Top 10 Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Xperia X10-A Must have for all Android Root Users

You must have Rooted your Xperia X10/ Xperia X10 Mini/ Xperia X10 Mini Pro by now and must be waiting to find out on how rooting can make your Xperia X10 feel more powerful for you! πŸ™‚ And if you haven’t rooted your XPeria X10 yet, It’s high time that you should root your Xperia X10 family with Single Touch Method!
Rooting Xperia X10 can’t get any easier than this!
I mean after getting the Top 20 best apps for your Xperia X10 and the Free Must have Android apps for your Xperia X10, you must be looking for the Top 10 Root Apps for your Xperia X10! Isn’t it?
That is why i got a list of Best apps for your rooted Xperia X10 that you shouldn’t miss! πŸ™‚

Let us know if you find some other app that is not in our list and you can’t afford to miss it in your phone! πŸ™‚

Titanium BackUp β˜… root

The most powerful backup app for your Rooted Phones! It backs up almost everything on your phone, including system settings to Market Links to the App. It’s is insanely fast as well. I mean you can backup things really quickly as compared to other BackUp apps for un-rooted Android Xperia X10. πŸ™‚
Some features of the powerful Titanium BackUp app are,
– Very fast app listing (~1 second for 300 apps)
– Sort apps by name / last backup / backup frequency
– Filter apps by name / type / status / Apps Organizer labels (also affects Batch operations)
– Backup/restore regular apps + their settings
– Backup/restore protected apps + their settings
– Backup/restore system settings (incl. Wi-Fi AP list)
– Restores the Market links when restoring apps
– Zero-click background batch backup
– Interactive batch restore
– Many batch scenarios (eg: if more than N days since last backup, etc)
– Zero-click app un-installer
– Zero-click system app un-installer
– Desktop widgets
– Multiple backups per app (history length can be chosen)
– Zero-click background batch restore
– Batch verification of all backups
– Ultra fast HyperShell (much faster for almost everything)
– Market Doctor can remake any broken Market links (only for apps that were backed up with the link in place)
– App freezer can disable an app (and make it invisible) without un-installing it
Unlimited, independent scheduled backups (each of which can run 1 to 7 times a week)
This is a must must have for people wanting to delete Moxier suite on Xperia X10 and who keep updating their phone with smallest of the firmware upgrade. This would prove to be hell lot of a time saver! πŸ™‚

Latest Version : Titanium BackUp β˜… root v3.4.1

Developer’s Website : Titanium BackUp β˜… root

Type : Free / Donate Version for 3.99USD

StartUp Auditor

One of the best apps for monitoring what starts up when you reboot or restart your android phone! There are a lot of useless apps that slows down your phones restart process and hogs the RAM un-necessarily by starting up automatically at the boot! They are battery hogger too! So, you got to control them in order to get a better performance from your android phone! πŸ™‚
Startup Auditor is a tool which displays a list of applications that react to OS boot completion. It is very likely that after receiving such an event, the application does something behind the scenes.
Click on an application in the list to view further details about it. Furthermore, there is a button that can be pressed in order to view Android’s regular information about that app, as well as take other actions such as uninstalling.
It’s another app which is highly recommended by me. A must must have for your Android Xperia X10. πŸ™‚

Latest Version : Startup Auditor v2.3.2

Developer’s Website : Startup Auditor

Type : Free with ads / Paid for 0.99USD

PicMe (Screen Grabber)

Earlier taking screenshots from my Xperia X10 was a tough process to connect it with computer and use either the Dalvik ddms or the PC suite for Android Xperia X10. This is the one app i came across after rooting my Xperia X10, that i can’t live without now! This is a must must have for all root Android Users. PicMe allows you to take screenshots of your Rooted Xperia X10 ( or any other android device! ) remotely form a web browser. Just Fire up the PicMe App on your Xpeira X10 and go to http://your IP Address(that you used to connect your device to your computer):8082. For example:
That is as simple as it sounds! πŸ˜€
And guess what there is a Live view as well. πŸ™‚ YOu can control your Xperia X10 right from your Browser and even use your computer keyborad to type messages, watch videos on the phone, etc.
This is one lovely app that you simply can’t afford to miss on your Xperia X10. This is completely FREE! No Ads either! πŸ˜€

Latest Version : PicMe (Screen Grabber) v0.7.2

Developer’s Website : PicMe (Screen Grabber)

Type : Free

Better Terminal Emulator

If you work on terminal, this is the app for you! Gain access to the Linux internals of your Android device with Better Terminal Emulator. It works without root too,but it’s not much that it can do without root! Programmers, geeks and hackers: Unleash the Linux command line potential of Android. Run native Linux apps, explore the inner workings of Android. It also includes an SSH Client, Enhanced Shell with command line editing, history, and filename completion to help you be more productive.

