How to install Eclair on Xperia X10i & X10a using Nordic flasher & Sorting Problems

Sony Ericsson rolled out Eclair Update for Xperia X10 in the Nordics Region yesterday! So, if you happen to belong to one of those Nordics country, chances are that you might have already noticed a popup on your Xperia X10 that there is a new update available for your phone. 🙂
And if you happen to belong to another country or region, you might have to wait for Sony Ericsson to roll out the Eclair, Android 2.1 Firmware Update for your Xperia X10! 🙁 Wait a sec, do you really have to wait?

There is already a trick to get the Official Eclair Firmware Update for your Xperia X10. ( But the Nordic Region one- well theres no difference except for an app that comes pre-installed and you might not actually want to use it! )
Since last night many users have already used this trick to get Eclair, Android 2.1 on their phone. This actually comes from XDA guys who made a custom X10 Flasher that Flashes Android 1.6, R2BA026 Generic Nordic Firmware on your Xperia X10, no matter which country you belong to! The Tutorial given at XDA is self explanatory and you can easily follow it to flash Nordic Firmware on your Xperia X10. But many a people are having a lot of issues in doing so as they are not familiar with flashing and stuff!
I’ll try to make a more simpler guide that would easily help you to flash Nordic Firmware on your Xperia X10 and get the Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware on your Xperia X10. 🙂

Warning : This process requires flashing your Phone which has risk involved and if not done correctly could brick your phone. So before proceeding you should understand the risk involved and clearly read the whole process completely and carefully. You would be solely responsible for whatever you do to your phone!

Steps to get Android 2.1, Ecalir on your Xperia X10i ( not Xperia X10a )
You’ll Need :
– Xperia X10 Nordic Flasher Files : Download
– Java Runtime Installed : Visit
– Xperia X10i ( not Xperia X10a ) : Buy one! 😛
Steps to Flash Nordic Generic R2BA026 on your Xperia X10i
– Extract all Files from Nordic_Flasher.Zip to Desktop.
– Open the Nordic_Flasher Folder, you’ll find several files including DeviceID.txt ( you’ll have to edit it! )

– Now Open Regedit on your computer by pressing ” Windows + R ” and typing ” regedit ” followed by a enter stroke. It would open Registry Editor on your Computer.
– Press ” Ctrl + F ” to open up Find window!
– Search for String ” USB\VID_0FCE&PID_ADDE\ ”
– You’ll find your Device ID attached to the above string. It would be something like ” USB\VID_0FCE&PID_ADDE\1m&5n5eb46&98 ” , where ” 1m&5n5eb46&98 ” will be your DeviceID. It would appear only when you have SEUS Installed on your computer and atleast Connected once in Flash Boot Mode to SEUS. If not yet done, open SEUS, Check for Firmware once by following the on-screen steps! For further clarification please ask in the comments!
– Copy your DeviceID and paste it in DeviceID.txt and save it.
– Rename or Delete the DevID folder in the Nordic_Flasher from first Step.
– Right click X10flash.bat and open it with notepad ( click edit! ) and delete the three lines below and save it!
@cd DevID
@devcon hwids “USB\VID_0FCE&PID_ADDE” | grep VID | cut -d “\\” -f3- > ..\DeviceID.txt
@cd ..

– Now Run X10flash.bat and press ” y ” and then Enter to wipe your system completely.
– It would now wait for you to connect your Xperia X10 in flash Mode.
– Turn off the Phone and Press Back Button ( Right Most button at the bottom of the screen ) and keeping it pressed connect the USB cable. The Notification LED would turn Green to indicate that your Xperia X10 is connected in Flash Mode!
– And if Everything till now was done properly, the Nordic Flasher will start Flashing your Xperia X10 with Generic Nordic R2BA026 Firmware! If not let me know in comments!
– Wait for around 5-10 Mins and it after it flashes the phone completely, you can see that message on your command prompt! Press any key to Continue and disconnect the phone!
– Restart and your Xperia X10 is now with Generic Nordic R2BA026 Firmware.
– Check for Updates in Settings -> About Phone -> Software Update there would be an Update waiting for you! 😀

– Connect your Phone to SEUS and follow the On-screen instructions to Flash your Xperia X10 with the Latest Android 2.1, Ecair Firmware. 🙂
– SEUS would now Download the firmware which would be of 163.2Mb! Let it flash your Phone and enjoy! 🙂

If you encounter any problems while updating your phone using this tutroial, you can ask me in comments. But do understand the risk involved before you continue and please understand that you would be solely responsible to whatever you do to your phone!
That was not a discouraging note, but only to make you a bit careful while you flash your phone! It can sometimes brick your phone if not done correctly!

Steps to get Eclair on Xperia X10a
You’ll need :
– X10 Flasher for Android 2.1 : Download
– Android 2.1, Eclair Firmware Files for Xperia X10 ( same files for both X10i and X10a ) : Download

Steps to Flash Android 2.1, Eclair on your Xepria X10i or Xperia X10a
– Open Flasher folder after extracting it to your desktop and place firmware files under ” firmware ” folder after extracting it.
– Run X10flash.bat and it would do the rest! See the tutorial above if you encounter any problems! 🙂
– Enjoy your Xepria X10a with Android 2.1 😀

Credits : Bin4ry for Flasher and tutorial!

[ UPDATE 2 ]
Okay theres another way to update to Android 2.1 Generic Nordic Firmware or any other region, but that requires root so i didn’t post it earlier. I didn’t include this one earlier as this required root and might would have confused other users! But now this seems to be really simple considering Java errors everyone is facing!
How to Flash Android 2.1, Eclair on your Xperia X10i using Root & Editing Region Configuration
Root your Xperia X10 on Android 1.6 using the simplest one click method. Here are the Step by Step Instructions.
– Install Root Explorer from Android Market.
– Open Root Explorer and go to System -> default.prop
– Edit ” default.prop ” file and make the changes in the lines below
ro.semc.version.cust = XXXX-XXXX = X10_XXXX-XXXX

and replace XXXX-XXXX with 1234-8465 which is the region code for Nordics!
You can save your Region info somewhere incase you need it later!
– Now Save that File and exit Root Explorer, restart your phone and check again in Root Explorer if the changes are applied.
– If changes are applied, simply Connect your phone to SEUS and update to Android 2.1, Eclair 😀 Enjoy!

Sony Ericsson India Confirmed on their Facebook Page that we would see the Xperia X10 Mini Pro would be upgraded later this week followed by Xperia X10 and Xperia X10 Mini in next week. 😐 So, theres another reason to flash using this firmware! Moreover Xperia X10 with Android 2.1 can be rooted so you can always revert back to your regions firmware. 🙂

Feel Free to let us know know your Opinion about the same in the comments section! 🙂 Stay tuned for further updates on Android 2.1, Eclair for Xperia X10. Do Join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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