Visual Task Switcher-Multitasking with Visual delight on Android better than iPhone

Android is well know for it’s True Multi-tasking abilities. Android is in fact a system that can handle multiple applications simultaneously without any problems, and software that make the experience more enjoyable.
But it has always been at the back-foot when it comes to Managing those Apps that are running in the Background.

Android is allegedly accused of not having a full fledged task manager on it’s own. That made Aaron Publish his first Task Manager on Android Platform. And back in Feb 2009 he published the First Paid app on android Market-Advanced Task Manager. And now he shares his Success story of Having more than a billion download of his App. 🙂

Although, there are a lot of Task Switchers on Android but none of them makes too much of sense when it comes to actual implementation. Presently you can long press the home button on your Android Phone, and that pops a Screen with 6-8 Icons showing the recently Launched Apps on your Android Phone. That necessarily doesn’t mean all the apps in that list are running in the background. So, that is sometimes confusing and makes it necessary to get a useful task switcher for your Android Phone. 🙂

We have looked into a lot of Task Switcher Apps and finally decided that Visual Task Switcher should make it to our phones. ( although, it doesn’t meet our needs completely either. But it has a lot of potential! ) Visual Task Switcher is a very nice program that allows us to preview the applications that we opened.

The management is pretty good over the image and application, we can see icons that indicates the app at the left bottom and a screenshot of the running app. 🙂

Latest Version : Visual Task Switcher v1.1

Developer’s Website : Visual Task Switcher by ESDMobile

Type : Free with Ads and Paid Version for 1.99USD

This is strongly recommended if you are a multi-tasker. The free version is good enough if you can ignore the ads and the lower image resolution of the Screenshots it produces. Although, it can’t produce screenshots of the 3D Apps, like Timescape! But, it’s still worth it! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Visual Task Switcher-Multitasking with Visual delight on Android better than iPhone

  1. When I long press the home button on my N1 (Froyo) I get a list of the last 8 apps / tasks I have launched. Although these tasks may not be running anymore, this is good enough for my limited task switching needs as of now.

    Once my need for task switching graduates to the next level I will check out your recommendation.

  2. Looks real nice but I do have one complaint. When I press the home button on my X10 the task manager starts like it should but when I press it again it start timescape not ADWLauncher :(.

  3. Start Visual Task Switcher then Press the left Button on your X10 so the Options popup then click Setting and then Default Home Screen and then you can Choose Timescape,ADW or the normal Launcher the default checked is Timescape thats why it always opens Timescape.

  4. The screenshot way for a task switcher in my opinion is so necessary, because it doesn’t consume any mind effort for switching. So I got very delighted when I saw just the preview of “Visual Task Switcher by ESDMobile” and said, Now my android moved to another level. Until I installed it and just got an empty transparent screen.I had a look on the reviews, I found that the vast majority of them have the same.
    I’m using Htc Desire HD, Android 2.3.5.
    I hope if this application comes to market in its mature form.

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