AmbientTime Lite-Just Screensaver of Home & Tips to get Most out of Android Market

Did you love the AmbeintTime Home Launcher by SE Japan? I guess most of you did! But many of you encountered a lot of problems with it! Like Widgets being Cut off and slowness or lag and also the worst of them, Default Swype Lock Keep re-appearing! Right?
And many of you just wished that, Lock Screen should be hacked or ported. So, to match up your requests, i would like to introduce this Screensaver or Night Stand clock by SE Japan. This is the one which has been further developed to build the AmbeintTime Home by SE Japan.
I guess most of you are not aware of this app and it is quite close to what you were actually requesting. This one just doesn’t include the Unlock bubble. But does almost everything else. 🙂
You would probably like to Switch to this one and play with the Colors for some time and almost any button you hit on your phone would disable this. So not very convenient if you like to have more security. So this is more of a screensaver than a Screen lock. But if you don’t consider any screen lock to be really secure then you can probably make this one as default.

If you noticed the Picture clearly, yo must have seen there is a market link screenshot as well. Remember the AmbientTime Home Launcher is restricted to only Japan users and NttDoCoMo X10 users can get their hands on it! But Now you can get it from the market as well. Err, no you don’t need to rush to your X10’s Android Market now! This has not been released to Global market as of now! There is a trick to get it of Android Market no matter where you are! 😉

There is a very nifty Program available for download which enables Full Market to any country. The app is called Market Enabler. Although, Google has enabled Android Market and in Many countries with support to Buying of paid Apps. But still there are a lot of countries who do not have access to Full and Paid Android Market Access. So, this app proves to be really handy to get full access. Plus, it also lets you get some apps that are not available in your Region like the AmbientTime Home. 😀 The only catch here is that it needs root permissions. So if you didn’t root your Xperia X10 yet, Root your Xperia X10 the easy way-One Click Method!

Latest Version : Market Enabler v3.0.8

Developers Website : Market Enabler by Andrea Baccega

Type : Free

Download ( apk ) : Market Enabler v3.0.8 to enable Full Paid Android Market Access

Tips to get AmbientTime Home from Android Market
– Download Market Enabler v3.0.8 apk from the Link above and install it on your Android Phone.
– Open Market Enabler on your phone and Press ” Save Current Settings “. This is in case you want to revert back to the original settings.
– Navigate to ” Set Custom ” and enter ” 44010 ” and save the settings.
– All set! Go to market and search AmbeintTime! You’ll get both AmbientTime Home and AmbientTime Lite.
– Enjoy! 😀

You can browse the Japanese Market to find some really cool apps that you might have never heard the otherway. And return to your original market anytime using Restore Original Settings from Market Enabler. 🙂
But i would really like to recommend you to browse the market. Japanese and Chinese come up with really cool Android Apps. 🙂 Would come up with detailed review of few we can use in few days! Watch out for this space!
If you have any suggestion,feedback,request or any question, feel free to express yourself in the comment section. Any input is greatly appreciated. We are striving hard to get better! Do join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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12 thoughts on “AmbientTime Lite-Just Screensaver of Home & Tips to get Most out of Android Market

    1. Even if u get Android Market by some workaround or trick, market would not work as it’s not allowed in your country! Like my friend tried to use android market in dubai on her android phone from India, and it didn’t download any apps! But if you plan to use your android phone outside uae n dont have market..then I can help!

  1. Manish,

    I have installed the Market Enabler and set the settings to 44010..But still i am not able to see any Ambient Time apps in Market.

    I am in US .. i am able to see only US apss..can u please help me..Thanks..

  2. Manish, I have installed AmbientTime Lite on X10 mini pro, and now I can’t get to any apps as pressing the home or any button at the clock wall paper does not trigger any response. How can i un-install?


  3. I have a problem of downloading any app from the android market! im using x10 running on 2.1
    …..when googled i found a solution to uninstall market updates.i di it! now my market looks different from its first look but still not able to download any app from market! downloading starts bt suddenly goes off! when checked in the notification area it says downloading but there wont be any percentage of download! please help |! i desperately want to download apps now!

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