FA016 to R1FB001 is smart enough to ask you if want to keep your data such as Apps and SMSes or you want to do a Factory Reset before you upgrade to the latest firmware, still you should be take your preventive measures. And you guessed it right, unfortunately this wasn’t the case when you first upgraded your Xperia X10 from Firmware R1FA014 to R1FA016, and it simply clean wiped your data off your Xperia X10.
Yet, it is recommened to backup your data and do a Factory Reset Before you Upgrade your Xperia X10 to the Latest Firmware R1FB001.

Here are the Few options that i list to you for the Backup of your apps and data on your Xperia X10, choose the one you like as all of them are free apps on the Android Market. 😀

Astro File Manager

If you followed my Top 10 list of Must Have Free Android Apps for Xperia X10, you might be knowing that Astro File Manager is a Must Have app and it’s not only a File Manager with superb Features, it can also install and uninstall apps for you which are not from the Android Market and it can also BackUp Your Important Data and Apps and restore them for you when you need it.

Steps to backup on Xperia X10 :
– Open Astro File Manager
– Press Menu key or the left most button on your Xperia X10 button.
– Out of the options presented press the Tools Icon.
– Now you would be presented with 3 Different Options
– Application Manager and Backup
– SD Card Usage and
– Process Manager.
– Select Application Manager and Backup to Backup almost all your applications including the apps you installed on your Xperia X10 and also the ones that came pre-installed. 🙂

The only Drawback is that it can’t make a Backup of SMS, Contacts and Calender entries on your Xperia X10.


MyBackUp v2.3.4

RerWare’s MyBackUp comes a with a 30 day trail of the Free version. And thats enough for you when you are planing to use it for just when you are upgrading your Xperia X10 and not on regular basis. There is also one Paid version of the Application MyBackUp PRO v2.3.4 which costs 4.99USD can even if you can’t access the Full Market on your Xperia X10, you can but it from the Google Checkout from their website. 🙂

Steps to backup on Xperia X10 :
– Run MyBackup application and select “Backup”.
– Choose to backup to “SD Card”, or “Online”.
– Select all the information you would like to backup.
– It gives a PIN at the backup so that your backup can’t be used by anyone.
– To restore your backup just follow the same steps and select the Restore option and remember to provide the PIN. 🙂

It works perfect for me and it can backup almost anything on your Xperia X10. In my Case it offered me
– Data
– Applications

In data
– Contacts
– Call Log
– BookMarks
– System Settings
– Android Home
– Calender
– Music Playlist
– Notes
Ah, do i have anything left to backup? I don’t think so! 😀
So, this is one of the most complete solutions to Backup on your Xperia X10. 😀

Sprite BackUP v2.0.6.125

You might be thinking that why m I looking for other alternatives when i got the complete solution for Backing up my data on Xperia X10?
Well, you need to try this app to get to know that why is this app so special! It takes backing up almost anything on your Phone to another level by integrating it with your DropBox Account. 🙂
The paid version of this app is only for 4.95USD.

Give it a try if you need to back up your data on your Xperia X10 frequently and on a regular interval.
Let me know in the comments section if you’ve any other better solutions for Backing up data on your Xperia X10 or something you might want to backup and these apps don’t do that.

And if you’re done with choosing the app which best suits you, then take a backup of all your personal data and head to the section where i’ve explained in detailed the steps to Upgrade your Xperia X10 to the Latest Firmware, which is Currently R1FB001. 😀

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17 thoughts on “BackUp Apps and SMS on Xperia X10 before Upgrading

      1. Yes, it backs up the App Settings as well. 🙂 And you are not supposed to back up your apps that you downloaded from the market or bought from the market. As, in that case, you won’t get updates from the market.

  1. Please help.
    I have installed MyBackup & saved all my data, apps etc as advised. I have saved them to my SD card. I tried to upgrade firmware but it didn’t work & now phone has been reset!!! All apps etc are found on SD card when phone is plugged into PC but no apps can be found when trying to restore them on my phone.
    What can I do to recover all my apps, contacts etc?

  2. hi, is there any backup app that will back up my app settings? also after wiping out my phone, how would i redownload my paid apps and how to upgrade them after?

    1. I guess paid apps are associated with your Google checkout account. So, once you re-download them, it won’t charge you again. I don’t have access to paid apps in the Android Market here in India so, i might not be the best person to tell you about it.

  3. SpriteBackup is not free.
    MyBackup sucks because after installing, it just says it expired and won’t do anything.. useless.
    ASTRO is great and backup worked perfect and I guess I would go into the Backed Up Apps to re install all.. I use SMS Backup+ to backup all my sms to gmail (really nice feature) and my calendar and contacts are synced with google so its already backed up.

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