Xperia X10 returned from Sony Ericsson Service Center,Nehru Place-Pathetic Service

As, you might be knowing my Xperia X10 had some Yellow tint issues like the one iPhone 4 had and i submitted my phone to Sony Ericsson Service Center at Nehru Place, New Delhi way back on July 3rd.
My Experience with Sony Ericsson Service Center was really nice when they had the Head office at Okhla Phase 2. ( and Salora International had the License for Service of Sony Ericsson Phones! )
Now, things have changed dramatically and it’s not really good for Sony Ericsson or Sony Ericsson Fans. They say the SE Service head office is shifted to Nehru Place, but i guess Service Center at Nehru Place is also just like any other Servicing centers in New Delhi where they just receive your handset and then sends it back to engineers at Ghaziabad ( Delhi NCR ). So you don’t have any interaction with the ones who actually work on your phone. ( Unlike what it used to be at Okhla Service Centers )
And with that situation, you simply got to get frustrated with practically illiterate Receptionists. ( I don’t want to offend them, but they are like stereotyped with what can go wrong with a Handset, other than that we are Idiots for them! ) I mean they simply didn’t wanted to accept the fact that my Xperia X10i had Yellow tint issues. I had to take him to a dark room to illlustrate the problem and then he unwillingly accepted to register my phone for servicing issues.

I was happy even though my experience at the Service center at Nehru Place,New Delhi was not so good, as i was somehow assured that my Xperia X10’s Yellow Tint Issues will now be solved. But i was unaware that things can get worse.
People at Service center told me that my phone would be serviced in around a week and won’t take long. Although, it was difficult for me to go with the decision of submitting the phone as i didn’t had any spare phone and Service centers were not providing me with any Stand by phone. ( unlike of what used to happen at Service Center at Okhla – It didn’t take them a few hours to service your phone and if in any case you had to submit your phone you could have requested for a StandBy Phone and if it were available with them, they do used to provide it! )
So, after a lot of thoughts, i submitted my phone to the Sony Ericsson Service Center, Nehru Place.
Those people gave me my Workorder no and a Link to check the Progress of my service of the phone. I thought it would be going to be useful.
Track Service of Sony Ericsson Phones

My Workorder No : SE310NPL12439

But soon i realized, the link they gave me is of no use and it just gave me the info on if my phone is back after service or is still in service. No other details on what is being replaced or what is being done!
After a week when i inquired about my phone, they told me that my phone is still in service and is ” Waiting for Parts “! They told me the phone is new so there is shortage of parts! ( Stupidity! )
Moreover, they told me that it could take another week before it gets done. I was depressed and couldn’t do a thing other than wait for next week.

After two weeks when i tried to call them, they started avoiding my phone, either it goes busy or they simply didn’t pick my phone. I was so frustrated. Checked the link they gave and it still told me that the phone is in repair!
Luckily after around 100 calls or so, they picked my phone and they again told me the same thing of what they told me a week before. I was so furious at them but they didn’t seemed to care. I wondered on what can i do! Posted about this on Sony Ericsson Facebook Pages and blogs. Sony Ericsson India at Facebook told me that they are sorry for my inconvenience and they have reported it back to the service centers. ( They didn’t even asked me any details about my phone r service center or workorder no or anything, so i doubt they did anything at the back end! )
Then i had to leave the City for few days and when i came back on July 29th i got my phone back from them. Although, it got serviced on July 20th and Service center had the phone on July 24th. Still i think keeping the phone for over 3weeks is like insane! :X

And let me tell you my first impressions when they gave me my xperia X10 back to me! I was like ” How people could make there phone so dirty? Okay where is my phone? ”
SE Rep : This is your phone sir!
Me : What the F?

My phone had been tampered severely and was dirty like hell. The ridge at the sides of screen was fully covered with black dust and it cannot be cleaned without getting the screen off your phone. Not only the Screen,
– Screen Protector was ripped from top left and dust inside it – And once the Screen protector is peeled fro a corner, it can get off the screen easily while putting it in your pocket or otherwise. So that is practically now useless to me!
– X10 white body at left side had few scratches and was covered with black dust. ( Cleaned it now and is less visible now! )
– In call speaker was full of dust
– The back cover does not fit anymore perfectly and you can notice empty space between the back cover and the Phones body.
– The Camera Lens has Fingerprint from inside and cannot be cleaned from outside!

They told me that my Phone had been replaced with
– New TFT 4.0″ Screen
– Receiver FPC
– Software upgrade – R2BA023

What worse could have happened after replacing a new display to your phone. Although the yellow patches on my screen has gone but the above mentioned issues is bothering my like hell. ๐Ÿ™
They told me they are not responsible for this and it generally happens with service of phones. They are only responsible for receiving of handsets and sending it to engineers at Ghaziabad ( Delhi NCR ). And at Ghaziabad, they don’t deal customers directly either! ๐Ÿ™
So they gave a Sony Ericsson Customer Care Phone No. – 39011111. I phoned them as well but it didn’t look like a convenient solution, they just gave me a reference no. and asked me to visit the Service Center again and then talk to them again with the Reference no. and they would do the best they can. I doubt visiting the people at Service Center, Nehru Place will help in any way as they are already pissed off me. ๐Ÿ™

Really pathetic Service and After Sale Service by Sony Ericsson! ๐Ÿ™ Who is responsible for all these?
Did you had any better experience at any other Service Center or is the same everywhere? Let us know about it!

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12 thoughts on “Xperia X10 returned from Sony Ericsson Service Center,Nehru Place-Pathetic Service

  1. Poor Manish,
    this is not okay what they did to you, they have to replace your phone immediately. Btw, i looked on google maps where Nehru PLace is, wow is this city big. iยดm living in a little town with 2400 people. So you can imagine how big it must for me.
    Bur there is a little bit the coluour green missing, itยดs like when we are on holidays, always the green is missing, the deep green grass and so on.
    Cant you just phone with the xperia hotline and ask for a exchange ? Or isnยดt that so easy ? I only talked twice to them, but not regarding an exchange of the phone.
    Best wishes and good luck Mav

  2. Well Sorry to hear about that brudaah, But in Chandigarh they still have it with salora and they did an amazing job …they provided me with a standy phone the last time i had an issue with my k790i…and thats the reason i went with X10 instead of other brand providing similar feature like the samsung. you could probably write an email to SE india… ๐Ÿ™‚ hope that works out for u…

  3. Well, after reading about this i am really thinking whether to give the phone to the sony ericsson service centre on not. The only thing that can be done is to take an undertaking if and while we give the phone regarding the condition form the people over there.

  4. Hi All,

    I don’t think there is any use in writing to SE they will say some excuses hehehehe . I had some issues with them when I got my Satio the phone was freezing all the time and when asked about that they told me its a problem only for my phone they have not received any complaints like that . Those complaints were published in lots of site at that time but they don’t even look on what ppl write in their own site. The service ppl are like they are doing us a favor to us to service oh phones when they are still under warranty . We spend our hard earned money for these and the response from them is so sick. Even nokia service is also like this . Take care ppl .Cheers !!!

  5. Dear Manish
    I would suggest you to goto Consumer court , that is the only place you can teach lesson to these ignorant Multinationals, you can even ge full refund with expenses

  6. Hi

    Can you explain a bit more about the yellow tint?
    because I think I am also having the same issue! But when I took it to the service centre in Gurgaon, They simply said that this is a normal thing to happen on SE xperia!

    Some yellowish tints are appearing on the bottom part of the screen! above the functional keys! Is it the same problem you had?? Please reply!


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