More Details on Xperia X10 Eclair,Android 2.1 Firmware Update & Features by SE Italy

Remember some crisp details on Features that will be Included in Xperia X10’s Eclair, Android 2.1 Firmware Update by SE France. Sony Ericsson seems to be opening up with their customers at different Blogs and FB pages. SE France at FB Page also bravely answered most of the Critical Questions about Sony Ericsson’s Upgrade plan and others like Opening Bootloader, Upgrade to Froyo, Android 2.2, etc. Read more about it, here!

The news still remains the same with no further addition to it, Xperia X10 Eclair update will be rolling out starting from OCt End and gradually will roll out to different parts of the world ( with Different Kits! ) This indirectly means that Xperia X10 branded with Different Operator will get Android 2.1, Eclair by Mid to End November! so, if your Xperia X10 is Operator branded or have some regional branding to it, then you need to actually worry about the time you’ll be getting Eclair on your Xperia X10!
As, Sony Ericsson France, SE Italy also responded to un-ending questions by Xperia X10 users about the Eclair update and time when it will be launched. The approach seems very similar to what Sony Ericsson France had on the Facebook. ( *Hints at some planned execution for the Update marketing! Will touch on this in the end of the Article! )

Not only the approach, many of the Answers coincides with what SE France told us! ( Look at the Sony Ericsson’s France Update on Eclair for Xperia X10 ). So, i would only point out to new details that has been pointed out by SE Italy. 🙂 If you want to read the whole Update note by Sony Ericsson France, please head to their FB Page!

Q: Why did it take so long?
A: The year 2010 was a year of major transition for Sony Ericsson. Even if we spent more time than the competition to reach the market with the Android operating system, now we have completed the process of realignment and we are ready to continue with Android.

The 2.1 update, with all the customization it offers, brings the experience of users with mobile phone on a par, if not longer, than that offered by the best devices on the market today. We are continuing to bring in an ever more rapid future products to the latest version of Android.

Q: Why 2.1 and not 2.2?
A: If we had decided to directly implement the version 2.2 it would take longer to get updates on the Android Market. We examined the main differences between the two versions of the platform and we concluded that the benefits of 2.2 were not sufficient to justify the delay of the project to accommodate the latest software. Along with the Sony Ericsson Update owners, we believe that the final result is on par, if not better, than last installation Android 2.2.
Q: Why not multi touch / active sync?
A: Active sync – Native support for Active Sync on Android 2.1 only supports the synchronization of email and contacts. We wanted to offer a better solution than that, including the software Moxier (for X10) and RoadSync (for X10mini/pro). Both offer superior performance compared to native Exchange Support. If / when the functionality of Active sync Android will be more efficient than third-party solutions, we’ll use, but not before.

As anticipated at launch, there are plans that provide for multi-touch on the X10 or X10 mini / mini pro. These plans have not changed.

Q: Will be available updates Xperia ™ family to future versions of Android?
A: We are planning another update to bring new features to the range of Xperia ™ smartphone at the beginning of 2011 and currently does not evaluate or exclude upgrade the system Android. Our highest priority is the User Experience, and any released update will focus on this aspect.

Currently, Google has publicly confirmed its plan to release up to version 2.2. As a partner to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Google are in continuous dialogue about the future release of Android, and how they can be best integrated into the Sony Ericsson portfolio. The dynamic nature of the Internet world means that the roadmap and upgrade plans are constantly reviewed to provide the best user experience possible and take advantage of innovations as it happens.

What we can say is that Android is absolutely central to our product portfolio for 2010 and 2011. We are committed to releasing the latest versions in our portfolio as soon as possible, both as an upgrade on existing phones in both next-generation products.

For the new generation of Xperia smartphones in 2011 we will present the latest version of Android placed at our disposal.

