Android 2.2,Froyo outperforms iPhone4 OS in JavaScript benchmarks by Huge Margins

iPhone 4 Os was launched a while ago and now with iPhone 4 have been released people do not seem too much satisfied with what they have received. There was a lot of hype against all those new features that were being added to the New iPhone4 OS. But is it worth the Hype? What do you think?
Google’s Android mobile operating system got some significant performance improvements in version 2.2, codenamed Froyo. A high-performance JIT was introduced in Android’s Dalvik runtime environment and the browser got some very deep optimizations. These enhancements make Android’s performance more competitive than ever.
I guess Arstechnica don’t seem too positive about it anyways. And they have a reason for it! As soon as they got their hands on the Latest iPhone 4 , they took a side by side comparison with Nexus One having Android 2.2, Froyo! The results won’t make you happy if you are one of the first owners of iPhone 4. Take a look at it, yourself

The results clearly shows Android 2.2,Froyo outperforms iPhone 4 OS by huge margins in Javascript Benchmarks! Android devices with Android 2.2,Froyo delivers significantly faster JavaScript execution than the iPhone, scoring over four times better on V8 and almost twice as fast on SunSpider.
Quoting directly from what Arstechnica have to say about this,

In our recent review of Android 2.2, we conducted some tests on the Nexus One to measure the extent of the JavaScript performance improvements. SunSpider and V8 benchmarks show that JavaScript execution in Froyo’s Web browser is almost three times faster than in the previous version of the platform.

Err..i don’t why do they list V8 performance as thrice as what is on iPhone4 OS? I guess 67 x 4 = 268 > 287! Anyways, the point is performance is well above comparison and Android 2.2, Froyo really outperforms iPhone4 OS. 🙂
Let us know what do you think about this? Will you still go for a iPhone 4 or do you think these are vague comparisons and still iPhone 4 or 3GS performs well in front of Nexus One!

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