Android 2.2,Froyo,UXP & Multitouch for Xperia X10 in Q1 2011-Bert Nordberg or Fake ID?

Well, the title says it all. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will be upgraded to Android 2.2, Froyo with Multi-touch Support on Xperia X10 in Q1,2011. And this not coming from anyone else, it’s tweeted by CEO of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg.
We all knew that Xperia X10 will receive Multitouch ( or Dual Touch Support ) in Q1, 2011 through an OTA update in the phone itself. Sony Ericsson announced this through it’s Product Launch Blog and also demonstrated an earlier version of how the Multi-touch would behave like after it gets the update. But now the official statement by Bert Nordberg himself about the Upgrade to Android 2.2, Froyo will definitely bring some joy to Xperia X10 owners. This actually also coincides with the UXP Update Time frame for Xperia X10. The UXP update will also see huge improvements in Timescape and Mediascape. Rumored 3D Mediascape and Timescape with much more enhanced capabilities are on the cards with the UXP update as for the rumors.
The only thing that would keep the users more interested is when the update of Froyo would begin? Q1 definitely means March 31st. And that would make the update obsolete again. Will keep you updated on the Froyo Update for Xperia X10. Stay tuned. 🙂

[ad] Well Bert Nordberg is also teasing with Tweets like ” Tegra 2… ” & ” Sony Ericsson’s New Phones, Xperia X… , …. , … And .any More… ” & ” Busy 🙁 “.
This definitely means there are a lot of new phones in the Xperia Lineup and also a new Tegra2 Dual Core Phone? A lot of excitement coming up. OH WAIT!!
Did i tell you that the Twitter account i’m talking off which has been retweeted more than 1000times since the tweet is not yet an Twitter Verified Profile. So, chances are more likely that it could be a Fake Profile! Well, he tweeted actively today only and his last tweet was on July 3rd and May. So, we are still trying to cross check the person who is tweeting all this. For now don’t get your hopes too high! Will keep you posted on Froyo Official Update for Xperia X10. Stay Tuned.

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12 thoughts on “Android 2.2,Froyo,UXP & Multitouch for Xperia X10 in Q1 2011-Bert Nordberg or Fake ID?

  1. ya as u said , 2.2 in march 2011 would mean obsolete …

    anyway , i think by this year end members at XDA would crack that bootloader and refine he ASOP 2.2 rom , which is already released … already x10 benchmark has surpassed all other phones.So all i am waiting is a stable 2.2 release from xda.. nothing more.. actually 2.1 + root + theme mod , i am actually happy with above said … phone is fast , pictures are great.. so 2.2 would be additional bonus…

    one more thing manish , the site loading is taking pretty long time , do check for culprit script or move to better hosting …

  2. hello manish

    although xperia x10 2.1 software has increased the problem of the device but i am having some serious problems with my camera

    ever since i repaired it for the not getting messages problem, now i am facing with a strange problem of sometimes getting unknown error during making hd videos n sometimes it works great but sometimes gives me unknown error during making hd video n its so irritating n while i am making a video n my battery is around 20%,my mobile will power off automatically during the video n y is that?????? is it normal????
    please give me some advice about the unknown error problem while making videos n its really irritating n i never had this kind of problem before till i repaired it for the messages not recieving problem n so far i have not had the messaging problem for 12 days but the unknown error one is really disturbing

    please need ur help in this regard

  3. hi manish its been some time since u made a new post or told us something new on the android platform or x10 …..about the launch of 2.2 on x 10 it could happen with the release of a new handset by sony that is the x12 will come out on 2.2 and then upgrade to 3.0 in a later update may be thats the case we getting 2.2 with the launch of X12 but beyond that i never see a possibilty of update ….the 2.1 experience is nice but the battery life is down any ways to increase battery performence

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