GAOSP matures to Froyo with Beta 3 on Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500-Amazing Performance Video!

You must have been tired waiting for updates on your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 from Samsung as the Last official update to this phone was II5(Android 1.5) Firmware and JB6(Android 1.6) firmware in Some Regions!
But there is some really cool news for you! You might see fully functional Android 2.2, Froyo on your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500!
As, Mentioned earlier Drakaz is working on GOASP ( Google Android Open Source Project ) for long is perhaps the only Open source developer who is developing for Samsung Galaxy at the moment!

It was a sad story that the Goasp with Android 2.1 died in Beta Stage only and never was released with full functionality. But for the better of it, it has been moved to Android 2.2, Froyo! And with the progress of it, it seems Froyo with full functionality is not too far on your Samsung Galaxy! ๐Ÿ˜€

Drkaz is trying to port CyanogenMOD 6 / AOSP Froyo on our Galaxy, mixed into a new GAOSP build. All the Features that were working on GAOSP Beta 2 is working on the latest test build of GAOSP Beta 3. The latest GAOSP Beta 3-alpha is not for general users to download but soon there will be a release that you try out to check the performance of Android 2.2, Froyo on your Samsung Galaxy! Ofcourse that would be a test reelase and it might have bugs so be careful of what you do, if you suppose to install the alpha version of the Latest GAOSP Beta 3! ๐Ÿ™‚
There are a lot of features that were added since GAOSP Beta 2 and let me quote the changelog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Use Samsungโ€™s Galaxy HOLD key such as trackball on Nexus to unlock the device (configurable in CMParts)
    Add configurable fs checking using sys.checkfs.fat prop
    Add configurable proximity sensor
    Add xml-fr-rCA in LatinIME. Canadian user now have a qwerty keyboard
    New initials settings for performances
    Fixed reboot / reboot recovery on froyo
    Install all compiled modules into /system/lib/modules (nopy)
    Import overlay from cyanogenmod 6
    Add full external SD card support
    Compile kernel in build process (nopy)
    Fixed RIL on froyo
    Merge stuff with CyanogenMOD 6
    Use mtd@cache for cache, instead of /data for performances
    Now using mtd@cache for cache, instead of /data/cache
    Fix /system/libmodules symlink
    Fix wifi scanning error
    Add Galaxoโ€™s apps
    Fixed video playback
    Use AWDLauncher as default Launcher
    Updated build process, now include the kernel (nopy)
    Use cyanogenโ€™s dalvik
    Fixed issue with data/telephony (ril related)
    Import some galaxoโ€™s stuff into GAOSP
    Updated modules
    Added compache
    Fixed DHCP issue with wifi (Christian Hoffmann)
    โ€ฆ..and more. Look at for the whole changes.
  • Drakaz has clearly mentioned that Public Beta 3 of GAOSP will be released soon but didn’t promised any date! He’ll publish it as soon as everything is done! Presently he will be releasing “nightly” releases of the Public Beta 3 which would be released weekly to track the performance of the project. But be careful to install all the nighlty releases as they might cause big crashes and Drakaz is not going to provide and support for them!
    Presently Camera Doesn’t work and when people keep asking the same question ” Is it so difficult to Port Camera module on to the Eclair or Froyo? ” to drakaz he says it’s a matter of proirities and people won’t appreciate a laggy phone with a working camera! He is working on the System interface now and then would switch on to port Camera Module on to the GAOSP Project! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Enjoy the video of how Froyo would look on Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500 with general performance and some special settings! ๐Ÿ™‚ This video is from GAOSP Beta 3-alpha test build!


    Watch out for this space to get more info on the GAOSP Project! And be sure to get the easy tutorial to install GAOSP on your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500! ๐Ÿ™‚
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    9 thoughts on “GAOSP matures to Froyo with Beta 3 on Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500-Amazing Performance Video!

    1. Hi dost
      I just wanna know is it possible now to update Galaxy i7500 to the android 2.1 if yes the how

      FYI :I have already update my Galaxy to the donut 1.6

      hope to hear from you soon

      Thanks in advance

      Piyush Bisht

    2. You can use JC6. Iโ€™m using it with Gaosp Froyo nightly builds and observed good battery backup, GPS fix and performance. You can also enable swap if need much better performance.

    3. hii there..i hav sucesfully updated my galaxy to froyo.but the problem is my compas is not workin. i mean it is not pointin toward right direction..i hav searched in google but no sucess there..can u help me..ill be thankfull to u.

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