Guide to Flash Android 2.1 on Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500-GAOSP Beta 2

I guess most of the Samsung Galaxy Owners are now aware of the Fact that Drakaz is once again working on GAOSP ( Google Android Open Source Project ) for porting Android 2.1 onto Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500. And he has achieved quite a few milestones in this regard. And he is not too far from Releasing a Stable and Fully working Android 2.1 Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500. 🙂

With Samsung Releasing Corby with Android 2.1 on almost the same hardware, it seems that have already stopped even thinking about their First Android Phone – Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500. There marketing strategy have disappointed many of their customers but people like drakaz have kept the Project alive even after 1year when it started. Kudos to him. 🙂
He recently released GAOSP Android 2.1 Beta Custom Rom which has the Following Features,
– LiveWallpaper (only Some of Them)
– Sensors
– Bluetooth
– Access
– 3D
– AWD Launcher with native settings
– Spare Part
– Modified from CyanogenMod Core (With All Associated Features)
– Rc scripts
– Galax app
– Overclocking from 19Mhz to 710Mhz overclocking Young Any widget or application
– Video playback (youtube gallery)
– Gallery3D
– Custom Kernel 2.6.29
– Clean Shutdown / startup system by Cyanogen
– Tools included
– Lof of tweaks
– FLAC audio support Kenny from Root (from CyanogenMod?)
– Perform zipalign-on-install of applications (merge with CyanogenMod?)
– Lot of locations
– 360-degree self-orientation and by Optedoblivion Elanthis (from -CyanogenMod?)
– OpenVPN integration thanks to James Bottomley (from CyanogenMod?)
– Full real ssh server with authentication (dropbear)
– Custom bootanimation from Bioden (frandroid)
– Custom android logo on boot by Epervier (frandroid)
– Custom logo.rle by Alexandre (frandroid)
– Root & Superuser
– Reboot Reboot & recovery now included in the shutdown menu
– Full with busybox symlinks
– Lot of features from CyanogenMod
– and many other interesting features of Android 2.1 🙂

Camera doesn’t work! And it’s a BETA so you might experience Bugs and is not recommended for everyday use! ❗

And if you can’t wait for the Tutorial on how to install the Latest GAOSP Beta 2 Android 2.1 Custom Rom on your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500, follow the steps here to obtain Root First and then follow the Steps here. 🙂
But before you begin i must point to you that the Warning for Rooting device applies here as well. So, please be careful of what you do and take responsibility of what ever you do to your phone! 🙂

– Now when you are rooted on your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500, it’s very easy to install and un-install any Custom Roms on to your phone. 🙂

– Download GAOSP Beta 2 and GAOSP_ADDONS.

– Reboot in recovery, and flash GAOSP

– After Flashing, Reboot your phone and wait for the first initialization.

– Reboot again in recovery and flash

– After the Flash is complete, Restart your Phone and Enjoy the New GAOSP Beta 2 Android 2.1 Custom Rom on your Phone. 😀

Image Courtesy : HDBlog

He is now working on Porting Android 2.2, Foryo on Samsung Galaxy Gt-I7500. 🙂
Let us know your experiences about the Android 2.1 on your phone. And did you miss your camera or can you compromise the camera and use this ROM on a regular basis?

And if you are still stuck on Android 1.5,cupcake and don’t want to install this Custom Rom, i strongly recommend you to Upgrade your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 to Android 2.1, you can follow my Easy Step by Step Guide to Update your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 to Android 1.6 🙂
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