Updated my Xperia X10 to R2BA020 Firmware – Changes & Final Thoughts

I updated my Xperia X10 to the Latest Firmware – R2BA020 using this Easy Tutorial to Flash my Xperia X10 with the Latest R2BA020 Firmware Files by De-Branding Method. If you are also not getting the Latest Firmware on SEUS and PC Companion in your Region or country, you can follow my Easy Guide to Flash your Xperia X10 to the Latest R2BA020 Firmware. 🙂 Although, the New Firmware is expected to be out by this weekend, but if you can’t wait to check out the cool features that Sony Ericsson Added to the Latest Firmware, you can use the my Tutorial. 🙂
And you don’t have to worry about anything, as the Process of upgrading is reversible and you can downgrade your Xperia X10 to the Firmware you currently have! So, there won’t be any Warranty Issues either. And you can update to the Latest Version, once it comes out in your Region on SEUS or PC Companion. It’s worth it. Give it a try! 🙂
After i updated my Xperia X10 to the Latest Firmware, i wanted to share the Changelog that i discovered – My First Impressions of it! For Official ChangeLog i guess you’ll have to wait until the Firmware is officially announced. But, you can check out the Changes reported by most of the users in the R2BA020 Firmware here.

First thing that i noticed after the Update was the Lot of Telnor branding over the Firmware. I hate it! 🙁
Even the Wisepilot software is in Swedish and Telnor Branded. I wish this firmware was Telia branded and had the Spotify Integration with TimeScape and Mediascape.
Now you can Also install the O2 Branded R2BA020 Firmware for Xperia X10 which is almost non-branded. And contains only 3 apps. 🙂 Read more about it here. 🙂

But then, there were other things that took me over the thought of getting back to my original Firmware. ( R1FA016 )

The Overall speed of the Sytem is dramatically increased. You can feel it all over. ( If you have been using the R1FA016 or R1FA014 firmware )
The Context Menu appear instantly and the Widget Menu is finally Smoothly scrollable. 🙂
The Screen suddenly seemed to be more Responsive. Everything appeared instantly as soon as i tapped on it.
But has it really seen such a nice improvement? The Firmwares usually seems a lot faster when you do a Factory Reset. ( Because cache is clean, apps are not there, etc. ) After Installing all my Apps, m not so impressed with speed. Although, there is definite improvement in speed, like scrolling in Widget Menu is smoother. But the ADW Launcher seems to lag a bit on this Firmware for me. I’ve set Desktop Overshoot to High values on my Xperia X10 and sometimes, it simply doesn’t overshoot. I don’t exactly know, if it’s the Firmware or the ADW Launcher’s New version. But, it worked without a glitch on my Earlier Firmware for Xperia X10. ( R1FA016 )
Simillarly, after installing all my apps from the Android Market ( around 50 apps ). It takes a sec for the context menu to appear if i press and hold the Desktop screen.
M still exploring, so don’t take this as a negative point. I accept that there is a definite Speed Improvement. 🙂

Screen Color and Responsiveness
As i told in the earlier part, the screen seems to be more responsive. And registers your touches instantly. This might be due to the speed improvement. 🙂
Screen color seems to be improved. As i don’t see any color banding now( Okay I can see the Color banding but it’s definitely smaller to what it was before. ). Earlier, you could have noticed the color banding in the Standard keyboard but now, you’ll have to look closely to notice the color banding. For Example, check the Screenshots of the Standard keyboards below. Left one is From R1FA016 and Right one is from R2BA020. ( Notice the keys at the bottom – click the Pics to enlarge )

Although, i can bet they wouldn’t have increased the screen colors from 64k to 16M colors but still, there seems to be an improvement and the Screen colors looks more saturated as well. 🙂

In-Call Volume and Loud Speaker
It was perhaps the most requested feature-cum-bug that Sony Ericsson received through their product blog. And they do listen to their customers. They have upgraded the In-Call Volume level above acceptable levels is now loud enough. And you can hear your callers clearly and loudly in the noisy background as well.
The Loud Speaker volume has also been raised and is not too soft now. Although it’s not too loud either.
I don’t know if you are aware of this or not. But if you call anyone from your Xperia X10, the called person would notice a cracking sound ( disturbance ) at the other end at regular intervals during your conversation. It is too mild to notice, but it’s there. I thought, it would be ironed out in this firmware, but was disappointed to find out that it has not been corrected. 🙁
Let me know if you notice it in your Xperia X10 or not. ( Just ask the one you called to notice if there is any cracking sound and you keep silent from your side. )

