Xperia X10 broken Touchscreen-Touchpanel Survives Bus Run Over-Amazing Build Quality

How careful are you, when it comes to handle touchscreen phones? Do you use a screen-protector? okay how about a phone cover? a Leather case or some hard plastic case covers?
Or you don’t feel the need of it? If you don’t feel the need of it, you should re-consider it! Have a second thought, after watching this video!

The video is of a guy from Chennai, India. He was on his bike and somehow his Black, Xperia X10 covered in the Leather Case ( from sony Ericsson ) slipped off his pocket and fell on the road. Wait, theres worse to happen! A Bus ran over it! 🙁
He tried to stop the bus run over it, but to his dismay the bus stopped exactly over it. When he got the phone, it was completely broken! Here’s the Pic of it!

But wait again, when he tried to turn on the phone, it turned on! The Display was crisp ( although not clear! ) with just a white band on the left. And to add to his surprise, the touch was working perfectly as well. Okay, enough of talking, have a look at the video by the guy himself!

M sorry for what happened to his Xperia X1, but then m amazed of the build quality of Sony Ericsson! 🙂 Or was he lucky? I guess so!
I just have the factory fitted Screen Protector, and the same Leather Cover by Sony Ericsson! And yeah, you guessed it right, i managed to break the Touch screen of my Whilte Xperia X10 as well. ( Well, i broke it accidentally as someone thrashed his/her bag on top of my bag which had my phone. I kept the phone in my bag during my exams! 🙁 ) I just have a few crack lines on the screen of my Xperia X10 nothing like what the other guy had on his Xperia X10. Have a Look at the Broken Screen or touch panel of my Xperia X10.

More Pics of my Broken touch Panel of Xperia X10

But to my dismay, the touch is not working on my Xperia X10. I can’t even turn on my phone! ( Damn those Security Locks! ) So, i guess it’s not the build quality, it’s just he is lucky enough! 🙂 What do you say?
I guess, i can now look into the Touch Panel more closely and find out if it supports Multi-touch or not? 😛 ( will post the pics of the Touch-panel once i get it repaired and the broken one with me! )

Anyways, the cost of repairs for my Xperia X10 is being quoted differently on different Sony Ericsson Service Centers here in New Delhi, India!
For touch Panel of Xperia X10 i’ve been quoted 7800INR and 4500INR and 4900INR in three different Service Centers. For TouchScreen and LCD, i’ve been quoted 9000INR. I guess i’ll go with the lowest of them all. But the biggest problem here in India is the Un-availability of Parts! They all are demanding atleast 3weeks for the repairs! Damn it! :'(

Anyways, I guess you are now re-considering on how you care for your phone! Or just thinking that we are careless as anything? 😐 Do post your opinions about it! And also some suggestions to get it repaired quickly or at a lower price! Anyways, all your feedback is greatly appreciated. Keep them coming! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Xperia X10 broken Touchscreen-Touchpanel Survives Bus Run Over-Amazing Build Quality

  1. I really doubt any kind of protective cover can help protect the phone for that kind of damage. The screen is gonna crack if it is subjected to that kind of pressure, unless u carry it around in a BOX ;-).
    I really bad for u and the other guy. It seems u had bad luck with this phone, i mean first the yellow tint and now this.
    Anyway good luck with sony ericsson service center ppl. I hear they can be a real pain to deal with.
    Hey I just read the last blog on where some ppl have claimed to have update their x10 to 2.1 …. dont know if its a hoax or ppl really getting the update but I am still getting the same message on both OTA & SEUS that I have the latest fw which is the 026, lemme know if u know something.

  2. Manish,
    Its sad to hear that..
    I think its just good luck for the chennai guy where as very bad luck for u.
    Reg SE service, i think you can go for the cheapest option.Coz even if they say they will give it in 1 week they will still take 3 weeks. Thats how things work in our India..:)

  3. i had recently updated my phone using the SE pc companion , after updation the viewing of the picture ediascape has changed. when i click on a picture it zoooms from small to big and the reverse when i close the pic. further the phone is much zipppier now. is this a firmware update or someother update and anymore information on this update

  4. hi manish

    at first i really loved my xperia x10 but now things dont look that good specially after i read some xperia x10s restart problems caused by the burning smell inside the xperia x10 n i observed the same on my xperia x10 when i played with a heavy game the mobile temperature started to increase n i took of the battery cover while mobile was still on n could smell the burning inside my xperia x10 but so far nothing has happened as far as restarting is concerned but i am afraid that it will happen sooner rather than later…………please share some info about it n need some help n tips??????????/

      1. i have the latest software R2BA026 and so far havent had any problems but could smell the burning inside my xperia x10 when it really becomes hot and its a hardware problem and alot of people using xperia x10 are facing it…….kind of damage to mother board n after that damage phone will keep on restarting alot….hope i dont face that problem………but the burning smell isnt a good sign :{

  5. It’s quite simple to fix, since its only the Digitizer that is damaged, He can buy it on ebay for about $80 and replace it himself, trust me I replaced mine, but the sad part is that mine cracked by having in my pocket while I was running, it all started with a small chip on one corner next to the proximity sensor and after couple of days it extended all across the screen, So I guess the phone is nicely build but they should’ve invested on Gorilla Glass.

    1. Yes you can get them at the Sony Ericsson Service Center but you’ll have to wait for around 3weeks and constantly push them to bring one for you. It would cost around 1500INR. ( Depends on the area and also the Service center Guys! )

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