DivX, FLAC, Equalizer & Lyrics Viewer on Xperia X10-MediaScape alternatives

After you are not so impressed by Mediascape and lack of it’s basic capabilities like Creation of Playlist in Mediascape, Equalizer, various codec support on Xperia X10. I guess, it’s high time to look for some alternatives to Mediascape on Sony Ericsson Xpeira X10. Although, after looking at many alternatives for Mediascape, i must admit that Mediascape still remains the Sexiest Media Player on Android Platform. 🙂 And not to mention, nothing can beat the Infinity Button, either! But then, there are other Basic and Serious Flaws in Mediascape, which won’t always please you.

There are several Media Players on Android now, and i won’t specifically list all of them here, instead will make a quick comparison on what features which media player can add to your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. So lets start with the most famous DivX/Xvid support :
DivX Support on Xperia X10

Many of us are too lazy to convert our videos to the compatible format for our smartphones like Xperia X10 PLUS the other and the most important reason, we want codec support like Divx/Xvid on our Phones, just because other manufacturers have it on their phones! 😛
Well, Sadly Xperia X10 being the Flagship product of Sony Ericsson, still doesn’t have those Codec Support! But it’s an Android Phone, so don’t worry guys, we will always have an alternative!
To bring DivX/Xvid support on Android Xperia X10, we have yxplayer by MobileSoft
It has a basic Media Player Interface and also supports streaming of Video on your Android phone. 🙂
But, thats it! It has nothing else to offer and is a dedicated DivX/Xvid Player. So, you simply can’t use this one as your Main Media Player. 😐

Latest Version : yxplayer v1.4.4

Developer’s Website : yxplayer by MobileSoft

Type : Free Trial, Paid Version for 9.9USD

FLAC Support on Xperia X10

The new Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, W20 might feel a bit jealous of the fact that Xperia X10 could well support it’s Specialty. Yes, theres an in Android Market, which can help Xperia X10 with playing FLAC format. 🙂
To support FLAC on Android Xperia X10, we have Meridian Media Player. It not only supports FLAC, but also Ape codec. It’s an advanced Music and Video player on Android with following features,
– Search lyric,
– subtitle,
– gesture,
– ID3 edit,
– rating,
– extra info,
– flac/ape, etc.

Latest Version : Meridian Media Player

Developer’s Website : Meridian Player by Eternal Sand

Type : Free

Lyric Viewer and Cool Music Widget

One thing that really disappoints me and many other Xperia X10 owners is the lack of Music widget for Xperia X10. Mediascpe doesn’t have a music widget, although in the initial leaks of Xperia X10, it seemed that Mediascape had a Widget! Wonder, why was that dropped! 🙁

But, don’t worry i’ve found a cool looking Music Widget for Xperia X10, which is a part of Cool Media Player, MusicGo for Android with Lyric Viewer support. Infact, you can view the Lyrics of the songs in the Music Widget as well. 😀 There are various Lyric Viewers in Android but no one offers syn with the song and what can be better than an In-built Lyric viewer in the Media Player. It’s a Must Must Have on your Xperia X10. 🙂
The only problem, stopping me from making it my main music player is the Language! It’s in Chinese, and half of it’s cool features are in Chinese which is of no use to me! 🙁

But, still it’s really cool to have such a music widget which not only gives you basic controls but also the Album Art Plus the Lyric Viewer. 😀 This is also great when you place this Music Widget of MusicGo on your Lock Screen of the Xperia X10. 🙂

Latest Version : MusicGo v 1.7.1

Developer’s Website : MusicGo by MobgoApps

Type : Free

Equalizer on Android Xperia X10

I guess, this one would be the most important in this list for you. As, many you us want a Equalizer on our Xperia X10 but Android is yet to get built-in Equalizer support! I guess, this was the main reason you didn’t see any Sony Ericsson Android phone in it’s early stages. Sony Ericsson clearly mentioned that, they won’t make an android Phone until Android gets decent in Media Department. 😐 It’s still far behind, and a lot to go in this field. But with the open nature of android, Developers can always make apps that can do things you want. 🙂
So, to have Equalizer on your Xperia X10, we have Audio Palyer with EQ.
It’s an Advanced music player with various features like,
– Clear Sound Engine
– 10 bands Graphic Equalizer
– Some Preset Equalizer
– Headphone controller operable
– Playback list

Latest Version : Audio Player withEQ v1.6.0

Developer’s Website : Audio Player withEQ by CyberFort

Type : Free Trial – Paid version for USD28.94

You can also try out other Media Player for Android like Real Player for Android, RockOn Music Player, DoubleTwist Muisc Player, etc. Let us know through comments section if you find an app more useful and you love using it in place of your Mediascape on Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. 🙂

And if you want some info about when you will get the Latest Firmware update of Xperia X10 which will Fix the Battery Issues on Xperia X10 and also Increase the Battery Life Noticeably Plus some Major Performance Improvement, head to this post. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “DivX, FLAC, Equalizer & Lyrics Viewer on Xperia X10-MediaScape alternatives

  1. Hi,

    I found out about a new mediaplayer today that’s in closed beta testing right now. But the nice lads at Android Community didn’t only mention the player but also gave a link to download it. I tried it and it’s lightyears ahead of yxflash when playing divx movies smooth. No Subtitle support yet and doesn’t seem to have any adjustible settings but still nice…

    Name of player? ROCKPLAYERBASE PLAYER (don’t know if that’s a working title or not)
    Here’s the link:

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