Best Free Android Apps for Xperia X10-Top 20

This is in continuation to my Last Post, Top 10 Free Android Apps for Your Xperia X10, a must have list. I thought, with the huge amount of Free apps on the Android Market, it’s just unfair to Scale it down to just Top 10 best, it should be something like Top 100. 😀
Well the list will continue, as i keep finding the most spectacular Free Android Apps for the Xperia X10. 🙂
For now the list will continue from no. 11 and to have a look at the 1 to 10 list of Must Have Best Android Apps for Xperia X10, head here.

11. MyBackUp

As i mentioned in my post here, that it is very Essential to BackUp your Data Frequently and there are a few android apps that help you do this job pretty eaisly. MyBackUp by Rerware does the job pretty quickly for you and would backup almost anything for you on your Xperia X10.
It backups your Applications with not only the Ones you installed on your Xperia X10, it also give the choice to backup pre-installed apps on your Xperia X10.
It also Backs up your data which includes a lot of things,
– Contacts
– Call Log
– BookMarks
– System Settings
– Android Home
– Calender
– Music Playlist
– Notes
So, it does seem to be most complete BackUp solution on Your Xperia X10 or any other Android Device for that purpose.

Latest Version : MyBackUp v2.3.4

Author’s Website : MyBackUp v2.3.4 by RerWare


12. ThaiDail Pad

The most complete Smart Dialing Solution on your Xperia X10 is perhaps the ThaiDail Pad. It would eaisly take over the Default Dialer on your Xperia X10, unless you are in love with it’s look and feel.
ThaiDial Pad searches for your contact as you start tapping the Numbers on the Number Dial of the ThaiDial Pad. It not only searches for the T9 keyboard key combination of letters for the First and Last name of your Contacts, but it also tries to match the number irrespective of where it appears ( which part ) on the Contact Number.
Like it would also search for the contact if the ending digits of his mobile number are 99. To read more about it or find more detailed solution for Smart Dialing on Xperia X10, head over to this post. 🙂

Latest Version : ThaiDial Pad v1.1.4

Author’s Website : ThaiDial Pad v1.1.4

13. Sim Checker

In the last post i mentioned about Where’s My Droid?, but it doesn’t that well when your phone is actually stolen. So, you might want to get a Total Anti-Theft Solution For your Xperia X10.
Sim checker almost does that completely! I said almost as if the thief is smart enough, no App can stop him from Flashing the Phone to some another Firmware or even factory resetting it. So, don’t get me wrong and think that this is not a good app. It does it’s job quite perfectly.
Incase your Xperia X10 is stolen, you’ll receive a message from the sim that the Thief tries to use it on the Xperia X10, and as soon as he connects to the internet, you would get an email with the Geographical co-ordinates based on GPS as well as Mobile networks cell co-ordinates PLUS the call log of your Xperia X10. 🙂
So, that would be more than enough for you to identify and track your Lost Xperia X10. 🙂
Although, there are a few limitations on the Trail Version of the app and you wouldn’t get the call log either, if it’s not the PRO version.
So, give it a try and if you like it do, buy it to ensure the Security of your Xperia X10.

Latest Version : Sim Checker v1.5.2

Author’s Website : Sim Checker v1.5.2 by TackDroid

14. Color Dict

Color Dict is a Universal Dictionary for your Android Phones, so you don’t have to look for Different Apps for Translation from one language to another or even thesaurus. Like if you want to have a German to English Dictionary for your Xperia X10, just install a German to English Dictionary File which is saved on your SD card and then you can search the word in English or German without going through multiple menus and you have the dictionary at the same place as well.
The Best part of this app is that it supports Quick Search Boxes, so you need not Open up the App every time you want to look for a word, just start searching from the Google search widget on your Homepage and you would get your word from the dictionary as well. 😀

Latest Version : Color Dict Universal Dictionary v2.3.6

Author’s Website : Color Dict Universal Dictionary by Social&Mobile

15. handyCalc

The most complete Calculator Solution for your Xperia X10. I was a bit disappointed by the Pre-Installed Calculator of the Xperia X10. Sony Ericsson tried to modify the look of it as well to not match the original stock Android Version, but why did they leave it so ugly. And no Functions added either. So, i looked for few apps in the market which does the same job but in a better way.
I found quite a few of them, but HandyCalc does it like a scientific calculator, and not only that, it has a lot of other features like Currency conversion and others.
It’s a must have app on your Xperia X10, even if you use Calculator once a week. 🙂

Latest Version : handyCalc v0.41

Author’s Website : handyCalc v0.41 by mmin

16. Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers

How many times do you find yourself looking for good Wallpapers for your Xperia X10 or even better how many times do you ask your friends to transfer the latest Sms tone or the Ringtone that he is Flauting off. 😛 Well, that happens and we do search a lot for those ringtones and wallpapers in lots of websites full of ads and other stuff. How bout a pp that gives you the best wallpapers and Ringtone that shared by around a million people worldwide.
And who else can do that, it’s the Zedge Community. They came up with Fantastic app to put your search to wallpapers and Rngtones to an end. Try it, you’ll be amazed by the shares people do around the world. 🙂 This one too goes as a must have app for your Xperia X10.

