Android 2.1,Eclair on Xperia X10 Video Review with feature Demo-HD Recording & HTML5

[ Update ] : Resolution on Xperia X10 has been upgraded to 16m from 64k with the update to Android 2.1, Eclair. Confirmed! 🙂

Yesterday i wrote about the first ever real Android 2.1, Eclair on xperia x10 video at IFA, Berlin. There is another Video Demo by a Sony Ericsson Guy himself at the IFA. He demos the features that has been added to the Xperia X10 with the Android 2.1, Eclair Update!

As i told you there would be
– HD Recording with Continous AutoFocus
– 5 HomeScreens
16m color Resolution
– New LockScreen replacing the Arc slider
– Social Phonebook with Facebook And Twitter Integration ( Something Like Phonebook by Voxmobili )
– HTML5 Support
Here’s the Video Review from IFA,( Remember this video is not from the final Android 2.1,Ecalir Firmware update by Sony Ericsson )! Enjoy the Video for now! 🙂

I don’t think this would be their final Unlock screen! It looks so buggy! Although the video is not from the final build of the firmware! It’s still in beta, the firmware looks very fluid and promising!
What i don’t like is the,
– Lock Screen
– Mediascape Lag while changing views in Library

Although, Mediascape had already many Flaws and serious issues to it, i would have accepted it in Android 2.1, if it had the stock Flan Gallery as well! But i don’t see it here! I mean, Pic browsing is much better in stock flan gallery!

What do you guys think about it and what do you not like in the video above? Let us know through comments section! 🙂

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23 thoughts on “Android 2.1,Eclair on Xperia X10 Video Review with feature Demo-HD Recording & HTML5

  1. hi manish
    i have a very interesting question i guess
    i have yellow tints on my xperia x10 top n bottom of screen but very difficult to notice it unless the background is all white… my question is after updating to the 2.1 update with 16 mil colour will the yellow tints will become more visible kind of worried about it??????????
    waiting for ur answer

  2. hi, is the hd video recording fluid or jerky? i’m afraid that class 2 sd card will be too slow for fluid video recording.. but i will not buy class 6 if it will be jerky on that one too…

  3. @ manish Hi manish. I had contacted sonyericsson uk on facebook and asked them about 16M colours on android 2.1…. They replied to me that even with Android 2.1 the phone will still have only 64k colours…. I had asked them again and 3 times they replied to me the same answer. …. So can u please confirm whether or not u are more than 200% sure that 16M colours are going to be implemented???? Thanks a lot bro

      1. Actually its on my own facebook page. So even if i send u the link u wont be able to open it…. But the facebook uk team of SE have told me about it… If you have a facebook account, here is the link to access facebook of sonyericsson uk:- Please please please tell me whether it is true or not regarding the colours

      2. You can get the link of the reply by right clicking on the time when they replied and copying the link. And yeah, it’s true! I told you it’s from someone who had a handson of the Android 2.1, Eclair on Xperia X10. Check more about it here,
        Un-official Changelog of Eclair-Android 2.1 Firmware on Xperia X10 from R2BA026 Firmware

    1. I know the email address but it’s no point mailing them! I mean, the replies are generally copy paste from the Docs. They are not supposed to give out or leak out technical details before the announcement!
      Try comparing the Screenshot of Android 2.1, Eclair in Xperia X10 in this post with any screenshot of your Xperia X10 with similar background, Icons and widgets! you’ll probably notice the difference!

      And if you have any other links to where SE said that there won’t be any 16m support in Android 2.1, Eclair update for Xperia X10, then do re-direct me to that link.

      1. @manish… hi manish. i have just received email from sonyericsson australia and they have confirmed that with this android 2.1 update, the screen display colours wont be increased,,,,, so please stop erase ur post regarding to increase in screen resolution… It may mislead a customer to buy this phone

      2. This is not a official Blog and i’ve clearly mentioned that it has not been officially confirmed yet! Thats just an inside news from our side! If this turns out to be wrong, no one can be blamed, Sony Ericsson can change anything at any point of time! And this update will roll out in two phases, so there are chances that Sony Ericsson has plans for upgrading it in the second phase!
        Please don’t take me wrong! If you feel, this is not true then take it as a rumor!

  4. hey manish , my xperia x10 is at the oldest firmware and it is from rogers canada and it always says that my xperia is already upto date. can u tell me any solution how to update it ?

  5. I can’t take this post seriously. Many of the other posters say no 16M, no HTML5. You say UPDATE CONFIRMED that there will be 16M, yet there is a lack of proof as we have to do our own research. Nothing is confirmed by SE, or by any other developer. I would love to believe the hardware would finally be given its deserved debut in 2.1. I am too tired and too confused to continue untangling your post dates in order to prove a valid point. Somehow, your posts are a lightning rod in Google seach, and I am constantly redirected to your pages.
    So, if you wouldn’t mind…which post of yours should I take seriously? This one, or some other? Please paste link.
    Thanks regardless.

    1. HTML5 has been confirmed by SE check here, Xperia X10 Android 2.1,Eclair Details-Features & Launch date by SE France

      And about the 16m color, it’s not there! It has also been confirmed by SE! I guess i need to update that article! You can read more about Why 16m color is not included in Xperia X10 for the Eclair Update?,

      Btw, I would like to suggest you to use Search form top right corner of the Blog. It would help you find the details you need. You can follow us on Facebook & Twitter to get the updates as it happens for xperia X10. 🙂

      1. Yeah, I had read it on the 65k specs, 16bit scenario. Now I’m waiting for this fabled ‘Clairo’. I purchased a dummy number with a carrier, wastefully conserving what I want to use but too stubborn to settle for a Samsung S i897 (even though it has everything I want in my first smartphone – except for 8.1mp) because I am waiting for the right phone to show up. I want an Android and unfortunately don’t have the funds to purchase and unlock a grey market phone before I can even receive a subsidized price from my carrier. North America is way way way behind. I have people willing to sell their X10 to me for $200…tempting. I may be vain, but I never really tried a smartphone before. I need a phone that supports full firmware flash, has a decent camera, a decent up-to-date colour definition screen and well…that’s about it. Keep us posted mate, THX!

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