Xperia X10 gets Multitouch Screen with AT&T US X10 launch or just another typo?-Rumor

Last week Sony Ericsson un-vieled that they are going to Launch Xperia X10 with AT&T in the US in their Product Launch Blog. And recently after the Official Sony Style store went live, it had a surprising spec listed in the Specification details. 🙂
It says,

Tantalizing Touch Screen
Sporting an expansive, 4″ multi-touch screen, the X10 showcases your movies and photos in awe-inspiring fashion. Every pixel is crisp, with saturated colors and details that come alive in the palm of your hand. And with the added real estate, you’ll spend more time enjoying and less time scrolling.

The big question is can this be a typo? I mean how can such a big mistake is not yet corrected? Although, Sony Ericsson did such typo error earlier as well with Screen resolution and other things in the Specs.
Or is it the AT&T People have spiced up the the Sexiest Looking Smartphone Xperia X10 to a brand new Multi-touch Screen? If it’s so, the other Xperia X10 owners would feel left cheated like anything! Sadly, It can not be confirmed until Xperia X10 of AT&T gets an Android 2.1 update! 🙁

Earlier Sony Ericsson Conformed through their Product Launch Blog that Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 won’t support Multi-touch even if it’s been upgraded to Android 2.0+ as the hardware is not capable of Multi-touch. 🙁

This announcement was made just a week before the Official Launch of Xperia X10 world wide! This was the most upsetting news i ever got about Xperia X10, but i still bought it as it’s appeal did not let me go! 🙂
I do not regret my decision to buy this beauty, but i feel Multi-touch is an essential feature for the Smartphones today and it is not just the Pinch Zoom gesture.
But this probable typo has stirred the discussion once again for Multi-touch in Xperia X10. There might be a big surprise for us in the store, i guess! 🙂 Fingers Crossed!

To list you on how things went for Multi-touch on Xperia X10, lets go back when ( on a Timeline basis )
Nov 3rd 2009 : Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 officially Announced. 😀
Nov 5th 2009 : Sumit Malhotra, Global marketing manager for Sony Ericsson announced that Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 does not support multi-touch functionality at launch, but is considered for the future.

– March 23rd 2010 : Just a week before Launch of Xperia X10, a user posted a reply from Paul Conlan, SE Technical Support Team which states that Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has a capacitive screen that is capable of multi touch for features such as Pinch Zooming.

March 23rd 2010 : In reply to the above post, Rikard Skogberg Product Manager, Nordic Region at Sony Ericsson stated that he doesn’t know Paul in person and he is afraid that Paul might not fully know on what to promise. There is no official conformation from Sony Ericsson yet and he didn’t see anything official around multitouch or pinch-zoom in future updates. He will look into it but also requested to not take Pauls words as official promises.
[ However, no Avatar i this comment of Rikard makes me doubt on this comment if he actually made this comment! ]

March 27th 2010 : Later after the Official announcement of Xperia X10 in New Delhi,India on March 26th ( Although the official World Wide Release started from March 31st 2010 ), Rikard Skogberg replied to a comment that he has Finally got a confirmation about the Screen on xperia X10. It was announced Earlier that there is NO Multi-touch Support on Xperia X10 at the Launch and it’s not due to only Software but also due to Hardware Limitation.
[ Above Comment didn’t had any avatar either! ]

After this comment about No Multi-Touch Support on Xperia X10, people got Furious and started ranting on the Product blog Like anything and they had good reason to do so. After all it was promised by Sumit a long while Ago. And moreover Sony Ericsson was stressing on the Fact that they are developing better alternatives to Multi-touch Pinch Zooming like One Finger Zoom on Xperia X10. Did they feel that Multi-touch was only for Pinch zooming or what? People asked if it had Dual touch atleast if not multi-touch?

March 28th 2010 : With Huge Rage developed on the Product Blog, Rikard replied to the steamy discussions that Xperia X10 doesn’t support even Dual Touch either! but he will still try to look into the matter further and get more information from the Development Team. 🙁
[ No avatar in this comment either! ]

March 29th 2010 : Sumit Malhotra finally Responded to the comments and accepted that it was his fault that his comment created a expectation even though there was no commitment and confirmed that Xperia X10 does not support Multitouch or Register Simultaneous entries. 🙁

March 26th 2010 : Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was Launched and hit the stores in Sweden on March 31st. 🙂

Here is a link to the Sony Style site where it is still the same with Multi-touch Spec-ed Xperia X10,
Xperia X10 gets Multi-touch with AT&T US Launch

So is Multi-touch Important to you except for Pinch Zoom Gesture? If yes, then how? Let us know in the comments Section! 🙂

UPDATE : Sonystyle has corrected the Typo and is back to “Vibrant Touch Screen” . So, Sony makes another Typo and it’s 100% official that Xperia X10 doesn’t support Multi-touch!
Check the Pic Below,

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  1. xperia will got multitouch or not manish pls tell and its going to get 16m colour in future or not pls tell,and what about future update means 2.2fryo and 3.0 gingerbird either it is capable to do or not

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