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The PC Companion that Comes shipped with Xperia X10, is not something that we can call it as a Complete PC suite. PC Companion is just an Update Tool with Media Go to Accompany it, to manage your Media Files on your Xperia X10. But then, that is not only what we want from our PC Suite. We want Complete Contacts Management, BackUp Management, Apps Management,Media Management, Calender, Tasks, Ringtones, etc.
So, then we were missing a lot in the inbox PC Companion and Media Go App for Xperia X10. And that pushed me, to find a Software that works as good as the MyPhone Explorer as we all know it. 🙂 Although, I want MyPhone Explorer to extend support for Android Phones as well, as they are now supporting Satio and Vivaz. So I guess, it won’t be too long when we would see the Support for Xperia X10 as well. 🙂
So, get ready for some excitement, I have got a Full Featured PC Suite for Android Xperia X10.

This Beautiful Software is Originally in Chinese and you need to change the Language from it’s settings, every-time you launch it. ( A glitch perhaps! )

Steps to Install 91PC Suite for Android
– You’ll need to Install the ADB Drivers for your Xperia X10, follow my post of How to Take Screenshots from your Xperia X10, to download and Install the ADB Drivers for your Xperia X10.
– After that, it’s just the Installation of 91 PC suite for Android on your Computer. The Download link for the PC Suite for Android is at the bottom of this page. 🙂
– After you’ve Installed the 91PC Suite for Android and Also the Xperia X10 ADB drivers on your computer, Start the PC suite and you would notice something like this,

– Click on the Top Left Corner of the Software to Menu Options, and then Select English as the Preferred Language. ( this gain resets to Chinese, every-time you close the PC suite for Android and Restart it again, so you might have to re-do the Steps again and again until the developer fixes it! )

– After you’ve changed the Language to English, it’s pretty simple now, Just click the Green ( sync ) button, right next to Disconnected, to Connect Your Xperia X10 to it. It will Ask you some details about the Name of your Device and perhaps, will ask you to Login to their community to enjoy the benefits of downloading and sharing Media and apps. ( but you can skip the Registration and Login PopUp Window by closing the PopUp Window! )

– Now, you’ve setup the most Functional PC suite for Android on your Computer and Configured it for your Xperia X10. Congratulations! Now, Explore it’s Various Functions and Enjoy! 😀

Final Thoughts : As you can see from the Screenshots above, you can almost control every-task of the Phone through your Computer. And thats Simply Amazing. 🙂
Now, my Easy Guide to take ScreenShots from your Xperia X10 seems so Feeble in front of this Mighty Screenshot Management Tool. 🙂

You have a complete Range of Actions that you can perform from this PC suite for Android,
– BackUP Data on your Xperia X10
– Manage your Contacts, EMail, SMS, etc.
– Manage your Calender, Tasks, etc.
– Manage your Alarms
– Custom Ringtones Management
– BookMarks Management
– Ebook Reader Management
– Full featured File Manager with Drag and Drop Support
– Media Management Like never before with Editing Support
– Screenshot Management and Full ScreenView as well.

Well, thats just to name a few, you’l be surprised by what it can offer. 🙂 And to back it Up, it has a huge community to share and download the Latest Apps, Ringtones, wallpapers, support, etc.
It’s a Must Must Have for every Android Owner. 🙂

Latest Version : 91PC Suite for Android V1.3.1.70

Developer’s Website : 91PC Suite for Android by PandaApp

Download Link : 91PC Suite for Android V1.3.1.70

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  1. well this sucks but im unable to install the driver as well as this suite, The suite download page doesnt even open and the driver i downloaded didnt have any SETUP icon in it xpt for files NOW WHAT???!

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