Protect and Lock SMS and Apps in Xperia X10

On Android Platform, you don’t have the Locking application as you would like it. I mean, there is only one, Protection when you try to access the phone and after that, you don’t have anything inside it?
Once you unlock your phone and you are at the Home Screen, you would are vunerable to data exposure. Anyone can read your emails, SMS messages, see your Contacts. Even though he just asked your phone for playing a game, you can’t restrict anyone to access some of your apps once they are inside the Homescreen!


Well Android Market is pretty big and can’t i find any app that can help me protect my personal stuff on my phone?
Answer is pretty simple and straight, ofcourse YES! I can! There are numerous apps which can protect your SMS, Pics, videos etc. But are they Fool-Proof Solutions to my Privacy needs on my Xperia X10?
Answer is Simple and Straight, NO!

Give me your phone!
Oh, you smart fella, you have protected your pics!
Don’t worry mate, i know a little bit bout Android as well.
Let me Un-install it! 🙂

The user can uninstall the App at any time or even better, download some other app which alternatively does the job of the app you protected! ( Like another image viewer, if you blocked your images! )

So, isn’t there a complete Security and Locking Application which help me protect my Privacy on Xperia X10! Ah, yes there is one!
It’s called the Protector! 🙂

It’s a paid app for just $0.99. Isn’t that cool offer? There is also a trial version, which lasts just 5days. But somehow, i couldn’t find it in the Market, perhaps discontinued. 🙁
But the Paid app is still there in the Market, so go and buy it now to get a perfect Locking Application for your Xperia X10. 🙂
Quoting directly form the Developers of the Protector App,

Protect any Android application with the password!
SMS, Gmail, Contacts, Chat, Calendar, Settings, e-mail, Photos… everything you wish!
Enjoy higly-customizable protection:
– Set PIN-code to Messages and GMail
– Show off your phone to others but keep private data inaccessible
– Lock your corporate secrets
– Set password to buy paid applications from Market
– Protect sensitive data if the phone is lost

Latest Version : Protector v1.4

Author’s Website : Protector v1.4

I have made a Demo Video of Protector Running on my Xperia X10, so that you get a brief idea on how the app works! 🙂
I use the Protector app to lock my SMS, and other apps on my Xperia X10. It’s a perfect Locking app for the Xperia X10. You might me wondering, how is it better form the Lock apps that i mentioned above!
It’s better form other Locking apps as,
– It Locks Everything, not only SMS, MMS, Pics, Videos or anything else.
– You can’t un-install it unless you know the password!
– It protects the Installation of other apps.
– You can Lock Everything, including settings, even the Protector itself. 🙂

This is my first ever Video, so excuse me if there are some Focus Problems and also for the Annotations Used.
Enjoy Watching!! 😀

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