Timescape Facebook Not Refreshing/Updating on X10 is Fb Issue-will be shortly Resolved

Xpreria X10 and Family has a unique Layer on top of Android 1.6,Donut OS, which Sony Ericsson calls as UXP ( User eXperience Platform ). It is the Proprietary UI of Qualcomm Limited and is richly blended into the Android 1.6, donut! This is the main Marketing point for Xperia X10 which basically Includes the Timescape and Mediscape ( others include the Infinity Button, Phonebook, etc. )
This uses OpenGL 2.0 from the Qualcomm API’s even though Android 1.6 doesn’t support it by default. So, OpenGL is only available for Timescape and Mediascape and not for third party apps although the GPU supports it. This limitation would be overcome in Android 2.1 Update that is due in Late Q3 this year for Xperia X10. 🙂 This means 3D games would run more smoothly on your Xperia X10 and the Animations would look more smooth and fluid.

Thats the Hardware or external part of Timescape and Mediascape which makes it look cool with those 3D Tiles and flashy Animations. But Beauty without brains won’t work in this world. So, Sony Ericsson aggregated all your communication at one place in Timescape and all your Media in Mediascape.

Timescape does aggregate all your Communication at one place be it your Mails , Messages or Facebook or Twitter Updates all at one place. But then people had been experiencing several issues with it, like
– Twitter Images are of Low Quality
– Facebook Sometimes Doesn’t Update
– Tapping on a Facebook Tile or a Twitter tile re-directs you to the Mobile Site of Facebook and twitter.
– No option to customize other Social Networks.
– And many other problems similar to above!

But then, this is the First version of the UXP that is in your hands. It’s going to improve with time. And if you look at the Timescape and what it is now, you should actually appreciate the Idea of it. This one would definitely grow! 🙂 Let the Android 2.1, Eclair Update to roll out for Xperia X10 and Family. Sony Ericsson would definitely do something to overcome the ever demanding rage of Android 2.2, Froyo on Xperia X10. 🙂 ( *Hint!! Hint!!* )

For now, those of you, who are experiencing problems with Facebook on Timescape not updating or Refreshing or Just Updating Pics should calm down a bit! This is just a Facebook Issue and will be shortly Resolved! 🙂
Conformed by Sony Ericsson NA at Twitter

SonyEricssonNA : We’re aware of the issues w/ FB & Timescape on the X10 and are working w/ FB to solve. We’ll update as soon as we can. Our apologies.

– This doesn’t mean the Android 2.1 Update is around the corner and you can update it anytime soon.
– This is NOT a Timescape Issue!
– This is not a Xperia X10 Issue, your phone is perfectly alright.
– This doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait for this to be rectified until it is upgraded to Android 2.1, Eclair.

Facebook on Timescape updates with the facebook Connect that Facebook Provides as a part of their Developer API’s and Development Platform. You can notice a Facebook for Xperia X10i on your Facebook Applications that you’ve granted permissions to update your status and pull content from your wall. I guess you don’t remember adding this app to your Facebook account, nor you do remember when you granted those permission to that app? or do you?
Well, let me remind you, do you remember granting permission to Timescape Facebook when you first Registered it? That works on Facebook Connect and pulls the content from your wall and transfers them Over the Air to the App on your Xperia X10 i.e. Timescape. ( Just like any other Facebook App )
Similar problem was experienced at the Launch of Xperia X10 when people were not being redirected to the Touch Facebook Site giving an Exception error, which was rectified within a week. 🙂

So, you don’t have to worry about this problem and it would be rectified in a while. This is just a Facebook Issue. ( Or Sony Ericsson is testing the Android 2.1, Eclair’s Facebook for Xperia X10’s app *another hint :P* )
Let us know if you are not facing the problem or there is something that you want to share with us regarding this problem on your xperia x10 or any other problem on your Timescape. 🙂

[ UPDATE ] : The Timescape Facebook not Refreshing Problem is resolved as on August 28th 2010. If you still face the problem, let us know! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Timescape Facebook Not Refreshing/Updating on X10 is Fb Issue-will be shortly Resolved

  1. Hi Manish,
    I have been following your blogs, since the day i have decided to buy a X10. You are doing a great job..Kudos..

    I have a doubt which is not reagrding the above post but reg X10. I am planning to buy an unlocked version of X10 from US. Is there anything which i need to specifically care while doing so.

    Also will there be any issues in future for receiving updates


  2. Hi Manish,
    I have posted this comment yday and today in some of ur blogs. But after some time they are

    getting disappeared. Thats y i am posting again. Sorry 4 tat .. 🙂

    I am planning to buy X10. Need ur opinion reg color. Hows ur luster white. Is it getting

    dirty easily.

    Also if i root the phone, can i unroot it back easily.


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