Un-Official Changelog of Xperia X10 with Eclair Android 2.1 Firmware Update from R2BA026

There are already a few videos of Xperia X10 with Eclair, Android 2.1 Firmware ( though not final build of Android 2.1, Eclair-Beta Firmware-Update1 and Update2 ). These videos are from IFA ’10, Berlin. Sony Ericsson itself demoed the features of the New Update for Xperia X10 with Eclair-Android 2.1.

Infact, the Roadmap of Firmware Upgrades for Xperia X10 family ( including Xperia X10, X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro and X8 ) was also leaked from IFA ’10, Berlin. The leaked map also disclosed the main features that would be added in this update! And if speculated it also suggested that Xperia X10 might not get any further updates to Froyo or Gingerbread!

To sum up the Changelog of the Android 2.1, Eclair Update for Xperia X10, through Official and un-official sources, here it goes!

Un-official Changelog of Xperia X10 with Eclair Android 2.1 firmware from R2BA026 firmware
– HD Video Recording with 1280×720 Pixels
– Video recording with continuous AF( Autofocus ).
– Social Phonebook (syncs Facebook and Twitter contacts with pictures) – something like Phonebook by Voxmobili
– 5 home screens instead of 3.
– HTML5 support for better browser experience.
– Live Wallpapers
– Xing as new Tab in Timescape
– Creatouch will be Pre-Installed
– Moxier Mails upgraded with Phonebook sync Support
– Multiple Exchange Account Support
– Customized Lock Screen as per the Default Stock Android 2.x Lock Screen
– Customized Launcher as per the Default stock Android 2.1 Launcher
Screen Resolution Upgraded to 16m colors from 64k colors
[ Edit ] It turned out that Sony Ericsson surprisingly kept it to 64k colors. Read More about it, Here!
– Timescape themes Extended System wide – ( Not Confirmed! Yet! )
– General Performance Boost-More Fluid transitions and everything is much much snappier

– Google Voice Search
– Messaging is different from what it is now, infact different to Stock Android 2.1 messaging app as well. – ( no details yet! )
– Notification bar is a tad thicker.
– System font is different to what it is now! ( See the screenshot above! )

The changelog is pretty much un-official and would post the official Changelog once it is available! So, watch out for this space!

Extension of Timescape themes is still a rumor and i’ve not got any confirmation about it! But looking closely at the two videos of Xperia X10, themes extension would sound real to you!
Xperia X10 with Android 2.1-Eclair Firmware first real preview at IFA

Eclair on Xperia X10-Video review with feature demo-HD Video with Continous Autofocus, Live Wallpapers, HTML5 and Social Phonebook

In the above two videos look at the Phonebook and Launcher Menu. Both have different backgrounds. Two different shades of blue similar to the two Timescapes Blue themes-Default Blue and Dark Grunge Blue! Heres the screenshot comparison,

Original Default Blue

Dark Blue ( like Timescape Theme )

This so so matches with the two Blue Timescape Themes!

The question about upgrade to 16m colors is 100% confirmed as it’s from someone who has personally tried it. The colors were much smoother, sharper and vibrant with no gradients visible. 🙂 So, even if Sony Ericsson has nothing to say about it yet, we can conform that the resolution of Xperia X10 has been upgraded to 16m colors from 64k colors.
The In-call Volume couldn’t be checked so, it can not be yet confirmed if Sony Ericsson fixed the In-call Volume issue with the Android 2.1-Eclair Firmware Update for Xperia X10.

Any further question is really appreciated and please feel free to ask them in the comments section! There are so many changes to the current Android 1.6, Donut Firmware build of Xperia X10, so i might have missed many a things. Do ask about where you wanted your Xperia X10 to change with the update or any error that needed to be fixed and i’ll let you know if Sony Ericsson implemented that change or not!

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28 thoughts on “Un-Official Changelog of Xperia X10 with Eclair Android 2.1 Firmware Update from R2BA026

  1. hi manish , i have got xperia x10 from my friend in canada , it is from rogers and it contains the oldes firmware 014 , i tried to uupdate it but it says that it is already updated , i am using it in Pakistan. Can u tell me how to change its firmware and debrand it ?

    I tried ur method of debranding bt i could find those two files of 100 mb and 15 mb in that specific folder.

    Kindly guide me , i shall be very thankful to you

    1. That is really ambiguous! I don’t know what Sony Ericsson is doing, but m 100% sure of 16m color upgrade. May be this is planned for the 2nd phase of upgrade which will roll out in December!
      Or just wait for the official word!

  2. also new:
    Launcher grid size upgraded from 4×4 to 4×5, which is also clearly visible in the screenshot you posted.
    Also, at XDA they show a new timescape widget.
    As for the timescape theme in other applications: If you inspect the german video better, you’ll notice that the background in the phonebook is the same as the background of the launcher, IN THE SAME POSITION! I get the feeling that the new phonebook has a see-through background, so you can see the background of the launcher. Notice that the phonebook is opened when the launcher is on one screen to the right, but the background of phonebook app does not switch to the background of the middle screen, suggesting the phonebook has no fixed background.

  3. sorry for this stupid question but ….what does rooting mean ? and if root my X10 does it void the warranty ? and also does it allow us to flash the firmware to the latest i.e. 2.2 ?

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