Latest Version : Better Terminal Emulator Pro v3.19

Developer’s Website : Better Terminal Emulator Pro

Type : Paid for 3.99USD

Wireless Tether for RootUsers

Jealous of Android 2.2,Froyo Users that they can use the their highly paid Data plan on their Computers with Tethering on their Android Phones? Don’t worry, if you have rooted your Xperia X10, you are in luck and you don’t have to wait for Sony Ericsson to pus the Android 2.2, Froyo updates on the Xperia X10. Now you can use this wonderful app to get Wireless tether on your computer. This app has a simple UI and very easy to get things working! πŸ™‚

Latest Version : Wireless Tether for RootUsers v2.0.2

Developer’s Website : Wireless Tether for RootUsers

Type : Free

Type Fresh

Type Fresh allows you to easily backup, restore, and replace your system fonts. After applying your fonts, you MUST reboot your system! Please be carefull of which font you use as there are some fonts that itself is not supported by Android and that would require you to Repair using SEUS/PC Companion!

Latest Version : Type Fresh v0.9.3.5

Developer’s Website : Type Fresh

Type : Free

Copy Paste It

Fed up with limited behavior of Copy and Paste Functions in your Android Phone? Here is one of the best apps that you would love to use in your Rooted Android Phone! It brings universal cut-and-paste functionality to Android handsets by creating a system wide clipboard on your Android phone.
This app uses Optical Character Recognition Engine to extract Text from the Screenshot window it generates after a shake or the Notification button! Finally, it copies the recognized text into your clipboard. Since it uses OCR Engine, result is not 100% correct so before the extracted text is copied into the clipboard it asks for a conformation message and you can edit the text before it is copied to the Clipboard. πŸ™‚
And to remind you, this is form the same developer who built the Famous “Car Locator” app for Android! πŸ˜€

Latest Version : Copy Paste It v1.2

Developer’s Website : Copy Paste It

Type : Free Trial / Paid for 3.99USD

Boot Screen Changer (Root)

I have earlier descibed a Cool Trick to all my readers on how you can Customize your Boot Screen on your Xperia X10! πŸ™‚ But, how simple things can get when you can change and preview Boot Screen from an app! This app does it quite Flawlessly! List of community created Boot Animations or apply one you have obtained through internet. This app seems to be quite promising and will improve with future updates!

Latest Version : Boot Screen Changer (Root) v0.5.1

Developer’s Website : Boot Screen Changer (Root)

Type : Paid for 1.99USD

CacheMate for Root Users

One of the first Cache cleaning app that does the job quite flawlessly. And i strictly recommend this to every root Android User. πŸ™‚ CacheMate, a root only app, can clear caches from ALL apps with the click of a button. Other Important features to notice in this app are,
– Clear Cache – Clear the caches from all apps plus hundreds apps with fine-tuned precision in one click
– Auto-Clear – Have your caches automatically cleared according to a set interval
– Widget – 1Γ—1 widget that clears your selected caches with one touch
– PowerClear – A brute force method that aggressively clearing extra cache
– Clear Data – Experimental (see below for details)
– Settings – Option to select which caches to clear
– Backup/Restore – Backup/restore your CacheMate settings so you can easily setup the app if you have to wipe your phone’s data
– Cache on SD Card – Clear caches from SD card. Experimental (see below for details)
– Clear TA Utility Caches – Clear caches created by TA Utility from the SD card.

Latest Version : CacheMate for Root Users v2.6.3

Developer’s Website : CacheMate for Root Users

Type : Paid for 1.00USD

Root Explorer (File Manager)

The ultimate file manager for root users. Access the whole of android’s file system (including the elusive data folder!).
Includes SQLite database viewer, Text Editor, multi-select, zip files, execute scripts, search, re-mount, permissions, bookmarks, email, APK binary XML file viewer.
It’s a must must have for Root Users! Don’t miss this one on your Rooted Android phone!

Latest Version : Root Explorer (File Manager) v2.11

Developer’s Website : Root Explorer (File Manager)

Type : Paid for UKΒ£ 2.50

The list misses some of the apps I still use in my phone but m still testing them on how could they increase the productivity on our rooted Phone! Will continue this list in the second part and keep your suggestions coming! πŸ˜‰
Let us know if you face some problem with any of the app listed above! And if you are Looking for Top 10 Best Android Apps for your Xperia X10 or another Android Phone, visit this Link!
Also you shouldn’t miss the Top 20 Free Android Apps for your Xperia X10.

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