Guide to Change Fonts with Type Fresh in Rooted Xperia X10,Mini,Pro-Tips & Tricks

Recently i discussed about the best root apps that one should not miss after Rooting his Xperia X10 or any other Android Phone for that matter! 🙂
One of the Benefits of rooting your Android phone is the power to customize the phone. This one is related to the same.

We do get bored by the same style we come across in our phones everyday! And to keep that feeling away, we like to change wallpapers, ringtones, etc. But what if I say, you can change the way whole system on your phone looks?
Yes, you can do that when your Android phone is rooted. Lets just begin with changing fonts in our Rooted Xperia X10!
And if you haven’t rooted your Xperia X10 yet, Root it now!

I discussed bout this app which changes the fonts in your Xperia X10 with ease! It’s called Type Fresh!
System Fonts are located in /system/fonts. You can browse to them using Root Explorer and make a backup!

Changing Fonts on Xperia X10/X10 Mini/Pro the easy way

You’ll Need
– A Rooted Xperia X10 : You can follow this Easy Step by Step Guide to root your Xperia X10.

– BusyBox Properly Installed : If you missed the installation of Busybox in last steps of Rooting your Xperia X10, you should do it now! Check Rooting Xperia X10 tutorial on how to do it!

– Type Fresh App : Install Type Fresh app by Pixelpod International from android Market!

– And Explorer App : Install AndExplorer app by LyseSoft from Android Market! Is is required just for Type Fresh to browse the Font Files!

– Desired Font File : Although, any ttf file should work, but android itself doesn’t support all the fonts. So, be careful on which font type you install. Lets Continue our example with Sony Sketch Font! ( I guess you love it! ) 🙂 – Download Sony Sketch Font

– Make you sure you have rooted Xperia X10 and Busybox installed through the process i mentioned in the Rooting Process!

– Place the Sony Sketch Font File in your SD Card under /Fonts.

– Open Type Fresh app, press the Menu button and Hit Backup Fonts. It would ask for Root Permission, select “Allow”! It backs up all the Default Font on your Xperia X10.

– Select “DroidSans-Bold.ttf” on the screen and it would open up a popup window where you can select your Sony Sketch Font. Just browse to where you placed Sony Sketch Font and select the ” DroidSans-Bold.ttf” and click Ok.

– Repeat the above step for DroidSans.ttf

– Now hit the Menu button again and click “Apply Fonts”.

– It would ask for a Reboot. Click “Reboot Now” and it’s done! Your phone would reboot with the new fonts. Enjoy the new fonts! 🙂

There is another Method of Replacing Font Files in the /System/fonts directory through Root Explorer! But that doesn’t provide you with ease of changing many fonts and trying different fonts everyday!
If you face any problems in above steps, feel free to ask me in the comments section! 🙂 And do share the best Fonts that you find for your Xperia X10!

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30 thoughts on “Guide to Change Fonts with Type Fresh in Rooted Xperia X10,Mini,Pro-Tips & Tricks

  1. Vaah mere Sher,

    Finally fonts changed, they look good, Thanx a million for helping me root the phone and change the fonts as well… Still unable to play videos in full screen mate but I won’t disturb you on that, we’ll see to it after the Eclair update..My name is Imraan and i’m from Jamnagar(Gujarat), koi bhi kaam kaisa bhi kaam dude remeber me, U Rock, Thanx a ton, i’ll stay in touch and keep a check on your blog and ask you if I need any help..Thanx buddy.

  2. Kya yaar Manish Bhai,

    SE ne laga di yaar, was waiting like hell for the update, anyways, hum kya kar sake hai.. Filhaal to isi version me kuch naya karvadijiye if u have something new or interesting..Thanx mate.

  3. With my X10 mini (E 10a) everything goes well, but the reboot option doesn’t appear.
    It says that there is no Busybox installed although I follow the steps of the tytanium backup.
    Is there other way of installing Busybox?

  4. Manish Bhai,
    Can’t I change the fonts to Sony Sketch after the 2.1 upgrade ? I’ve rooted the device, got Titanium backup and busybox as well through it, please help….

  5. Hmm can I ask if somebody knows how to increase the text size..I mean I’ve changed my font and it’s too small, but I like it a lot and I don’t want to change it back just because of the small size…Is there any way to fix this?

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