Xperia X10 to support Video Calling using Fring-Early Access SignUp

Well, with Xperia X10 not having a Front Facing Camera, people thought, Xperia X10 might not get Video Calling anytime soon. But after the Launch of Fring Video Calling for Android, it soon turned out that there will be support fir Xperia X10 as well.
It was Tweeted Recently By @PaulOBrien that People Having Xperia X10, HTC EVO or Dell Streak can SignUp for the Early Access SignUp of Fring Video Calling on these devices. 🙂


Fring early access signup for Android with video calling for X10 and Streak front cameras –

The SignUp Form Looks Like, just a Web Based Survey and nothing else! And Neither does it include any link to the Official Fring Website!

The Other thing that might double your doubt would be this tweet by @PaulOBrien,

@litoYcoco Look closer! My X10 does indeed look like it has a front camera…

Does, it mean he was expecting the Video Calling through the Front Facing Camera of Xperia X10! Well, Following Xperia X10 back since it was announced, i know that FCC Reports say that, Xperia X10 doesn’t have a Front Facing Camera Hardware! ( Let me know, if you want, i would link you to the FCC Documents for Xperia X10! )
So, does that mean, Xperia X10 won’t get Video Calling with Fring?

As, for now Xperia X10 doesn’t support Video Calling in Fring and When you start the Video Calling Test in the Fring Android App it starts fine but at the Playback you don’t see any video but you get the sound. 🙂
Hope Video Calling is coming in Xperia X10. 🙂
Check out the Video till then,

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21 thoughts on “Xperia X10 to support Video Calling using Fring-Early Access SignUp

  1. @No network service can stop Video Calls maybe American Intelligence can block video calling in White House but there is 99% chance that your phone is not compatible for Video Calling

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