Finally Eclair,Android 2.1 firmware update rolls out for Xperia X10-Flash Files Soon

So, after the long wait of around 7months after the Xperia X10 was launched, it finally is receiving Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware Update! 🙂 There is no official Declaration as of yet, but people are starting to receive it through their SEUS Pro Accounts! Which actually means that it’s not out for public yet, but then it would be out in an hour or so! 🙂
So, Do refresh your Xperia X10 and SEUS/ PC Companion to check if you receive the Update today! 🙂 I would rather recomed you to try to RE-Install the Firmware and check if SEUS is downloading the latest firmware for you or not?

For records, the latest firmware ( as reported yet ) is around 162.3 Mb while the R2BA026 firmware for Xperia X10 was around 143MB. So, if you see SEUS downloading 143Mb files then just quit the downloading process and wait a bit more!

Here are the first live pics of the Updated Xperia X10 with Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware straight from SEUS Pro Account!


The Only information R3b0rn at XDA is giving presently that,
– Update is 162.3Mb
– Build : 2.0.A.0.504
And for the Community, he is uploading his downloaded files so that Someone at XDA can decrypt it for the X10 Flash Tool. Yes that means you can easily download and flash it on your Xperia X10. Lets hope the FlashTool works for Android 2.1, Eclair as well! Fingers Crossed!

Here are the Crypted Eclair Firmware Files – Download if you know how to use them! ( I don’t know yet! )

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10 thoughts on “Finally Eclair,Android 2.1 firmware update rolls out for Xperia X10-Flash Files Soon

  1. hi manish
    i own an xperia “”””” X10a “”” which my bro sent me frm australia. its with r2ba023 firmware,
    i asked se authorised serivce centre to change the formware to indian firmware. they said they will do. but the thing is they r not technically sound, i would like to confrm with u once wether i can do the firmware update to indian firmware, as i heard that indian firmware is for xperia “””X10i”””. please help me wth this wether its safe to load indian firmware in my xperia “””X10a”””
    thanks dude in advance.

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