Latest Version : Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers v1.12.1

Author’s Website : Zedge Ringtones & Wallpapers v1.12.1 by Zedge Community

17. ColorNote Notepad Notes

The most beautiful Notepad application on the Android Market. It does the it’s job pretty neatly and cleanly but it makes to this list out of several other Notepad Applications with much more features than this because, it give you the option to have colorful sticky notes on your HomeScreen of your Xperia X10. And that is what is most important to me from functionality and usability point of view. ( There are several other Notepad apps in the market, which offers much more specific options for notepad application, and i’ll try to cover all of them for you in another post. )

Latest Version : ColorNote Notepad Notes v1.6.6

Author’s Website : ColorNote Notepad Notes by Social&Mobile

18. Google Goggles

In last post i mentioned that Google’s Gesture Search makes it to the Top 10 List, so Google goggles is not Far Behind either. With the Update that Google’s Goggle got a few days ago, this one certainly makes to the Top 20 apps for Xperia X10.
Now with the Update, you can actually translate from one language to another. And thats a really cool feature to have in a phone as many a times you get a picture of something described in another language and you simply can’t use any Translation tools to translate that, but with Google Goggles you can do that. 🙂

Latest Version : Goggle Goggles v1.1

Author’s Website : Goggle Goggles v1.1 by Goggle

19. Voice Recorder

There is no Voice Recording App pre-installed on the Xperia X10. So, it becomes more of a necessity to find one good voice Recorder for the Xperia X10. There are a two Apps which does the job equally well, but Voice Recorder wins just because of the Interface. 🙂 Voice Recorder for android is pretty simple in basic and you can send the recoded voice directly to Gmail.
Well, you can still try Virtual Recorder by androiX, and you would be pleased with it’s performance. 🙂

Latest Version : Voice Recorder v2.0.4

Author’s Website : Voice Recorder v2.0.4 by Mamoru Tokasiki

20. Fring for Android

The most comprehensive Instant Messaging solution for the Xperia X10. And it does the Viop Calls too. 😀
Making free Skype calls from a Wi-Fi connection on your handset is a pretty neat feature in itself, but Fring aims to be a universal call and chat coordinator. It pulls in your phone’s contacts and matches up names with the add-on services you plug in, making it easy to call someone on Skype, and then chat them over AIM if they don’t pick up. If you give up on free services and just want to call that person, you can do that too.

Latest Version : Fring for Android v2.0.0.13

Author’s Website : Fring for Android v2.0.0.13 by Fring

So, do you like it! Do you also think that these apps makes the Top 20 List on your Xperia X10?
Mind you, i tried strictly to keep the List to only the Free Android Apps.
The list will continue and will also post some Cool Games for your Xperia X10. Stay Tuned and for the time being share your thoughts about the list and you can ofcourse add your own! 🙂
Find the Tips and Tricks For Xperia X10 and Discover how to Unlock the Secret Menu inside the Xperia X10. 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Best Free Android Apps for Xperia X10-Top 20

  1. Why not include app Called Note Everything? I think is the best!!

    It makes notes typed or voice… OR BOTH!!! You can also make Paint Notes, and in pro version even photo notes and others…

    This is the best note app so for to me! try it!

    1. hi! i was wondering if you can tell me what apps should i download first..Tomorrow i’ll have (At least!) my x10 mini pro! And off course, i would like to ask you, if i had to upgrade it to 2.1 at first and then download the apps. Thank you in adnance!

  2. Hi,
    I’ve been looking at all the different apps in market, but was wondering about why certain apps need access to my coarse location, if i don’t check anything for my location settings on my x10, will that prevent them from getting access?

    1. If you want to just view it in Facebook, then search Android Market for some farsi web browser. An if you want to change the whole system on your Xperia X10 with farsi language, Search the blog from Top right corner for How to change fonts on Xperia X10 and follow the tutorial to put farsi language font on your Xperia X10.

  3. I know it’s a silly question but how can i install all those apps on my xperia? i have downloaded all of them from my pc and not from andoid market cause i do not have internet on my cell.
    How can i transfer them on my cell and where can i find them afterwards?

  4. Check Refine Efficiency Pro: [ Mod Edit : Advertising ]

    – cache cleaner (root and non root(individually)), no sd card cache support;
    – market history cleaner;
    – task killer;
    – start up manager (root and non root(no guarantee));
    – task scheduling.
    Also browser history cleaner.

  5. i cant download from android market ever since i upgraded to android 2.1 on my xperia X10 and it has been really annoying.i hv tried repairing and upgrading again but it still doesnt work.what can i do and is there any other websites available where i can download cool android apps.thanks.

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