Update Facebook for Android app on Xperia X10 to Latest Version with Exciting Features

[ Update ] Facebook for android has been updated from version v1.3.0 to v1.3.1 to solve the Battery Draining issue that most android users were encountering. Update your version of Facebook for android asap!

Facebook for Android update has seen a major update today! The latest version has a lot of noticeable changes which makes it much more use able and handy for Facebook addicts!
The Homescreen has been completely revamped to bring news feeds and updates in a more efficient manner. Now on the homescreen besides the icons for quick access to various features, there will be a photo reel which shows you the Latest Images and Videos uploaded by your friends.

Upgraded From Version V1.2.0 with the Latest Version V1.3.0

The Notification Bar has been moved to the bottom and is drag-able just like the Notification Bar on Android which is pretty cool. 🙂
Also update your video codec allows you to watch over the images, movies in H.264. Also updated the comments page and the ability to accept or meet friends and share pictures or other.

There is a brand new page featuring Birthdays and Upcoming Events. When you click on an Events, you get the details of the event and then the RSVP for that Event! Pretty Cool i must say! 🙂 My only gripe for now with this app is the Facebook Chat Feature which is still missing in the app!
Here is a direct Quote from Facebook for Android app Developer Team about the Latest Features that has been incorporated into the app!

The latest version of Facebook for Android is now available! The app has a number of notable new features, including: video playback, the ability to view and RSVP for events, respond to friend requests without leaving the app, and an updated home page. The new home page has a draggable notifications drawer, a photo reel for easy viewing of your friends’ photos and videos, and the ability to post a status update or search for friends with just one click.

Steps to Download & Install Latest Facebook for Android on Xperia X10
If you are a Xperia X10 Owner, i would strongly suggest you to have this update for your phone. Your Xperia X10 won’t show the Update in the Android Market for some unknown reason. 🙁
So, you need to go to Android Market and search for ” Facebook for Android ” ( without quotes ) and then install the LAtest version on your Xperia X10. On Clicking the install version it will prompt you to replace the old Version V1.2.0 with the Latest Version V1.3.0. If it doesn’t prompt for the replacement, then perhaps you are not installing the Official Facebook for Android!
Although, chat is still missing in this App update, this update is a must have for all Android owners! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “Update Facebook for Android app on Xperia X10 to Latest Version with Exciting Features

  1. Facebook for Android Hi folks, we just released an updated version of the Facebook for Android app (version 1.3.1) that includes a fix for the battery drain problem some of you were running into. The app is now available in Android Market. You may need to wait a little bit for Android Market to send out the update notification. Thanks for all the quick feedback and thanks for your patience as we got this bug fixed!

  2. Hi Manish:
    I am a new to the android world and am wondering about reverting my Galaxy GT 17500 to android 1.5. My carrier in Canada (Bell Mobility) does not support the firmware of 1.6 that I just tried to upgrade to. Your help is greatly appreciated

  3. Hi Manish…
    I cannot find the Android Market Application in my X10…And in website also not find the download link for new FB(I’m in Dubai, and i dont knw the ISP blocking the website). Today updated the SW with R2BA026. It will be appreciated If you can help me to get new FB and other latest SW for android.

    1. If you have the latest Facebook for Android on your Xperia X10, then you might have noticed a Film strip at the bottom of the app, which does display all the latest images and videos uploaded by your friends. And when you click on it, it would play in the Facebook itself, won’t direct you to any other app or browser. 🙂

      1. Yes I do have the lastest facebook for android.
        When I click on the latest video posted by friend. It will firstly lead to a page to type in comment or like the video. Then i press on the video again, it lead to my friend’s profile page.

    1. Go to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications and find Gmail and hit “clear data” button to clear the present Gmail account it has. Now go back the homescreen and open Gmail and configure your Gmail account!

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