Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Price in India ( Unboxing Video )

After the Success of Xperia X10 in India, Sony Ericsson India is now set for the Launch of it’s Small sister, the Xperia X10 Mini. 😀
Although, it doesn’t come from a official source, but from what the Sony Ericsson Experience stores here in New Delhi is saying, it seems that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X0 Mini is set for the Launch within a week from now. That means by May 26th, you can have your hands on the Xperia X10 Mini, atleast in Delhi. 🙂
And to tell you, Xperia X10 Mini got the RED Dot Award for Best Design a few weeks back. and you can only allow yourself to touch it to believe it why it got the award. 😀

Now the Price Factor, Xperia X10 Mini is set for a Official Price of 249Euros which is equal to around 15,000INR. And it coincides with what the Sony Ericsson Stores here in New Delhi are constantly telling me, around Rs.14,595

Heres a Unboxing Video of Xperia X10 Mini from the Official Product Launch blog of Sony Ericsson. This video would give you an idea of what would be contents of the whole Package when you buy one. 🙂
Although, Sony Ericsson Experience stores in Delhi are reluctant to say what would be in-box contents, i mean if there would be another Back Covers as shown in the video or not! But they are saying, theres a chance of Including the Speakers in the Box, but then the Price would be around Rs. 16595 to Rs.17000.

As, i’ve already shown you how the One Finger Zoom would make one Unique Experience when you buy one Xperia X10 Mini. The gallery also looks pretty nice and Xperia X10 is blazing fast, everywhere. 🙂
Check out the One Hand Operation of Your Xperia X10 Mini. Do you think the One Finger Zoom and One hand Operation can Beat the Multi-Touch Zoom and No Customization in HTC Wildfire. ( HTC Wildfire in India is expected to be Around for RS. 19000-Rs20000 )

Let us know, which one you would go for, and do you find a better Android phone at this price in New Delhi, India? Or would you wait for it’s Twin the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini PRO, which is exactly same as X10 Mini except it has a Qwerty Keyboard. 🙂
There is no word on when Xperia X10 Mini PRO will launch, but it is expected that it will be also soon launched in New Delhi. ( Nothing late than June End. )
And if you want to spice up your Xperia X10 Mini with some interesting and Best Android Applications, Check out the Top 20 list of Free Android apps for your Xperia X10 Mini – A Must Have list that you shouldn’t Miss. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Price in India ( Unboxing Video )

  1. Dear Manish,

    Yesterday I got my new X10 mini. Look wise it is pretty cool.
    1. From the gallery Bluetooth file transfer to other mobile option is not available.
    2. Can we play the songs from only one folder, coz it also plays all ringtones also?
    3. Equalizer option is not available.
    Can u please let me know where can i get the softwares for the above issues and also tell me how to install these.


    1. – Bluetooth is not present on Xperia X10 Mini! 🙁
      – You should create playlist to play specific songs, else the Media Player in Mini recognizes all the Songs in the Phone. To create Playlist, you can use MediaGo Software that came with your Phone. 🙂
      – Equalizer is also not present in Xperia X10 Mini. ( But Equalizer is not present in any Android Device yet! )
      – To install softwares, you need to go to Android Market. ( an app on your phone! ) and install the softwares you wish to! Use the search function or simply browse the categories to find the best apps and games for your Xperia X10 Mini. 🙂
      I’ve a list of recommended Top 10 Apps for Android Xperia X10, so you can have a look at it, as well. And also the Top Free Android Apps that you should miss on your Android phone. 🙂

      1. Dear Manish,
        Thanks for your reply…

        1. Regular updation of software in X10 mini is required?
        Coz I’ wont have Wifi/GPRS. I’m not intrested in update also.
        Will there be any problem occur if I wont update S/W?

        2. Can you please suggest me the best musicplayer for X10 min Free/Paid ?(which supports play from memory card, upgrades not required and Full version).


      2. Update of Software ( or Firmware ) improves performance and fixes many bugs in the OS. So, decide yourself if you want to upgrade it or not! 🙂 And if Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Receives any Updates, i’ll inform you about the changes in the Update.
        For Music Player for Xperia X10 Mini, Have a Look at the Mediascape alternatives. 🙂

  2. recently my xperia mini stopped working all of a sudden. when I took it to the sony center, they said that the system is down and cannot do anything with it. One day a drop of water went inside the other side of the phone. is there any chance of recovering back the phone?

    please help

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