LiveView-Homescreen Widget got Physical form factor-Control Android Phone off your Wrists

Sony Ericsson today announced an interesting new product/accessory for Android powered phones! It’s quite difficult to actually define the product! I mean can you visualize your Homescreen widgets flying off to your hand! Like Battery widget just flown off to your hand and now with one touch you can check battery status on your phone in a small watch shaped Bluetooth device clipped anywhere on your body or wrists, when your phone is in your bag or pocket or simply out of your reach?

Did you visualize that? If you did, you probably got the idea of what LiveView is all about! 🙂 And if you couldn’t, you should probably look at this video to get a better idea of what is this device meant to do!

This video probably sums up the idea behind this LiveView by Sony Ericsson! This is a kind of Desktop Widget that is in a physical form and can alert you of updates, when you are away from your phone! This means that you can have your phone in you pocket or in a bag and still be alerted with notifications on incoming stuff or keept track of other things. It has an OLED screen with 128×128 pixels and some interaction elements such as 4-way navigation (touch sensors at the front, just at the edges of the screen) and two hard buttons, one for power on and off and for menu selection. It has a requirement of Android 2.x on your device! Here’s a direct quote from Product Launch Blog,

For More Pictures of Sony Ericsson LiveView Click Here

It’s basically like an Android desktop widget but in physical form and its controlled over Bluetooth from an application in your phone called LiveView™ Application. This application will be available for download from Android Market and after it’s installed other 3rd party application can through different APIs plug into that and make use of the LiveView™ device. In the LiveView™ Application on your phone you can also scan Android Market for LiveView™ enabled applications to find more cool stuff to download.

Find full press release here!

Your window to your world with Sony Ericsson LiveView(TM)
– Micro display device that mirrors the phone
– Tunes on the go – control music
– Don’t miss out – Get instant notification and readtexts, Tweets and Facebook(TM) updates
– Incoming calls – see who is calling
– Make it mine – open platform for developers to add to the large collection of applications for a unique experience

Answers to few questions and faqs about LiveView by Sony Ericsson on Product Launch Blog by Rikard!

Will it work with X8?
Yes it will when X8 gets it 2.1 update later this year. (no finalized timing just yet but within this year is our target).
Does it works as a clock?
Yes – however (at least the sample I currently got) shuts down the display after a while, I guess to save battery, so you need to click the top right button to see the time and date.
[ad]Does it work with other Android phones?
Yes it should work with most other Android phones on 2.X. However final word will be said per model as we have tested it with them. A compatibiliy chart will be posted on the web and updated with new models continously.
What will it cost?
That will depend a lot on which country you’re in and if it’s sold stand-alone or in different packages. We expect the retail price for the stand alone unit to be somewhere around the 60€ mark.
Does it have a vibrator inbuilt?
yes – it has a vibrator that alerts you on new events.
Will the x10 be able to manage 2 Bluetooth connections in the same time? Will it work together with Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth stereo headset?
Yes at least my current beta SW in X10 works fine maintaining connection to LiveView and my Sony BT-headphones at the same time.

Let us know, if you find this device handy? And really useful? To me it’s an excellent idea can make things really easy for you! But the price seems a little too much to me! This would be launched, sometime around with the Android 2.1, Eclair Updates for Xperia X10. 🙂

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