Chrome2Phone for Xperia X10 before Eclair or Froyo Update,using LinkPush-Tips & Tricks

I know all Xperia X10 owners are fed up of waiting for Android 2.1, Ecalir Firmware update. The Eclair Firmware Update for Xperia X10 has been delayed till Oct End by Sony Ericsson. So, i decided to get the most wanted features on Eclair on Xperia X10 with Android 2.1, either through hacks or Workarounds. Continuing with my previous efforts of,
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Now lets find a workaround for most appreciated feature from Android 2.2, Froyo – Chrome2Phone or Fox2Phone! 🙂
Just download Linkpush on your Android Phone and install the Chorme plugin and you are food to go! This can’t get simpler than this! This is no rocket science, it just uses your Gmail account to send emails to your phone! And if you give the permission to Gtalk as well, you’ll receive the Notification in your Phone when you push a link on your Phone from Chrome! 🙂


Configuring this feature doesn’t take long and you would find this extremely useful when you start using it! 🙂
Step to get Chrome2Phone on your Xperia X10
– Download the Chrome Extension of Linkpush and install it!
– Or if you Use Firefox, use this LinkPush Plugin for Firefox.
– Login to the LinkPush using your Gmail ID that you use in your Android Phone.
– Install Linkpush on your Android Device using this QR Code below!

– Login to LinkPush on your phone using the same Gmail ID.
– It’s done! Start pushing links from your Chrome Browser!

Worried that you don’t use Chrome or firefox! Don’t worry, you need not to switch to Chrome for this, just use the Code below and save it as Bookmarklet in your Browser. And click on the Bookmarklet and the link your address bar will be pushed to your phone! 🙂

As i said this is no rocket Science and uses Gmail to achieve this. There are other apps like Appbrain also providing this, but then it doesn’t provide you with Extension in your browser to push links to your phone! 🙂 Enjoy the latest Android 2.2, Froyo feature on your Xperia X10. We will Update you with the Latest Android 2.1, Eclair update for Xperia X10 when it arrives. Stay Tuned! Let us know what feature you would like to see on your Xperia X10 before the Actual Update comes! 😀

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