GalaxyUpdater & EasyRoot for Samsung Galaxy I7500 with Recovery 6.2-Root & Flash Now

I’ve earlier mentioned the Easy Step by Step Guide to Root your Samsung Galaxy Gt-I7500. But i guess this one is much simpler with least steps that you can think of. Drakaz complied the various steps of rooting Galaxy into Scripts that can be run on any windows or Linux machine.

Just follow the step by step guide by drakaz,

1) Reboot your device in fastboot mode : shutdown it, then power on it again by pressing CALL+POWER and wait for fastboot menu
2) Launch if you running linux, or 1-WINDOWS-Recovery.bat if you running windows, the device will reboot.
3) Reboot your device in mini-recovery mode : shutdown it, then power on it again by pressing VOL DOWN + CALL + POWER.
4) When in mini-recovery, run if you running linux, or 2-WINDOWS-Tools.bat if you running windows, the device will reboot automatically in recovery.
5) Choose “root this device”
6) Choose “reboot”

I guess, the Above root steps are easy enough for you to carry out on your own. And if you face any problem, you can always ask me through comments section!
And yes, if you get any Drivers Issues, you can refer this post for 64bit and 32 Bit Driver Downloads for Samsung Galaxy Gt-I7500.
Download : – EasyRoot v1.0 for Samsung Galaxy

Recovery 6.2 for Samsung Galaxy

Now about the GalaxyUpdater, Drakaz has worked really hard to find a way to automate everything for changing new Roms on your Samsung Galaxy I7500 phone.

This application downloads the rom (and necessary add-ons..), asks you for wipe/backup, then reboot in recovery, backup/wipe (regarding your previous answer), install, and reboot…completely automatically!

There is two versions of GalaxyUpdater, one free, with only recovery features, and the other, “donate” version, with full features.

– Auto detection of current system
– Auto download and flash recovery
– Auto download and move at the right place RECTOOLS.tar.gz
– Auto download and install Galaxo
– Auto download and install GAOSP (currently, nightly build)
– Cache support for rom and recovery
– Check of current recovery compatiblity
– You can choose if you want to wipe or not (there will be no support for those who choose to don’t wipe..)
– You can choose to make a backup with nandroid before installing the new rom
– Reboot in recovery mode feature

He is also planning to “Live update information with a service”. This app will let you install any Custom Rom Automatically From your Phone itself and the App will do the rest. You can switch between unstable Froyo roms and Stable Android 1.6 roms for your Samsung Galaxy GT-I7500. You should definitely try it! 🙂

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21 thoughts on “GalaxyUpdater & EasyRoot for Samsung Galaxy I7500 with Recovery 6.2-Root & Flash Now

  1. Great Post Manish, We were desperately waiting for something like this, i have a small doubt, as far as i understand, the above steps were for rooting one’s device, right!! pls tell me where/how do i get the rom, (android 2.1)!!! .Thanks so much for the good post anyway!

      1. Dear Manish, Unable to go to the second step , when pressed, VOL DOWN + CALL +POWER, able to enter some recovery mode (whether mini or something else)with an exclamation mark in a triangle & a mobile phone symbol on phone’s screen , and after that , when run the Batch File, a command prompt screen just flashes and disappears, Checked with the drivers, says already installed.please help!

  2. After trying so many things finally this worked for me.
    Thanks a lot man. That’s a great process.
    I downloaded EasyRoot and just followed what was written in HOWTO
    Thanks again man

  3. Hai, thanks for this post, i hope it can help me out!
    Only at first i had the problem withthe drivers. I could not fix it by installing drivers so.. i just installed NPS on my brothers laptop and it worked right away!
    Now I got stuck in the mini-recovery. I can only choose ‘reboot devide’ and it gives an error about not be able to find the RETOOLS.tar.gz on de /sd card /. So.. I copied the tar.gz file to the sd card, but it won’t fix the problem. I really don’t know what to do next, i hope that anyone can help me out! I’m tired of Android 1.5!

  4. Hi Manish,

    Love your work and rate that your blog post is the most simplified of all the materials on update of firmware for galaxy that I have read since I looked into the subject.

    Anyway, this post is most relevant for me as what is stopping me from taking the plunge to update is I have doubts so far about whether I can do it correctly and hence avoid bricking my phone in the process. And this simplified process should help avoid one of the biggest pitfalls I have feared.

    Can you advise how can I get the software..i understand that I can download it via YAAM but how do I get YAAM into my phone? I have downloaded a file from YAAM software….do I need to plug in my phone via usb and then just run the downloaded file on my pc?

    Incidentally, is there any support for Chinese text on the latest beta 3 version from drakaz? If I “regret” the update, does the updater provides means to “downgrade” to my original firmware?

    I thank you in advance for your advice.

    Best regards,


  5. Hi, I’m still stuck at the part after I boot in to the mini recovery once it’s there I open and it just flashes and poof! Gone then nothing happens. I reboot into the mini recovery and all I have is….Reboot system now….that’s it please help, thanks in advance

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