Best Free Widgets for Android Xperia X10-Download Now

Now when you are already enjoying a lot of cool Apps on your Xperia X10 from the Android Market! 🙂
I guess, it’s high time to point out some cool Widgets that you can Access from the Homescreen, itself! 🙂 And if you feel your Xperia X10 has a less no of Homescreens then you should Check out the Home Replacement Apps that would not only give you freedom to add more home screens, but also a lot of other options to make things simpler and easier on your Xperia X10. 🙂 ( will Soon post what options you have for the home replacement on your Xperia X10 )

I will strictly try to restrict my List to Free Apps as here in India, we do not access to Paid Apps. But Don’t Worry, the Paid Apps List for Widgets and other apps will come soon. 🙂

1. BatteryLife

Sony Ericsson have customized the Stock Android and applied a Custom UXP Layer on top it, which is fantastic and adds great user experience and user friendliness expect for some parts were the icon are pretty small, like in Mediascape where everyone is complaining that the Icons should be a bit bigger to have a better access.
Similiarly, the default stock Android Notification Bar is larger than the one we have in Xperia X10. And it’s really thin. The Battery Icon is really too small, to actually get an idea of What percentage is left on your Xperia X10.
There are a lot of Battery Apps on the Android Market, which adds a beautiful and bright Widget at the Homescreen, but i find BatteryLife, the best. ( That’s my Opinion! You can have other Widgets which does the same thing from the Android Market! )
This one qualifies for the best Battery Widget as it has a beautiful Icon and gives you the control of when at what percentage the color of the battery should change to indicate that you should charge it Now! 🙂 ( With three levels and three different colors )
Although, Xperia X10 warns you when the Battery Level Goes down 15%, 10% and 5% with Activating Low Battery Profile when battery drops below 10% and the brightness is reduced to Zero. ( And i guess the all other notifications are also prolonged! ) I really Appreciate @SonyEricssonDev guys for implementing it! 🙂

Latest Version : BatteryLife v1.3.3

Author’s Website : BatteryLife by CurveFish


2. Advanced Task Manager Widget
If you followed my Top 10 Android Free Apps for Xperia X10, you would be knowing that Advanced Task Manager is an essential Android app that you can’t miss on your Android Phone. To make things eaisier for you and give you one touch access to End all the Apps running in background, Advanced Task Manager comes with a Widget. The Widget just has a Icon and a text at it’s bottom saying ” Press to End “. So, it’s makes very easy to end all the Apps running in background with a single touch.
The only gripe with the Widget is that, it doesn’t show the no of running apps and i came across with another Task Killer App which has a widget that also shows the no of running in the background. But then, that Task Killer app is not as good as the Advanced Task Killer. 🙁

Latest Version : Free Advanced Task Manager V1.6.1

Author’s Website : Free Advanced Task manager V1.6.1

3. AutoRotate OnOff

I was annoyed by AutoRotation a couple of times when i didn’t needed and it still rotated with slight movement of my Xperia X10. The Accelerometer sensor of Xperia X10 is really Sensitive. But, i didn’t wanted to turn off the AutoRotate Feature, so i soon discovered that theres a Widget that does Turn Off and On the Auto Roatate Feature with just single tap on the Icon. 🙂

Latest Version : AutoRotate OnOff v2.0.0

Author’s Website : AutoRotate OnOff by CurveFish

4. Brightness

To adjust brightness automatically causes your battery to drain like anything. So, if you haven’t set the Brightness to Manual do it now! but, i guess you don’t want to dig deep into settings to just adjust the brighness when you go to various places where lighting conditions are different. So, Curvefish has a very nice looking widget which not only gives you one touch access to your Brightness control but also provide you with different brightness levels and a scrollbar to adjust the brightness. 🙂

Latest Version : Brightness Level v1.0.0

Author’s Website : Brightness Level by CurveFish

In addition to these. there are a few a widgets you should have on your Xperia X10 Homescreen are,
– Timescape
– Quick Search Box ( QSB )
– Quick Settings : Highly Recommended
– Web Thumbnails

I know the List looks like incomplite for now, so will add to it and will also update the thumbnails of the Widgets from my Xperia X10. 🙂
Let me know, if you like some other Widget and i’ve missed it.

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