Complete Smart Dialing Solution for Android Xperia X10

When i bought my Xperia X10 here in India, i didn’t knew it couldn’t support Smart Dialing or even Speed Dialing out of the box. And i was disappointed as you don’t expect a smartphone to not support these basic features. But as this is the first Android phone by Sony Ericsson, it could be excused. 🙂 Well to see between the lines it can be excused only because it’s an Android Phone with the Android Market Backing it up with more than 60,000 Free and Paid apps. 😀
So, soon i discovered a few apps for Xperia X10 that could actually do Smart Dialing on Xperia X10. Some of them are not so good looking as the default dialer on Xperia X10, but then again functionality matters.
I’ll try to list the few options available for smart dialing and speed dialing on Xperia X10 and you choose which one suits you the best. I’ll also list my personal choice. So, keep reading. 🙂

– SpellDial

The most popular smart dialing android app i see in the Forums over the internet. It has a basic UI of T9 numbers at the bottom half of the screen and the Contact list at the top half of the screen. As you touch the number buttons, it sorts the contacts accordingly. But it doesn’t support number searching. It searches by only fist name and last name. And somehow this doesn’t display correctly in my Xperia X10. I mean it has three Font settings of Small, Medium and Large. but even keeping it on the Small Font makes it look really big and more than ugly. 🙁
So, it was a complete No-No for me, considering both the Functionality and the look of the app. 🙁
Well if you want to try it out, heres the Link for it. 🙂

Type : Free

Authors Website : SpellDial v2.0


– ThaiDial Pad

It looks almost the same as of SpellDial with little more control over the look and feel of the UI. You can customize almost every color you see in the UI of this app. It also displays the number bar the bottom half of the screen and at the top there is blank space and it gets populated as you touch or press the number buttons. The contact list can be displayed with the display pic of it as well. And you can turn that off in the settings.
The best part of this app is it
– searches the First and Last Name or any combination.
– searches the Number combination occurring at any part of the phone number.
– Integrated with call log
– Exact called time stamp
So, if you remember anything of your contact, be it any part of the name or any part of the number. you can find it in secs through this app.
The only downside is the Look of it, resembles one of the first android app developed. And it has Thai characters at the subscript of the Number buttons. 😐 Else it’s a perfect Smart Dialing solution for Xperia X10. 😀

Type : Free

Author’s website : ThaiDial Pad v1.1.4

– NubDial

There is another one which does the exact similar job to the ThaiDial and is developed by one the Xda Members. So, it’s pretty good.
Except for the fact that it, it doesn’t show the contact picture in the list view. Otherwise it is exactly similar to the the One we saw in ThaiDial.

Type : Free

Author’s Website : NubDial v1.82

– Easy Dial Pro

There is another app which seems to be perfect for Smart Dialing on Android Xperia X10, Easy Dial Pro! But i can’t see it in the Android Market, so it might be either Paid or Discontinued or as i see it’s only for Android 1.0 and Android 1.5 Devices. 🙁
It looked to have the best UI Design and the features of both the above apps i listed. 🙂

Type : Free

Author’s Website : Easy Dial Pro Beta 1.2

So, the best options comes out to me is the ThaiDial. Hope they consider changing the UI of the app, else there are no glitches and works perfectly and quickly on Xperia X10. 🙂
But i would like to see the Smart Dialing feature in the Default Xperia X10 Dialer. It looks so good and matches with the whole theme of the phone. Please Sony Ericsson Consider this in the Next Firmware update for Xperia X10. 🙂
I think i can code up for smart dial in Xperia X10 if i can get the default dialer code. Will check if i can find somewhere, as the source code has already been released by Sony Ericsson.

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14 thoughts on “Complete Smart Dialing Solution for Android Xperia X10

  1. Manish, if i switch off TimeScape and assuming I never use it, will I still experience the lag? If I turn off TimeScape or never use it will I see the full power of the 1GHz snapdragon?


    1. Which lag? Timescape doesn’t demand CPU power when you are not running it. And everywhere else the Snapdragon makes things snappier as you would expect. And mind you it’s still on Android 1.6 so when you get Android 2.1 on Xperia X10, it’s gonna be lightning fast. 😀
      Simply can’t wait for the New Firmware for Xperia X10 thats due in a week or so. 😀

  2. hi Manish i just bought x10 from Optus but the problem is they had pre installed their own softwares in it bec of which i don’t have enough memory in the phone what is the easiest way to have most of the memory for it
    and also how can i get free map which i can use through satellite instead of using net

  3. Thanks Manish for the comparison and for highlighting your personal choice.
    However, I see that Dialer One is not here and it apparently has higher downloads and rating than ThaiDial pad.
    ThaiDial pad freezes on my X10 2.1. Moving to Dialer One for now.


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