Get Google Voice Search in Xperia X10 before Eclair, Android 2.1-Voice Actions Download

Everyone is desperately waiting for Android 2.1, Eclair firmware update on Xperia X10. It is expected to be rolling out by Last week of September as Sony Ericsson Officially Said. So, if there are no delays, a notification might Pop Up in your Xperia X10 stating that a new Software Update is available for Xperia X10. There are a lot of features that Android 2.1, Eclair natively supports which would make things simpler for all Xperia X10 owners. For example,
– Exchange Support
– Live Wallpapers
– 5 Home Screens
– Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
– Multiple Account Inbox
– SMS Search
– Social Network Integration, etc.

Plus some Cool App and games for Android that has a minimum requirement of Android 2.0 + or Android 2.1 + like Official Twitter App, Launcher Pro Plus and games like Fruit Ninja.

But there are also some BackPorts from Android 2.2, which have been successfully ported to Android 2.1 like Google Voice Actions with Voice Search! If you remember when Google Announced Voice Actions, the only disappointing thing about it was the Android 2.2, Froyo only Compatibility. But soon Open Source Projects like Google Voice for Android 2.1, created a similar app on the source code of Voice Actions by Google which was almost 100% compatible with Android 2.1 , Eclair Phones. 🙂

I mean how cool is to speak up your mails or just call out your contacts to call them or better speak up your query to search Google?
Now you don’t have to wait to experience Google Voice in your Xperia X10-until Sony Ericsson Launches the Android 2.1, Eclair Update for it! There is an Working version of Google Voice Search for Xperia X10. Although, it doesn’t put all the features of Voice Actions in Xperia X10, it would please you as it works flawless on Xperia X10 and recognizes almost all the words. 🙂

Google Voice Search

Speak any of these commands to perform a Voice Action on your phone:
– send text to [contact] [message]
– listen to [artist/song/album]
– call [business]
– call [contact]
– send email to [contact] [message]
– go to [website]
– note to self [note]
– navigate to [location/business name]
– directions to [location/business name]
– map of [location]
And of course, you can still conduct a Google search using your voice.

This Video Pretty Much Sums up for all the cool features of Voice Actions! Enjoy the Video for Now! 🙂

I guess, after watching the video you would be quite restless to get it on your Xperia X10, right?
Here it is!

Download : Google Voice Search for Voice Actions on Xperia X10 ( Android 1.6, Donut! ) Version 1.3
The above file is Google Voice Search v1.3 and I’ve also a working version Google Voice Search v1.4 for Xperia X10. But Somehow, Version 1.3 performs better and there are no graphic distortions in v1.3 either! 🙂 Anywys, if you are interested, you can download Version 1.4 as well,

Download : Google Voice Search for Voice Actions on Xperia X10 ( Android 1.6, Donut! ) Version 1.4

Try out the different Voice Searches for your Xperia X10 and let us know which didn’t work for you! I guess Voice Search would work anyways with everyone, voice Actions seems a tough job yet! Just try harder with your English Accent! 😛

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13 thoughts on “Get Google Voice Search in Xperia X10 before Eclair, Android 2.1-Voice Actions Download

  1. ok, it doesn’t work. version 1.4 cannot be installed and version 1.3 doesn’t works very well!
    and it isn’t my bad english^^
    if i speak any command, the app only open the google search and fill it with my text.
    example: my test was: “navigate to munich”
    then opened the google search and the search-text was: “navigate to munich”..
    other test: “map of munich” – with the same end.

    or if i want to check out “send text to…”, doesn’t work at all…

    is it a bug or can i do something wrong?

    1. No no, you are doing it absolutely right! It’s only the Google Voice Search! Voice Actions doesn’t work here! I guess, i messed up between these two and created some confusion there! Will try to edit and make it not so confusing!
      It is only Google Voice Search,but it installs the Speech to Text Engine on your Xperia X10, so you can use it with other apps like Handcent SMS. Try that! 🙂

      1. ok, sry…my english isn’t good enough to understood it after reading your articel^^i’m so sorry 😀

        but 2.1 at x10 can do original google voice or did i read it wrong, too?

  2. Dear Manish,
    I am unable to intall google voice search on my X10i
    ( End of central directory signature)
    this is the message it shows while installing
    please let me know what to do?

      1. I tried both the version
        Actually when it finishes downloading it asks 2 options to open with Astro or Office suite & since it is Zip file it doesnt opens or installs

  3. Hi Manish
    Just installed ver 1.3 on my X10 from Rogers, Canada and no issues as far as Google Voice Search. Nice Work!
    Can Google Voice Actions be implemented in Eclair 2.1 or is it impossible ? do you have any plans to make an Google Voice Actions app ?


  4. Okay… Voice Search is cool, but it might be a little confusing in your article when Voice Actions’ features are mentioned and a video about it is provided. I had to read over the article again after I realized Voice Search and Voice Actions were two different things. Good info though, and thanks for the Voice Search! Hopefully will figure out how to get Voice Actions for 1.6 or 2.1 when it’s released.

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