Q: In previous updates, you had problems that caused the crash of mobile phones. What have you done to ensure that this does not happen again, and what should people do if the update crashes the phone?
A: We spent a long time for the update is stable, secure, scalable, and are sure that nothing will happen as close to the problems caused by some updates.

However, as with all software upgrades, there is the possibility that things can go wrong. Our customer service will be fully informed about and if anyone should have questions or problems arise that you contact your local customer service. Full details are available at / support

Q: The update can be done over the air?
A: No

Q: I am a Mac user How do I upgrade?
A: Unfortunately, when Sony Ericsson PC Companion works only with Windows operating system then updates the phone can not be run on a Mac

Q: It ‘s possible return to 1.6 if I do not like the upgrade?
A: No, not possible.

I guess this probably sums up the whole thing, No Return Back to Android 1.6 once you upgraded your Xperia X10 to Android 2.1, Eclair. You can’t Upgrade using a Mac. Active Sync has probably been ruled out of X10’s Eclair Update! Next update would be in Q1 Next year, which might or night not get Android Update ( might very well skip to Gingerbread if they ever do, as they didn’t find the differences in Android 2.1,Eclair & 2.2,Froyo to be worth the wait! 😀 )!

And if you go with the Rumors, SE is coming up with Adverts for their new Eclair Update for Xperia X10 family. Infact the new Xperia X10’s available after the Update will have Android 2.1 and HD Video Logo on the Box of Xperia X10. It’s almost like re-launching the same product again! The Marketing is redoing the same stuff all over again to get Xperia X10 back on track and make it competitive to other Android Phone in it’s class! Will it work? I guess with minds behind the Product Testing Videos can obviously relaunch the same product again and grab the market share again! 😀

If you haven’t heard about the latest android 2.1, Eclair update for Xperia X10-sneak Preview, then you missed a lot,
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Xperia X10 Android 2.1,Eclair Details-Features & Launch date by Sony Ericsson France

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Credits : Technical Details on Display from MSDN blogs

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9 thoughts on “More Details on Xperia X10 Eclair,Android 2.1 Firmware Update & Features by SE Italy

    1. Google didn’t release anything about Gingerbread yet nor it’s minimum requirements. The Minimum requirement of Gingerbread of 512Mb RAM is just a rumor. So, it’s too early to comment on that! Will keep you posted on this, and any gingerbread news i get!

  1. There something very strange. I don’t think hardware limitation should be a reason for not updating X10 to Android 2.2( as it is being told by the SE people). If we look at the h/w specifications of Motorola Droid: and that of X10: , we can see that the X10 h/w is much superior than the Droid. So I think if SE wants, X10 can definitely be update to Android 2.2

  2. I think X10 can definitely be updated to Android 2.2 but there is something with SE which is preventing it from this update. May be SE is planning to come up with a new handset with Android 2.2 which would later be updated to Gingerbread. But if this is the case, it is definitely not the right approach.
    If we go by the h/w specs of Motorola Droid: and the h/w specs of X10: , we can see that the h/w of X10 is much better than that of Droid. Above all this, Droid runs Froyo, then why can’t X10?

  3. What’s this… “there are plans that provide for mult-touch on Xperia X10, these plans have not changed”? Wasn’t there hardware limitations for this? Wasn’t it concluded that multi-touch will never come to Xperia X10!?!

  4. What is wrong with SE??? They have specified that the Xperia X10 has a new update on their site with the date as Nov 1st 2010. Tried to update using Update service and then with the PC companion, both failed. Got a message saying that the software is up to date. I mean come on…why update the India page on the SE site telling people that the update is ready and not providing it to anyone…Its been so long coming, the 2.1 update and now this…. Really PATHETIC SE..You have lost my respect and most probably my patronage :@
    I just wish someone shakes them out of their incompetence!!!!!!!

    1. For all those who are getting message
      “Your phone is up to date”
      check your PC Companion setting
      Make sure it is set to
      check for updates : next time phone is connected
      and then try it.

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