Xperia X10 Android 2.1,Eclair Details-Features & Launch date by Sony Ericsson France

Xperia X10 Family updates will recieve Android 2.1, eclair from October/November! This update was originally planned for LAte Q3, that is by last week of September. This was announced by Sony Ericsson through their Product Launch Blog a week ago!
That created a huge rage among all the Xperia X10 owners and it’s all over the web now! People are switching phones and selling them on ebay for really low prices for really low prices as much as half of it’s original price!

But, things have started to cool down as the details of Xperia X10’s Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware update started to surface from the Sony Ericsson’s side. I mean there were a lot of rumors previously, about the Changelog of Android 2.1, Eclair on Xperia X10. But now, there are a few official Sources that have come forward to disclose various changes and feature additions with Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware update on Xperia X10. πŸ™‚

Sony Ericsson France have answered a lot of questions about Xperia X10 through Facebook, and to directly quote them ( using Google Translator )

What are the enhancements to Android 2.1 update on the X10?

The list of improvements is long, since it includes more than 100 but the key here:

720p HD video recording : A new icon will appear in the HD video capture mode and will be selected by default. The auto-focus can operate continuously providing crisp images even in motion. Filming in HD will post a video on YouTube even more qualitative.
Autonomy increases by 30% approximately as laboratory tests. This improvement is achieved by a combination of version 2.1 and better task management on the OS. In charging, the X10 will not turn on and displays a status icon support.

New simpler, automated directory : it can automatically import his contacts from Facebook and Twitter with their profile picture. These new contacts if they merge with the existing match (name). Moreover, clicking on the contact picture is accessed shortcuts handy to call, make an SMS, write an email, posting on the wall or twitter without going into the contact card.

2 times more space to view applications and widgets on the offices: the X10 from 3 offices in 5 offices. Each office can now show 20 items instead of 16. By long pressing position indicators offices bottom of the screen, the user views the miniature vignettes 5 offices and can click it to access it directly. Other interface improvements, except for new screen transition effects specific to Flash, the wallpaper can be animated and Sony Ericsson offers a selection of 11 animated wallpapers very aesthetic and entertaining.

The screen lock and call their old skin : the new lock screen displays the battery level and the call screen displays icons for direct access to the directory, the speaker, the mute and keypad.

Combination of all email boxes : the new version of X10 combines several boxes emails (gmail and other providers) in a single interface. Counters and new messages are added in this single inbox.

New step by step guide : a new application used to configure the X10 easier by guiding the user through the steps to import your contacts, set up the WiFi, the gmail account and to synchronize with google sync.

Support of HTML5 while browsing internet and Bluetooth 2.1

The above probably sums up everything presently! The New Social Phonebook would be really interesting! Lets see what they did to the Call screen. He also states that, Update will be through SEUS and the OTA. As reported earlier, the Second update- UXP Update would be the OTA one and the present update would through SEUS or PC Companion.

On Android 2.2, Froyo on Xperia X10, he has to say that it’s still unplanned and Sony Ericsson Developers are assessing the probability and feasibility of Froyo on Xperia X10. As updates not always improves the Overall performance. It’s strongly discouraged due to the limitations it can generate for the user (slow, bug, crash ….). We are extremely vigilant to ensure that each update brings a real improvement in overall performance of our products and want to take all these parameters into consideration. So, for now, it’s still un-decided as of yet!
Trust me on this, we are never gonna see Froyo,Android 2.2 on Xperia X10 from Sony Ericsson’s Side atleast. ( although i strongly want to get proved wrong this time! )

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16 thoughts on “Xperia X10 Android 2.1,Eclair Details-Features & Launch date by Sony Ericsson France

    1. It’s a Google Translation, so there are few mistakes. Sorry for it! I don’t understand French! Anyways, that meant
      Now instead of 4×4 icons on One Homescreen, there will be 5×4 icons in one home screen plus there will be 5 Homescreens in place of 3. So, he wanted to emphasize on the fact of more room for your widgets on the Homescreen. πŸ™‚

      And there will be some Screen indicator at the bottom which would tell you your current Homescreen position. And long pressing the dots would present you a small screenshot of all the Homescreens and you can then select the Homescreen that you want to get to! πŸ™‚

    1. I don’t understand French and neither did Google Translate help me with this one? Please use English!
      Anyways, if you asked about the exact Date of Android 2.1, Eclair Update for Xperia X10, then it’s not confirmed yet! 😐

      1. He was asking I think for the release date of the eclair firmware, but it is badly written.

        In the interview, they say that french users will have the update at the end of november. Yes, that is a two months delay for one of the biggest X10 market.

    1. I guess Sony Ericsson won’t make it to 16m colors. It might be causing some battery or stability issues. Else, getting it out with the UXP upgrade makes no sense either. Well, they have fine tuned the Colors on this update and is more brighter than before. Somehow color banding isn’t obvious as it was before.
      Lets wait for the final version of Android 2.1, Eclair on Xperia X10. πŸ™‚

    1. No confirmations yet! Can’t really test that on a Beta Firmware! No words from Sony Ericsson either! Doesn’t seem like it would be addressed. Will keep you posted if i get to know anything! You can follow us on Facebook & Twitter or sign up for our Newsletter! πŸ™‚

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