I guess we all are pretty excited about this one. Timescape has seen major changes. 😀 I know, you would be aware of most of them.
Themes ( Or just the Backgrounds! ) is most popular of them all. Although, i would have liked it more if i could add my own backgrounds to it, instead of choosing from just those pre-defined backgrounds. Don’t get me wrong, i still love them. 😀
Timescape has also seen some Major speed improvements. It doesn’t lag at all once loaded. Although, the StartUp Time has not been improved. Otherwise, it seems much more fluid now. 🙂
The status at the top is also filtered now once you go into a Filtered view ( Twitter updates are shown only at the top of Twitter Stacks and Facebook Updates are shown only at the Top of Facebook Stacks ) else the latest status update of your Twitter or Facebook would be shown in the Collective View. Nice add-on, as i missed my Facebook Status as i keep Updating Twitter more. 😀

Timescape has also received another major update of disabling the auto-update once you launch it. I requested it long ago at the Sony Ericsson Product Launch Blog-they surely listen to us! I strongly recommend to turn it off, it will improve the launch speed and reduce Lags if any. 🙂 ( as it won’t try to connect to the internet and update once you launch it, ir-respective of internet is enabled or not! )

If you remember my Serious Flaws in Mediascape of Xperia X10, you would co-relate to what m going to say now.
They have addresed to most of the issues i mentioned there. But still, the Basic Function of making Playlist is missing. 🙁 I’ve a workaround for making Playlist on your Xperia X10.
No widgets either. 🙁
Okay what they have improved is, now you have ” Now Playing ” button at almost all the screens Mediascape has ( Infinity Screen, Library Screen, etc. – check more about it here. ). So, a quick access to the Now playing has been implemented. But then, i can’t access my Library from the Now Playing Screen yet. I still have to go to Mediascape Home and then i can go to my Media Library. Please add another button at the Now Playing Screen which takes you to the Media Library.
The SeekBar is also enhanced and now points perfectly to the Timeline of the Song.

The Tabs at the bottom has now a glowing effect when selected. I think, this is how it looked in the Videos they released at the Announcement of Xperia X10. 🙂 I love it anyways.
Another major improvement is in the Image viewing section. Now viewing your pics doesn’t require Mediascape to show you a Loading Icon. ( I guess it’s using a cache now! ) As, the first time i loaded my pics, i did see the Loading icon, but once it’s loaded, i can flick easily though my pics. 🙂 Here’s a video showing how swift it is now.

I don’t think, it’s the right time to say anything on battery performance. But so, far it seems that there is a considerable increase in the Battery Performance. Mind you, m not using any task killer at the moment. 🙂
With heavy usage from morning, it is on 20% after 11hrs. 😀 ( Heavy Usage! ) Will report back on the battery performance of Xperia X10 with R2BA020 firmware. 🙂

Standard Keyboard
With Telnor branded Firmware, i got more than a couple of keyboards including Chinese and Korean. The standard keyboard seems to have improved a bit and seems more responsive. ( As the screen is more responsive. ) I used it for hours to notice if the Corner letters being not registered bug is ironed out or not. And in the mean time i realized, How Much I Love Swype. 😀
I guess the bug is ironed out. As, i didn’t get to register my back key only once.

Other things that i noticed while using the Latest Firmware for Xperia X10 – R2BA020 are,
The Neocore Benchmark with R2FB020 is now 29.3 while with R1FA016 it was 27.8.
Geotagging Issue has been solved. Now you have a option to Geotag using Network location or GPS Location.
Reception is much better now. Earlier the signal strength at my home was around -69dBm and 17asu and now with R2BA020 it’s -77dBm and 18asu. 🙂
Lock Screen is more responsive and feels smooth.
Scrolling lists have been improved overall. Much better speed. ( still no bounce effect! )
Scrolling in Long lists in Mediascape Library felt jerky to me!
Camera startup time and click to save time seems to be comparatively faster.
Boot Up time is also faster now.
Sim Lock Screen is different and matches to the UXP.

M still exploring this R2BA020 firmware for Xperia X10. Will keep updating this as i keep finding stuffs. Let us know if you experienced something else or liked bout the new update through the comments section. 🙂 You can also report bugs you experienced with the R2BA020 firmware. And don’t forget to Sign Up for our Email Subscription. And do join us on our Facebook Page to Not miss an update from our side. 😀

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72 thoughts on “Updated my Xperia X10 to R2BA020 Firmware – Changes & Final Thoughts

  1. Hey i want to report a Bug I think:
    OK i dont know if its only by me but since the Update from R1FA016 -> R2BA023 my TrackID still crashes when I start it.

  2. The Battery life for my Xperia X10 has improved drastically and i am very happy with this upgrade to R2BA023.Everythig is so .. smooth in the phone, it actually runs on your finger tips now.

  3. I hope if in furthur upgrades the microphone quality also improves, some times we have to be So.. loud over the phoen to let the other person hear us.

  4. hi IM 4RM DA UK on virgin service

    ive updated from R16 to R2BA026.

    the firmware on my mobile says 1.6

    do i need an upgrade??

    ive read so many problems with this debranding business im worried about my phone messing up

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