AmbientTime Home-Launcher app with Live Wallpaper effect & cool Lockscreen by SE Japan

Sony Ericsson has delayed the Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware update for Xperia X10 and it’s hard to wait for the update and get those cool features that Android 2.1, update can offer. So, i thought, i would come up with different workarounds that could probably work up for those features. If you’ve been following us on Twitter or Facebook, you might be already knowing that I’ve already proposed one such feature – Google Voice Search on Xperia X10 with Android 1.6, Donut.

Continuing with that, i’ve found a Launcher app that makes up for the 5 Homescreen that Android 2.1, Eclair has to offer. ( Okay, I know there are a lot of launcher apps that does that! Calm down, it has a lot more to offer! )
How about, faking Live Wallpapers? Yes! Live Wallpapers on Xperia X10 with Android 1.6 ( or any Xperia X10 family for that matter! ) 🙂
And to add to that, this comes straight from Official Sony Ericsson Devs! I mean this Launcher app is developed by Sony Ericsson Japan! It has many a things to offer, like
– Coolest Lock screen till date! ( Okay! That can be just me! )
– Live Wallpaper Effect
– Re-Ordering of Apps in the Launcher Menu
– Deleting/Un-installing apps directly from Launcher Menu
– App Info From Launcher Menu
– 5 Homescreen
– Infinite Scrolling on Homescreen,
– Minimalistic Design, etc.

If you remember the AmbientTime Lite Screensaver/Night Stand Clock App by Sony Ericsson, you might co-relate both and rightly so. It actually is an extension of the AmbientTime Screensaver/Night Stand clock Widget app by Sony Ericsson. This has grown into a full fledged Home Launcher app. And guess what it’s really cool. 🙂
To Begin with Lockscreen, it’s is actually the coolest you’ll find on an Android Device. As on AmbientTime Screensaver/Night Stand Clock, there are smooth flying objects in the background of a Clock. But this time, you also have a liquid like object at the bottom that can be stretched to anywhere or at the Lock Icon at top to unlock. I like the bubble thing at the bottom. And i can play for hours with tapping the screen to flare those colorful objects all around my screen. This reminds me of Toddler Lockscreen. This one doesn’t have sound! What else? It produces some cool ambient Colors on your desktop when you touch them! 🙂 Check out the Screenshots,

Live wallpaper effect, is like the Lockscreen and you can the flying objects around your Homescreen. Although, this doesn’t respond to your touches here, but still this looks cool as your Wallpaper. Probably an animated PNG image. ( Does that work as wallpaper? Never tried it! )
Anyways, unlike Live Wallpapers, you can’t change animation!

Launcher Menu is really innovative to me! I didn’t like the Ordering of apps in the Menu! With most of the Launcher apps, it’s either Ascending or descending option in some of them. This has a custom option as well. Drag the Icons wherever you wish. Now, you can personalize your Launcher menu as well according to your needs. 🙂

Deleting or Un-installing directly from Launcher menu is so user friendly. I mean this is actually like what it should be! 🙂
App Info from Launcher Menu is also cool considering if you want to delete data stored in the app or probably clear the defaults, you need not go through those Settings to do it!

This app gives you 5Homescreens by default and is not configurable. I know there are many launcher apps that does this and is more advanced in terms of what this one does to No.of Homescreens. It also has Infinite Scrolling on the Homescreen. Like if you are on Screen 5th, you need not to scroll backwards, just scroll forward to reach screen 1st. Scrolling is really smooth and if you drag the triangle indicator at the bottom, you would be amazed on how smooth this one is!
I’m actually liking this Homescreen app and will test this for more time, so this one is my Default Homescreen for now! I like it’s minimalistic Design and cool Lockscreen. 🙂

I don’t like the customization it provides! I mean,there are simply no customization to this! I would have liked to change a few things as i come from ADW Launcher i like to customize almost everything.
Overall, this one goes to my ” You should try! ” list. And by the time you get over this Home Launcher, you would get the Android 2.1, Eclair Update for your Xperia X10. 😀

But theres a catch! AmbientTime Home App is developed by Sony Ericsson Japan ( or for them ). So you won’t find it any where else! Not in japan, you won’t find it in your Android Market. Although, its for free! 🙁
It’s also protected by some really nice protection standards, so even if someone tries to make a backup copy of the installed app. It won’t work on your phone. Let me know on how many of you want this, i’ll try to arrange a Giveaway on this! ( I guess i can distribute a Modified-Free App! If not, let me know! ) 😀 To encourage you, will update it with video of AmbientTime Home on my X10! For Now Checkout the Screenshot Gallery Of AmbientTime Home by Sony Ericsson.

AmbientTime Home by Sony Ericsson Japan-Cool Launcher App with coolest LockScreen

[ Updated ]
Download Link( apk file ) : AmbientTime Home Launcher 1.0 by SE Japan
The AmbientTime Home Launcher apk is a free app, so it has been posted here. If it voilates any copyrights, please let me know!

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51 thoughts on “AmbientTime Home-Launcher app with Live Wallpaper effect & cool Lockscreen by SE Japan

  1. Manish !!! Thanx for the info..its really a cool app..
    but had a question…it still shows my old home screen many times,when i try to unlock the screen or even if i get a call it shows d custom screen, is it normal?

    1. That is a problem, with most of the Lockscreens available on Android. There are a few bugs in this app as well. We can wait for an update to this app which could make it even more cool to have it as our Default Launcher. 🙂

  2. I know you had tried out Helix Launcher in the past, does this work with or replace helix launcher? Have you been using Helix launcher all this time and did you find it truly did give you better battery life?

      1. I had not updated my x10 ever, so I did that yesterday (didn’t do the factory reset option, just allowed it to put firmware 20 and keep all my apps installed) Then I installed ambient. Not sure the reason but I have had my phone crash twice now and the battery went from approx 50% to 17% in 6.5 hours of sleep. Did you find any of these issues? Uninstalling and see if the crashing continues. If it does I will reset the phone and try ambient again.

      2. No! I’ve not encountered any crashes nor did any of the users reported anything similar. But for the Battery problems, yes many users reported it to hog battery a little bit more than they have expected. This is the first version of AmbientTime Home by Sony Ericsson so it should get better with updates on this. Stay tuned for more info and updates on this!

  3. Thanks for the reply Manish,
    I am extremely busy the next few days so I might give it another try after a factory reset this weekend.

    PS if you happen to have Skype Beta still kicking around I wouldn’t mind a copy of it.

  4. Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the update…
    How about the battery drainage with this home laucher?
    Which home replacement would you suggest as an alternate to the default one?
    I have tried helix, which gives better battery but becomes sluggish after regular usage!
    ADW launcher is slick and smooth but for some unknown reason drains the battery like anything!

    Do you have any plans to include a post for best fb apps for X10 and best twitter apps for X10?

    It would be really cool… 🙂

    Also I use the following apps to completely replace my timescape and mediascape! I use tweetdeck(still in beta, and free, not available in market)
    museek/doubletwist player(free, available in market)
    justpictures(free, available in market)

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