Get Froyo’s Full Android Market Paid Apps Access on Xperia X10 & Others-Tips & Tricks

Don’t be confused, it’s not the same Tutorial i just published about getting Full Android Market Paid Apps Access in all countries over the World. This one has a twist to it. 🙂
We all know that Google has extended Paid Apps support to 32 Countries! And the best Part is now you can view Apps Price in your Currency! Cool! Isn’t it? This is now live Across all the 32 Countries. But many of us are still using the Old Android Market with just the Paid Apps viewing and Buying Pleasure! I mean theres a lot more to it!
The New Android Market has all the Features of Android Froyo, 2.2 like Automatic Updating of Apps and Update All!

Android Dev said through Twitter that this would eventually come to all Android Users but this is a silent update, you won’t get any notification or anything! So, there is no way to trigger the Android Market Update manually. I mean this would come eventually to you after some time, but this wait is not worth!
You can’t miss the Latest Features of Froyo’s Android market on your Android Phone for anything,
– Automatic Updating of Apps,
– Update All feature
– Real Time Search Suggestions
– Better Commets ( New Tab )
– Faster and Stable
– New Icon 😉

So, heres a workaround to push that Market Update on your Android Phone! This includes using Market Enabler App that will also let you browse apps of different regions! This is a must have for People who are still in countries where there in no Paid Apps Android Market Support Yet! This would turn out to be really handy!
This app does reset the data stored in your Phones memory that recognises that you have already accepted the Android Market Terms and Conditions and probably the Market Updater Data as well. I did try to Clean those data from Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications! But that didn’t work!
This App works but it requires you to have your Android Phone rooted! So, if you haven’t rooted your Android Phone, you can use this Universal Androoid Rooting App, which is as simple as a Click. 🙂 Root it now! 🙂

Latest Version : MarketAccess v1.0.6

Developer’s Website : MarketAccess by CrazyCoder

Type : Free

Download ( apk ) : MarketAccess v1.0.6 to get Froyo’s Full Paid Market Access with Automatic Updating Support

Just Download the App, Install and Fake Any Location but please save the Default values, first! ( Or Follow the Step by Step Guide with different app listed here! And after faking any provider, Open the Android Market, You will be asked to Accept Android Market Terms and Conditions. Accept that, and you’ve got the LAtest Android Market On your Xperia X10 or any other Android Handset for that Matter! 😀


Now, if you are thinking, why should you prefer this over the most popular Market Enabler, then read the quoted about text from Official Sources! 🙂

MarketAccess is a complete rewrite of the MarketEnabler. It is an application which emulates the SIM card of the chosen operator and makes paid apps accessible in the Android Market. You need it if you want to buy apps and games from Market, but Market is not (yet) available in your country or for your operator.

Plus this supports, Enabled Full Market Access Support even after you reboot your Phone. This has also support for Android 2.2, Froyo while Market Enabler is only supported for Devices with Android 1.6, Donut or Below!

Go and Enjoy the New Android market on your Android Phone Now! 🙂 If you have any suggestion,feedback,request or any question, feel free to express yourself in the comment section. Any input is greatly appreciated. We are striving hard to get better! Do join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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