WaveSecure for Android on Xperia X10-I Won One Year Free Subscription(License)

When it comes to Mobile Security, there are a lot of Security Options available on Android Platform which makes it robust and helps you to have confidence in your Private Data on your Phone that it’s Safe. 🙂
But, those options are generally not complete with one single app. I mean there are several different apps which takes care of different security Loop Holes in Android System.
But, i found not too long ago that, WaveSecure by tenCube is a Complete Security Solution for your Mobile Phones. And it’s a Award wining Mobile Secuirty System that you can find in almost all Flavors of the Mobile operating System be it Java, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile or Blackberry. 🙂

I’ve Listed Earlier in my Top 10 and Must Have Apps for Android that, you should have a Security Software for your Android Phone. Here comes the Ultimate Solution.

The key features of WaveSecure Security App are,
Uninstall protection for Android
Heres the best part, ever wondered if the theif is a little techy and smart, he would first look for a Security Software on your Phone and Un-install it? Right? But, WaveSecure is a few steps ahead of them as well! 🙂 Now you can prevent WaveSecure from being uninstalled on your Android phone with WaveSecure UPA (Uninstall Protection Add-on). Once loaded, WaveSecure and WaveSecure UPA watch out for each other. If you uninstall WaveSecure UPA, the main WaveSecure app locks. If you remove the WaveSecure app, UPA kicks in to secure the device.
WaveSecure prompts you to load UPA from the Android Market once registration is complete.

Back up your data for protection

You can choose to Remotely BackUp your Private and Confidential Data or even do it from the Phone. Important personal information such as SMS, contacts, Videos, Pics and call logs can be stored securely on the WaveSecure web site. In addition to keeping your data safe, you will be able to access them with a web browser. Anytime. Anywhere.
Don’t like Backing Up your data whenever you change something on it? Don’t worry Wavesecure does it automatically for you at regular intervals, Just setup and forget everything. 🙂

Restore your data when needed

WaveSecure lets you restore your SMS and contacts stored online to your phone. If you find that a hassle, trigger a restore of your backed up information from the WaveSecure web site. This will send your personal data wirelessly from WaveSecure servers to your mobile.

Lock and secure your Android phone

You need to worry if your phone gets stolen when you have WaveSecure on it. This mobile security service will automatically lock your phone once it detects a SIM change. This prevents unauthorized use and makes the phone worthless to the thief.
You can also choose to display a message on the device to prompt the finder to return the device. If you want, you can sound an alarm remotely to warn the thieft and increase the chances of recovering your phone, too.
Sounding an Alarm works when you keep forgetting where you kept the phone at you home. 😛

Track and locate your mobile

This one sounds really promising! Once WaveSecure detects the insertion of a new SIM card, your buddy will get a SMS alert so you can contact the person who has found or stolen your device. ( You can set up a Buddy List on whom to send the message once your Phone gets Stolen. 🙂 )
In addition to this, WaveSecure Lets you track the Location of your phone on Map. This is done by sending a message on your Phone which does not rely on the GPS, so it’s highly accurate even if the phone doesn’t have GPS enabled or otherwise. 🙂

Wipe your data

Pulled out all the stops and still not able to recover your lost phone? You can still opt to protect your privacy. Trigger a remote wipe from WaveSecure site to delete all private data on your Android phone. Contacts, messages, photos, videos including those on your removable media card can be deleted, too.

Now that Sounds Safe? Isn’t it?
You have the Option of controlling all these features Remotely from the Secured Website of WaveSecure or through any other Cell Phone. You can trigger a Data Wipe, Lock Phone, Tack No, Track Call Log, remotely from any other Mobile of your friend with special Codes. The other cell phone need not have any Software installed or any other pre-requisites for this to work. 🙂
So, you don’t need to rush to your Computer if your phone is Lost, you can just borrow a cell phone from your friend or anyone to Lock down your phone, wipe your data, etc. 🙂

Latest Version : WaveSecure Mobile Security v3.1.0.4

Developer’s Website : WaveSecure by tenCube

Type : Free Trial – Paid 1Year Subscription for USD19.90

I’ve Activated my 1Year Subscription of WaveSecure Mobile Security earlier today when i won it in a Twitter Giveaway by @CellPassion. 🙂
Thank You Cell Passion for this WaveSecure 1Year Subscription-cum-License. Cheers! 🙂
There is another contest by Cell Passion at their 3rd Birthday where they are giving a INQ Mini 3G Phone for one who comes out with a nice Logo for their Website or a Punchline. You can Enter Here!

I recommend WaveSecure to you all of you, and it’s a Must Must have on your Mobile Phone! 🙂 Stay Tuned!

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