Q&A on Unlocking BootLoader,16m color,Multitouch,PS3 & Froyo on Xperia X10 by SE France

Recently, Sony Ericsson France have Discussed the Most important Changes( out of 100’s changes that Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware Update is going to bring to Xperia X10 ) in Xperia X10 with Android 2.1, Eclair Update coming by OCt/Nov this year! They have also done an intensive Q’s and A’s at their Facebook Page. This covers most of the frequently asked question by users of Xperia X10 in anticipation of Xperia X10’s Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware Update.

If you have any other questions, besides the huge list of questions answered, please feel free to ask through Comments section! 🙂

Q: Why I galley to take a day without charging my phone?
A: All smartphones on the market are large consumers of energy because of the wide usage possibilities they offer (internet, applications, video, music, photography ….) Related to various technologies (3G, wifi, bluetooth … ). Battery life depends entirely on your usage: number of widgets connected to the Internet, many open applications, features in use (Bluetooth, WLAN, data) if you are traveling a lot the power required to connect the antennas will be larger, the use of Internet, voice, statements automated emails, etc … It is all vary more or less your independence. The latest software update improves the autonomy significantly.

Q: Why when I type a message, and I turned the vibration of my keys, the phone freezes at times to vibrate for a few seconds? Why is the “key” space hangs when typing too fast? Why my phone rings but sometimes the answer button does not appear?
A: These improvements will be made during the 2.1 update

Q: Why is the phone is not multitouch?
A: There are no plans now include this feature on the X10.
Q: Why put a bootloader on an open source OS?
A: The bootloader is a security software to avoid installing another OS on our products. We guarantee vis-à-vis our customers the proper functioning of our phones with a clever hardware / software. The act of installing another OS on our Smartphones systematically cancels 2 years warranty for our products. We use this method as most manufacturers.

Q: Why LCD TFT 65K is not 16 million colors on the X10?
A: The screen of the X10 is actually 65k which allows a very qualitative display photos and video. The number of color is not the only performance criterion of a screen. For information on the screen of the X10 has one of the best resolutions of the market (854×480) on a screen 4 ‘in true 16:9.

Q: Flash player?
A: The flash player will be available from Froyo version 2.2. However, read a website in flash requires significant processing resources which may miss a Smartphone. As I mentioned earlier our research and development teams are currently assessing the possibilities of implementing Froyo 2.2 on the X10.

Q: The quality of the camera going to be improved?
A: The X10 can take pictures up to 8MP resolution with autofocus electronic stabilizer. In addition, we integrated an innovative face recognition. There is to date no changes planned features of the camera.

Q: Why will launch applications while the phone is in standby?
A: Some applications “Taskiller” show several applications such as “open”. However they are not necessarily in use (and do not consume slowdown motive), but simply available on standby. This has no impact on either independence or the speed of the mobile.

Q: Why not zoom to the pictures (I liked to zoom)?
A: There are many digital zoom on the X10 when taking photos. It is also available on video. It is activated with the side keys + and -. The zoom is not available on X10mini.

Q: I am looking desperately to the clipboard or selected text is saved?
A: This feature is not available.

Q: Why can not lower the sound volume for the alarm clock (it’s great to wake up with no fanfare next to you)?
A: It’s quite possible on the X10. Just turn the volume down when selecting the ringtone when setting the alarm. This is not possible on X10mini and X10minipro.

Q: Will there is an interconnection with the PS3
A: So far this interconnection is not provided.

Above were technical questions related to Android 2.1, Eclair on Xperia X10 or in general some tips and tricks as well. 🙂 IF you have any other questions, feel free to ask us! 🙂
On being asked about their strategy, they have a very interesting thing to say to their facebook fans,
We are also working on launching new products with major innovations in the coming months. We follow a clearly defined plan of ads that do not allow us to say more today. However, I wish this information to announce new products / services on a preferred basis. We can consider the sessions of presentations and forums dedicated to specific discussions with you on these nouveautés
Well, there are some interesting Announcements lined up in the coming months by Sony Ericsson. Xperia X11 and Xperia X12 maybe? Sit tight! 🙂

What future updates on the X10 after version 2.1?
Google has announced version 2.2 which Froyo Android succeed Flash version 2.1. We work closely with Google on the integration of this release on our products. We are being tested to assess improvements in the overall performance of the product.
As you may be found with some Smartphones on the market, updating software is not always better overall performance. It is sometimes strongly discouraged due to the limitations it can generate for the user (slow, bug, crash ….).

We are extremely vigilant to ensure that each update brings a real improvement in overall performance of our products and want to take all these parameters into consideration.
For these reasons, I can not connect you to date accurate information on the availability of the Android version 2.2. I pledge to come back to you as soon as this information will be confirmed.

When is the updated version of X10 Android 2.1?
This is a recurring issue and made by most of vous.Une announcement was recently made a blog informing a Sony Ericsson availability of Android 2.1 update for the X10 from the end of the month October. This information does, however, that some countries in the world with the validation process quickly. For other countries, the development and validation processes are more complex and therefore longer. For this reason, the updated version 2.1 of Android X10 for France should be available in late November and may vary by operators.

Why that date?
As I mentioned earlier, the process of updating software is complex and must take into account a lot of parameters specific to each country and operator. This makes it very difficult any firm commitment on a date for availability of these updates.
In addition, each manufacturer sets its own requirements in terms of quality and performance that affect more or less on time. Regarding Sony Ericsson we want, in addition to the upgrade 2.1, enrich the proposal with the video recording 720p HD.
Connection will provide you an update that will significantly improve the performance of your X10.

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7 thoughts on “Q&A on Unlocking BootLoader,16m color,Multitouch,PS3 & Froyo on Xperia X10 by SE France

  1. I dont really care about MT but did the PR say that the X10 screen can only support 65K colors and there is no way to get 16m colors on it even with 2.1?!!

    and regarding flash, they will port flash player from Froyo? if so will we be able to watch movies on netflix site?

  2. To SE

    If are reading this comment .. here is what i have to say

    ” I will personally see to that no one ever buys next phone from you until you give your loyal customers who spent huge money to buy this phone … Do you really think that by delaying updates and giving us nothing will encourage the community to buy your next phone ? ”

    – Very frustrated SE FAN !!

    1. That is Flash Lite. And It would be ported to Xperia X10 eventually if Root is acquired after the Update. I will come up with many workarounds after the Eclair Update, watch out for this space! 😉 But you won’t see Adobe Flash on Xperia X10 from Sony Ericsson in Android 2.1, Eclair firmware update for Xperia X10.
      Sony Ericsson has put up a great alternative to Flash – HTML5 on the Eclair Update for Xperia X10. Lets see how useful that proves to be!

  3. Hi Manish!

    As I read the articles about the future Froyo update of X10 I have a feeling that SE is hiding the truth behind the waffle… i think because of SE’s bussines politics. I think they will tell, that X10’s hardware isn’t strong enough to run properly 2.2 and user experience etc etc…(what about M Droid…) or they delay the update to uncertain time. IMHO if they update X10 to 2.2 before they come out with the new phone running the latest android os (Froyo at the moment), they couldn’t sell it to those (faithful) SE customers, who are unsatisfied with 2.1. With this bussines politics they have a good chance to convince these customers to change their phones to the new one (exspecialy if they announce the 3.0 update to the new phones few weeks after debut). Because to tell the truth X10 is a good phone… and if it had Froyo, SE should come out with one of hell invent to persuade the X10 owners. What’s your opinion?

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