Xperia X10i_v2.0 appears on Official Website-Is it Multi touch Revision of Xperia X10?

By now, We all know that Xperia X10i doesn’t support Multi-touch at hardware level and thus Multi-touch on Xperia X10i can never be achieved by any software upgrade whatsoever! If you are still in confusion about this, let me point you to the TimeLine of Xperia X10 Multi-touch Rumor Events-From Sony Ericsson Official officially announcing it at their Product Launch Blog to Mult-touch Capable X10’s Screen Advert on AT&T Website!

But, wait! I said, Multitouch is not possible with any “Software” upgrades what so ever! What if Sony Ericsson decides to upgrade the Hardware? I mean, looking at the demand of Multi-touch on Xperia X10, can Sony Ericsson not upgrade the Hardware on Xperia X10? Well NO! Why would they upgrade hardware of Phones already sold?
But, they can always come out with a hardware revision like the famous Apple Does?( Apple iPhone 3G to 3GS ) Right? I mean with Xperia X10i_v2.0 which has a better Hardware than Xperia X10i like Multi-touch capable screen, More RAM ( 512Mb RAM ) and perhaps a better Software as well ( Android 2.2, Froyo! )! I know, we are speculating, but anything is possible with great success of Xperia X10 and if it needs anything to beat the other phones out there, it’s just the Multi-touch and Software upgrade to Android 2.2, Froyo!
Well, there are Rumors of Xperia X11( win7 with 1.2ghz ) and X12( successor of X10, Android 2.2, Froyo with 1.5Ghz and 12Mp Camera ) already and now appears the Xperia X10i_v2.0 on Official Sony Ericsson China Website! I mean look at this Screenshot,

Official Sony Ericsson China Website with Possibly Multi touch Revision of X10 as Xperia X10i_v2.0-Rumor

What can it be possibly? I mean what other than a possible hardware revision like Apple does? ( Apple 3g and 3gs or Apple 2g and 3g ). If this is the case, Xperia X10 owners would be having a heartbreak of their lifetime! 😛
Well, it’s just a rumor now, so don’t freak out, we are just speculating! And it’s just a pic on the Official Website! ( Ouch! Official! ) Will Keep you informed of anything that comes into picture regarding this!

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10 thoughts on “Xperia X10i_v2.0 appears on Official Website-Is it Multi touch Revision of Xperia X10?

  1. Dear Manish,
    I wanted to verify something that I experienced on x10 with other x10 users.
    When I call someone (and so far only one or 2 numbers, different networks) it so happens that the call goes thru but I dont hear a ring and the call is connected, yet no audio. This happens in the first couple of calls to tht person n mostly just the first call and if I disconnect and call back I can hear the ring and the audio is fine. Do you think this could be my handset causing the problem or the network that has a problem?
    Also, sometimes there is intermittent crackling sound heard during a call.
    Did you ever experience any of these or is it just me or have you heard of anyone else who faced a similar issue?
    Another thing, the person on the other end sometimes complains of a low audio and I noticed that there is no microphone provided on the handset itself so I was wondering if you ever heard of this issue as well.
    Thanx is advance.

    1. If it happens only for the first time you call someone, it’s got to be the network! How can phone identify you are calling someone for the first time or second time! I mean, if it was phone, it should have been same with all the calls!

      And yeah, almost everyone has the issue of Crackling here in India, I too have noticed and mentioned here,

      Microphone is located under the second hole at the left side of Xperia X10, below the speaker!

  2. Manish,

    Iwas wondering. I think this revision only points out to the UXP upgrade calles 2.0. And so people who are in a market that can update to android 2.1 (UXP upgrade 2.0) can easily do this through the Sony Ericsson website. I think the other version points out to the ‘old’ 1.6 version. So if you are in another market you can update to the latest firmware update.

    This is plausable because there is no reason to launch a completely similar phone and only add multitouch?!


    1. Why would UXP Upgrade show as another phone in select your phone? – anyways, UXP Upgrade is supposed to be around December, why does it appear at this point of time! There can be many conflicting questions regarding this! Lets wait and watch the move from Sony Ericsson!

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