How to Take Screenshots of your Xperia X10-Easy Guide

So, now i’ve found how to take screenshots from my Xperia X10, i would like to let all of you know! Screenshots app are exclusive to Root Android Users and Xperia X10 is still to be rooted. ( working on it! 😉 ). But that doesn’t mean, you can’t get hold of screenshots of your Xperia X10. Although, you need a computer to accomplish this task, as it doen’t work the conventional way from an app.( Remember X10 is not rooted yet, and when it gets rooted i’ll let you know about good screenshot apps that does require only a shake of your Xperia X10 to get the screenshots. 😀 )

The tutorial requires you to download Android SDK and the Andorid 1.6 with Emulator. So, in the end it would seem a hefty workaround to just get a Screenshot of your Xperia X10, but it’s not too much for someone who wants to develop for their Xperia X10. 🙂 So, decide, if you want to do this or not!

You would need
Android SDK : It’s the Most Important thing for this purpose.
Xperia X10 USB ADB Drivers : To Connect the Xperia X10 in Debugging mode to your Computer.


Now when you have downloaded the ADB drivers and Android SDK, extract them to C:/ drive.

– On your Xperia X10, go to Settings -> Aplications -> Development and check the USB Debugging Mode.
– Now connect your Xperia X10 with your Computer, you would notice a New Device would be found by your Computer, in the Notification area at the Bottom Left.
– If you are on a 32-bit machine, you would notice that the drivers would get automatically installed on Your Computer for the Xperia X10 and in that case just skip the next step else go to next step.
– Right click on the My computer Icon -> Manage -> Device Manager ( it would be on the Left side of the new window that just opened. ) You’ll Notice a New Sony Ericsson ADB Device on the Right Hand Side, Right Click on it and go to Update Driver -> choose Install From Specific Location and then point it to the Path of the Drivers that you extracted on the C:/ drive. ( In my Case it was C:\ X10 USB ADB Drivers ) It would Install the Neccessary Drivers for the USB Debugging of Xperia X10.
– Now that you’ve installed the ADB drivers for your Xperia X10, you need to Configure the Android SDK. 🙂
– Go to Android SDK Folder on the C:\ drive and execute SDK Setup.exe and then Click on the Available Packages on the Left Side of the Android SDK and AVD Manager.

– On the Right Side you would notice Available Packages, just install the two packages that has API 4 at the end of it. Once it is installed, you re done and ready to go.
– Now Go to the Tools Directory of the Android SDK and run ddms.bat, it will launch the Dalvik virtual Machine and you can Take Screenshots from the Small Icon on the Left Top of it. 🙂

If you get stuck at any point, ask me in comments. And stay tuned for some more interesting Tips and Tricks for your Xperia X10. 🙂 And share your First Screenshot that you took with your Xperia X10. 🙂

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27 thoughts on “How to Take Screenshots of your Xperia X10-Easy Guide

  1. hi there, ive tried everything you’ve said.. but im unable to connect the software from my laptop to the x10.
    ive downloaded both softwares, extracted it.. downloaded the two files.. but it wont appear on my x10?
    what am i doing wrong? sorry

  2. Hi Manish… This is Mayank From indore madhya pradesh
    Actually i have Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 Mini pro handset.
    and i have also downloaded blutooth file transfer pkg. but it not properly working with other phones ..
    and the massage shown during the connection is ” Object push control” sumthing not support on the device.

    please guide me wht to do or not.

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