Beautiful Widgets by LevelUp Studio on Xperia X10-A Must Download

There has been a really beautiful widget for your Android phone which you can’t miss. This widget is a set of lot of small toggle Widgets like
– Blutetooth OnOff
– Brightness Level
– GPS OnOff
– Wi-fi OnOff
– Plane Mode
– Vibrate
– Silent Mode
and accompanying these, the Beautiful Home, which is a Weather and time Widget very Similar to HTC Sense Widgets. 🙂

Infact, it was so similar to HTC Sense widgets that, it got a violation letter from HTC and LevelUP studio had to take it down from the Market. Sad enough for the fans of Beautiful Widgets. But from then Beautiful Widgets emerged to be much better, they came in form of a new avatar, with a customizable look and feel of the Widgets. Infact LevelUp Studio’s Made an SDK for developing themes for the Beautiful Widgets. 🙂
Now, presently in Beautiful Widgets you can,
– Customize the Background of the Widget from Opaque to completely Transparent.
– Change the Skins of the Whole Widget.
– Change the Font and color of the Text on the Widgets.
– Infact you can, change the Weather packs as well. ( and they are really cool. )
ThumbsUp LevelUp Studio for making it so, customizable and you seem to keep improving it. 🙂
To Quote directly from the Developer’s website, about the Features,

– Nice looking clock with 12/24 hours support
– Multiple layouts and skins support
– Weather with realistic icons
– Celcius and fahrenheit temperature
– Automatic language detection
– Geolocation for the weather city, or the ability to enter the city name
– Automatic sunset/sunrise calculation
– High res graphics for WVGA Devices (such as the Motorola Droid or Nexus One)
– 1×1 beautiful Wifi/Bluetooth/Plane mode/Silent/Vibrate widgets to easily enable or disable them
– 1×1 GPS widget that act as shortcut to enable or disable location in the settings.


But, what you can’t access on your Xperia X10, might be the most interesting and Intuitive feature of Beautiful Widgets. It’s only available for Android 2.1+ devices. It’s a Live Weather Wallpaper and let me tell you, it’s really really cool. 🙂 And top of it, it’s Free on Android Market! ( the Live weather Wallpaper )

The Live wallpaper detects if you have Beautiful Widgets installed on your phone and shows you the present weather of your city on the Live Wallpaper with all those, awesome graphics. 😀 Else, it would automatically change from sun to moon at night and back to sun in the morning. 🙂
Sony Ericsson, I need Android 2.1 on my Xperia X10, just for this, please make the Upgrade to Android 2.1 fast! 😛

Latest Version : Beautiful Widgets 2.999 – 31th May 2010

Developer’s Website : Beautiful Widgets by LevelUpStudio

Price : 1.49 EUR ( + 19.6% VAT of France! ) = 1.78EUR

Let us know, what do you think about the this Widget and do you use it? And if you are looking for Cool Widgets for your Android Xperia X10, you should follow this link. 🙂

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