Must Have Top 10 Android Apps after Android 2.1,Eclair update on Xperia X10 family-Part1

Android 2.1, Eclair for Xperia X10 Family is just around the corner and you might get it on your Xperia X10 from Oct 31, Sunday! Yes that is today evening! πŸ™‚ I guess we all would eventually get the update by November end. But then after updating my phone to Android 2.1, Eclair i would definitely enjoy the new features added by Sony Ericsson but also the app support that it will get. I mean there are a lot of apps that is not supported on Android 1.6 Donut presently and we can’t access it. 😐
But after getting the Android 2.1, Eclair we will have access to those apps! I have compiled a list of Top 10 Must have apps after you update to Android 2.1, Eclair. Try them as soon as you get the update today in the evening! Ofcourse after checking out the cool features added by Sony Ericsson. πŸ™‚ Without wasting much time, lets have a look at the top 10 apps for your Xperia X10 family phone with Android 2.1 πŸ™‚

The Officail Version of Twitter app for Android is only avialable for Android 2.1 and above users. So as soon as you update your Xperia X10 Family phone, to Android 2.1, Eclair download this to get the best Tweeting experience! I do have other personal favourites for using twitter, but i do want to try this one for the praises this one had! Quoting directly from the official blog, ” Twitter for Android is a fantastic application to use, and sharing any link or photo is super simple too – just look for the share button in your favorite application and choose Twitter.
Reading tweets is easy in a bunch of places on your phone. Quickly access your timeline with the home screen widget, view a tweet location on a map, and see your friend’s latest tweet in your phonebook, GoogleTalk list or any application that uses Android’s QuickContact bar. ”

Latest Version : Twitter v1.0.4

Developers Website : Twitter by Twitter Inc.

Type : Free

Download :

[ad] It’s probably the best Home Launcher app on android Market and it’s the fastest as well. This one goes for the must have android app. It probably beats ADW launcher at a few places and is worth all the hype with all those Froyo like popups and customized widgets. πŸ™‚

– Super-smooth scrolling
– Animated screen previews (like ExposΓ© or HTC Sense)
– Up to 7 home screens
– App drawer (2D and 3D!) with a fly-in effect and smooth scrolling
– Scrollable shortcut dock

Latest Version : LauncherPRO v0.8.1.1

Developers Website : LauncherPRO by Federico

Type : Free/Paid with more Features on LauncherPRO Plus

Download :

Yahoo! Mail & Messenger
This is the official app for Yahoo mail and Messenger on Android and does all problems of not having a proper app for accessing Yahoo on your Android device. This again is only available for Android 2.1 and above devices. Download this as soon as you get Eclair on your Xperia X10. This is also a must have app for all android 2.1 and above users. Let us know if you have some other ways of accessing yahoo! on your Android phone!

Here’s the Full Review : Official Yahoo Mail,Messenger and Search Widget for Xperia X10

Latest Version : Yahoo! Mail v1.0.4 & Yahoo! Messenger v1.0.2

Developers Website : Yahoo! Mail & Messenger by Yahoo! Inc.

Type : Free

Download :

Vlingo: Words to Action
So what if you can’t get Google Voice Actions on your Xperia X10 without Froyo Update! We can still have almost the same functionality on our Xperia X10 with Vlingo! You completely handsfree with this amazing app! Quoting directly from the Official description of the app, ” Now with the InCar beta, Vlingo is the first & only way to send/receive messages, make calls, & get directions completely hands free!
Vlingo’s intelligent voice application turns your words into actions. Speak to send texts & emails, web search, update Facebook/Twitter/foursquare, find & call any business & much more. ”

Latest Version : Vlingo: Words to Action v2.0.2

Developers Website : Vlingo: Words to Action by Vlingo Corp.

Type : Free

Download :

Dolphin Browser HD
The HD Version of one of the best Android Browsers which has Multi-touch inbuilt with Pinch Zoom gestures. I know we can’t use it. But still you would try it once, wouldn’t you? πŸ˜›
Heres are it’s features,
– Cache to SD
– Keep Screen On
– Orientation option
– Private browsing without history
– Delete All bookmarks
– FC Recovery
– Page Management via Address bar
– Multi-language support ( 12 languages )
– Bookmarks Folder support

Latest Version : Dolphin Browserβ„’ HD V4.0

Developers Website : Dolphin Browser HD by Dolphin Browser

Type : Free

Download :

Okay, this is getting too long and i would preferably break this into two post! It’s too tiring to compile this post! Will try to add the second part as soon as i can. And moreover theres no hurry, we won’t get the update before evening anyways. πŸ˜› LEt us know your suggestions about what should i add to this list. I already have 10-15 more apps to add to this list. Let us know your favorites. πŸ™‚

[ UPDATE ] : The Second Part is now Up and you can check the rest of the Entry here,
Must Have Top 10 Android Apps after Android 2.1,Eclair update on Xperia X10 family-Part2

Feel Free to let us know know your Opinion about the same in the comments section! πŸ™‚ Stay tuned for further updates on Android 2.1, Eclair for Xperia X10. Do Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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5 thoughts on “Must Have Top 10 Android Apps after Android 2.1,Eclair update on Xperia X10 family-Part1

  1. Hi Manish, is there any update to Google Maps for the hacked version, which allows free navigation outside the US? I have it on my mobile. I was just wondering if there’s been an update lately since I downloaded this a few months ago using the link from this blog.


  2. Good list so far, I’m looking forward to the rest of it! Perhaps you can make it top 15 apps instead of 10? (If you have the time of course) πŸ™‚
    I’ve yet to try the following but I’ve heard good things and can’t wait to try it on 2.1: -Widgetlocker: customize the unlock screen –> source: -Video Caller ID: Allows videos to be used as caller ID instead of just a picture!! –> source

    Perhaps you can help me with the last bit, I know Flash 10.1 is only for Froyo but I’ve heard of running Flash lite 4 on 2.1. Have any idea if and how this is possible?

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