Introducing Sony Ericsson Xperia X8-Shakira is Official(First Leaked Pics)

A Few days ago we heard about the Sony Ericsson Shakira, the Android Walkman Phone by Sony Ericsson that would be a Mid end phone very similar to Xperia X10 Mini.
And not too Long after that, Sony Ericsson India almost Conformed that there would be Android Walkman by Sony Ericsson. 🙂

And now the Latest news is that the new Sony Ericsson Shakira will be officially called Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. ( Shakira was code name! )

For More High Quality Pics of Xperia X8, Click Here!

Shakira or Xperia X8 would be,
– Smaller than Xperia X10 but bigger than Xperia X10 Mini
– Similar in design to Xperia X10 mini
– Mid-End phone
– 3G
– No Flash
– UXP with Timescape
– Video Calling Front Camera

Will let you know if i find more information bout it. 🙂 Stay tuned. for now Enjoy the Latest and High Quality Pics of Xperia X8– the First Unseen Pics of Xperia X8. Enjoy! 🙂

Although, Sony Ericsson India have almost conformed that, there will be Android Walkman phone by Sony Ericsson but it doesn’t look like Xperia X8, shakira would be that Android Walkman Phone as from the Pics, it looks like it has the MediaScape that Xperia X10 Mini had. 😐 Does that mean another Phone from Sony Ericsson? :O

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One thought on “Introducing Sony Ericsson Xperia X8-Shakira is Official(First Leaked Pics)

  1. Ok.. it’s got a front facing camera and the Timescape and mediacaoe works in landscape mode as well… I’m about to cry. Aside for the fact that it’s SE and they’ll probably load it with 1.6 no multitouch. And already no flash.. you can expect more of the ‘noooos’ to come. I’m still about to cry though for a different reason now =\

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